Jibbo 12:21pm, 20 January 2009

From site:

The following improvements have been made in version 1.01

- When Custom Setting a4 Focus tracking with lock-on was set to Off in Continuous-servo AF, the lens drive moved gradually without achieving focus. This issue has been resolved.
- When the Speedlight SB-800 was mounted on the camera with flash mode set to Distance-priority manual (GN) mode, and then the exposure meters were reactivated or the camera was turned on, the distance information displayed on the SB-800 changed. This issue has been resolved.
- When the Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10 was mounted on the camera and an EN-EL3e battery inserted in the camera but no batteries inserted in the MB-D10, and SB-900 flash mode set to TTL auto flash mode, the flash mode changed to A mode when the exposure meters turned off or were reactivated, or the camera was turned off or on. This issue has been resolved. (This issue has also been resolved with SB-900 firmware Ver. 5.02.)
- An issue that, in extremely rare cases, resulted in noticeable black dots in images captured with Long exp. NR in the shooting menu set to On has been resolved.
- Manamah, displayed in the Time zone options for the World time item in the setup menu, has been changed to Manama.
HiNoboru 10 years ago
Yay... I'd been waiting for it, I was at the Asian site yesterday but still 1.00! Will update it tonight! Will test and see whether they fixed it.

bashful clam [deleted] 10 years ago
Nothing very significant then - just some fixes to a few obscure problems. I'd like to think that this is because Nikon got it right first time!

I don't think I will be bothering.
Jibbo 10 years ago
@DrNickBurton: Speak for yourself doc; I'm told the changes have sparked wild celebrations among the peoples of Manama ;o)
manamana, du duuuuuuuu du du du.
DLaughinghouseImages 10 years ago
Thx Jibbo
a_w_taylor 10 years ago
bashful clam [deleted] 10 years ago
lol Jibbo :-)
abrasive wound [deleted] 10 years ago
ahh childhood memories.
Davidjst 10 years ago
Okay so with my D300 I could set the camera to mount as a drive on my computer. That's how I copied firmware updates to it. But it looks like the D700 doesn't have this mode and in order to update my firmware I need a CF card reader on my computer (which I don't have of course.) Am I understanding the update procedure correctly?
Paul Cantrell 10 years ago
The long-exposure NR bug is significant if you ask me.
PaddyRagz 10 years ago
how do i update the firmware on my D 700 and from where ..e

Thanks in advance for the help..

Cheers Paddyrags
OPiiPO 10 years ago
Ian Livesey Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ian Livesey (member) 10 years ago
4 bars... oh, the excitement.


Done. Nothing exciting, though I am sure it flashed up "Canon 5D M2" for a second. I may have been mistaken.
JR Rodriguez IV 10 years ago
Thanks Jibbo, I checked myself the other day and wouldn't have maybe for another month if you didn't give us the tip.
abiding ink [deleted] 10 years ago
Yes, thanks for the heads-up! A word of advice to anyone doing the update: The camera needs to be working off a fully charged battery. I had the in-camera battery fully charged, but only about 60 percent in the grip battery. Since the camera was using the grip battery first, it wouldn't update till I'd switched over to the fully charged in-camera battery.
JR Rodriguez IV Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JR Rodriguez IV (member) 10 years ago
1) Wow, perfect! I've always set a4 to OFF, and been disappointed, but now I'm happy!

2) Focusing with my new 50mm 1.4G is significantly faster! Even in almost no light! When I say faster, I'm talking about the MOTOR that drives the AF.

3) I was just about to start a thread about the ugly black dots in low light, though I've mentioned and read about it sometime before! Now I'm triple happy!
calanan 10 years ago
Thanks for this tip.
preciouskhyatt 10 years ago
- that was just what the day needed - made the whole office walk around humming that all day
mausgabe 10 years ago
I got one big black blob in a gray-day shot yesterday, but it might be sensor crud: I was shooting at f/16 (unusual for me) which would reveal such things. Fortunately, it was in an easy clone-out spot of the photo.

