DenkenPhoto 4:39am, 7 April 2011
I was wondering if it's possible to use SDXC cards on a D90, because i'd like to use the same card in a D7000 and a D90. If a D90 can read a SDXC I'm in.

I'm talking about cards of up to 32gb, not the TB ones.

Someone knows about this?

Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
I've checked the manual. They have list for approved and tested memory cards to be used with D90 (page 242). With Toshiba and Panasonic, it can go to 32GB, but for Sandisk they only listed 8GB (not sure why, perhaps at that time SanDisk only have 8GB card?)

Anyway, I would suggest to download the manual (D90 Manual at Nikon USA) for further detail.
Wells Photos 6 years ago
My understanding is that the D90 does not support SDXC. I don't think you would want to be frequently moving the memory between the bodies anyway. For proper operation, you would need to format it each time you do. Given the price of the D7000 in relation to the memory, getting a few dedicated memory sticks is not an expense worthy of much hand wringing. My $0.02.
IlliteratiPhotography 6 years ago
I've been reading that there are folks out there who are using the SDXC card successfully in their D90s.
veemaxx_2000 6 years ago
linskyrobert 1 year ago
any update on whether the d90 can use sdxc cards or not? i'm thinking of a 64gb card.
Zeroneg1 Posted 1 year ago. Edited by Zeroneg1 (moderator) 1 year ago
I just tried Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC I 95MB/sec card and it works.

The D90 did receive one firmware update a few years ago--would that be necessary to utilize SDXC cards?
Akanksha Prasad 1 year ago
SDXC works great with the camera. I have a 64gb class 10 UHS-1 . But you wont be able to shoot video with SDXC cards.
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