talon1987 6:39pm, 26 November 2010
I am going to get my first own camera (acutally I only have a borrowed DSLR and a point-and-shoot).
But I don't know which one...
At the moment I'm thinking about the
Nikon D90 (standard...boring but it just feels awesome in the hands...very heavy^^)
Canon EOS 550D or even the 60D
or the Sony alpha 55.

The sony has some impressive stuff and great new techniques but there are no possibilities to buy old objectives and stuff for it. Another real problem is the battery...it only lasts for 330pics. The Nikon D90 is just the standard choice...and for sure no mistake. But it doesn't impress me that much.
The Canon EOS 550D would be very cheap but nothing else. Especially for picture in darker surroundings it seems to suck. The 60D sounds far better.
But I really have problems with the decision.

Perhaps some of you have a personal opinion about the cameras or at least a reason why the Nikon D90 is the best choice. I'm posting here because I'm kind of desperate how to decide...
bob from dublin 8 years ago
WHatever you get can get great pictures in certain conditions. The more expensive ones you mention have more of the certain conditions. If you're going to be a serious photographer I recommend the D90 or 60D and some good lenses.
KristopherBuck 8 years ago
Why the D90 and not the D7000? By the time you are into the body, lens and support gear , you are at least at $2000.
bob from dublin 7 years ago
Good point Kristopher. I don't have any experience with the D7000. though.It does get good ratings.
msass09 7 years ago
The D7000 is a phenomenal camera, I looked at the D7000, 60D and D90 recently when I was buying my "first" DSLR as well. I opted for the D90 as opposed to the other two because of the advice that I was given by several friends / photographers - Take your budget and divide it by three. Spend 1/3 on the body and 2/3 on lenses. In doing this the D7000 seemed to be a bit out of my price range, but the D90 seemed to fit very nicely into the range I was looking at, and it allowed for me to spend the additional $400 or so, that I didn't spend on body, on lenses...

It really depends what you budget is. If the D7000 falls within that, it is a rockstar, but if you want to go a little less, you can't go wrong w/ the D90. Having good gear is important, but remember at the end of the day it is the photographer that makes a great picture, not necessarily the gear.
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