Hope this will improve the Sigma 50/1.4 focus in low-light too. I'll check it out tonight. Thanks, Jibbo!
photopath 10 years ago
Mmm - I've had a few blobs too which I presumed were dust.

Davidjst My PC "sees" the D700 and I can read - write to the card just like I could with my D200 It comes up in "My Computer" as D700
Pablo Alborta 10 years ago
a_w_taylor great!, The question is "Who cares?" LOL!
dependent knowledge [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the heads up. Just downloaded and installed the update. It's great that Nikon has combined both Parts A & B in to a single painless update step.
Paul Cantrell 10 years ago
Not had chance to test it myself - but seriously - the 50mm AF-S lens is faster focusing ?
LebronPhoto 10 years ago
I did the download just to keep my firmware up to date. But I was having no issues and I could care less about the Manama time zone.
rasterbox 10 years ago
Just updated mine with no problem...

Davidjst 10 years ago
On Macs the D700 doesn't mount as a drive so if you only own Macs (me) then you better have a D300(I do fortunately) to use to get the firmware update file on the CF card or plan on buying a card reader. Otherwise? You're screwed. Thank you Nikon!
rasterbox 10 years ago
well you can always buy a cheap CF card reader though. That's what am using to transfer photos and update firmware.

goodluck :)
Davidjst 10 years ago
I was able to update it because I have a D300 that let me copy the firmware update file to the CF card (which I then put in the D700 to do the actual update) but I bet there will be more than a few Mac users who have neither a D300 (or D200) or card reader who won't be very happy come update time!
aldewitt_2000 10 years ago
Kwan53 said: "It's great that Nikon has combined both Parts A & B in to a single painless update step"

This really had me confused. Usually there is an A and B, and I got just the one BIN file, and I figured it had to be an error. And of course last night when I was doing this, I couldn't find anything on the Nikon website to explain it. So I just did the update following their instructions to the letter, and to my surprise it updated both firmware components.

You know I always hold my breath after a firmware update anyway, but it was especially bad this time.
HiNoboru 10 years ago
Is very obvious nikon remove that "Mass Storage" feature on purpose but why??
tomasito1968 10 years ago
I have updated my d700 thru MacIntosh computer couple days ago. It was no problem at all... I don't understand what some of you talking about....just follow Nikon's firmware upgrade procedure.

aldewitt_2000 10 years ago
Their instructions are great, no question. But having upgraded my D80 and my D300 twice, the procedure was different for the D700, and that's worrisome. Worked out well, but it worried me.
eystein.aarseth 10 years ago
Davidjst, have you installed Nikon Transfer or any of the other software from the CD that came with the camera on your Mac? It can't be used to transfer firmware updates, but installing it might install drivers that makes your Mac recognize the camera and make it visible in Finder. This is just a wild guess, I can't test it as both my PCs already have Nikon Transfer.

On the other hand, what's so difficult about buying a card reader? Nothing sucks juice from the camera battery like transferring photos via USB, and if you've got a bunch of full CF cards to transfer to the computer, you'll sooner or later run out of battery in the middle of a transfer. I know I wouldn't like that at all...
Davidjst 10 years ago
eystein - I haven't installed Nikon Transfer. I'll give that a try. Thanks for the tip!
bashful clam [deleted] 10 years ago
According to Thom Hogan:

"low light autofocus performance has been improved for continuous servo AF"

Which tallies with the comments of JR Rodriguez IV above.

Also note this thread from a few weeks back discusses apparently worse low light AF than the D300:


This sounds well worth the update.
Steen.L.Larsen Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Steen.L.Larsen (member) 10 years ago
@Davidjst: I don't think Nikon Transfer will help you there. They dropped USB Mass Storage option and that's just it.
My own experience with Nikon Transfer on Mac OS X is not good so I wouldn't recommend going there. Mine display files but as soon as I click transfer it crashes - but that's another story.
I just tried connecting the camera to I Windows XP PC and it pops up letting me transfer files or start some other program seamingly able to use it but I still can't copy files to the card.

BTW, I updated mine without a hitch. Always use a card reader.
JR Rodriguez IV Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JR Rodriguez IV (member) 10 years ago
I've never used the camera to connect to the pc, being a tech person with lots of experience, it's just not the best way.

Card readers are always faster, more stable, and doesn't need battery power nor software drivers to work, and they're dirt cheap.
pwscott61 10 years ago
Agree with JR IV- use a card reader. And have a fully charged battery IN the camera, not AAs in the grip.
Ross Finnie [20Hz] 10 years ago
Card Readers rule. I like my wee Sandisk USB multi guy - super cheap and way faster than faffing around plugging the camera up. I've also got one in my PCMCIA slot on my laptop, which is nice and convenient, but unfortunately also pretty slow.

Will need to get around to doing that update tonight. Along with a set of gig photos from December that I completely forgot about, and redesigning a website that I just realised doesn't really work in Firefox, great!
rich_gersh Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rich_gersh (member) 10 years ago
D700 ~ $2400
CF card reader ~ $10

What's the big deal?

And that way you're not wasting battery power on file transfers, nor do you have to plug it in via a Nikon EH-5A AC Adapter.
mausgabe Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 10 years ago
The only downside: accidentally leaving the card in the reader. (Oops!)

But at least you'll have a fully charged battery. And you can pick up a card almost anywhere if you don't have spares in your bag.
Ross Finnie [20Hz] 10 years ago
Spare CF Card in the wallet, that's my solution! I know a lot of people keep other similarly sized little square packages in their wallets, but it's a CF card for me...
photopath 10 years ago
LOL - sadly - me too....
Davidjst 10 years ago
Cost is not the issue re: a card reader, I just prefer to avoid what seems to be a not all that uncommon broken CF connector pin that happens when people constantly remove their CF cards. Just preference!
oneharmonic 10 years ago
I've used plenty of 5+ year old Nikon D70s and their CF card slot pins are all intact. And the D70 was just a consumer-level body.

Unless you're inserting the CF card backwards and simultaneously forcing it in, your camera's CF card slot will outlast the other components of the camera (shutter, sensor, mirror box, etc.).
rich_gersh 10 years ago
mausgabe said:
The only downside: accidentally leaving the card in the reader. (Oops!)
OK, I'll admit it . . . I've done it, too. More than once, sadly. But really, I still find a card reader to be the best way to transfer files. I now keep a spare card on top of the card reader and rotate that into the camera when I put a card into the reader.
mausgabe Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 10 years ago
My update went just fine once I got the Nikon USA website to accept my D700 S/N. (I don't register until / unless I need to. The site wouldn't allow me to download the firmware update until I registered the camera.)

I toggled the sRGB to Adobe and back to sRGB as a precaution, based on the feedback above, although it appeared to be unnecessary.

BTW, my battery was only 3/4 charged, and the updater didn't complain.
DoF Punk 10 years ago

is it safe to update yet or what?
mine updated just fine, using the CF card technique
Ross Finnie [20Hz] 10 years ago
Can anyone else confirm what JR Rodriguez said about speeding up AF performance with AF-S lenses?
abiding ink [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by abiding ink (member) 10 years ago
I believe (though I could be wrong) that JR was simply confirming that Nikon had fixed this issue as stated in the description: "When Custom Setting a4 Focus tracking with lock-on was set to Off in Continuous-servo AF, the lens drive moved gradually without achieving focus. This issue has been resolved."

Before, in this very specific circumstance, the lens would hunt for focus. Now it finds it faster. There's no magic overall improvement in focusing speeds.
mo'funk 10 years ago
I mention this in another thread. Nikon changed the file transfer in D700 & D90. totally agree with you on removing the card every time. agghhh
mausgabe 10 years ago
The no-disk-mount "feature" was introduced on the D60 first.
davidhanson 10 years ago
Having a CF card reader is a MUST!

BUT this doesn't mean that we should ignore what Nikon did on the D700 by taking out the USB mass storage.


Because at some point in time you will realize that you will need it in the event that your card reader breaks down or fails to read the card.

I believe that data transfer should be available both via card reader and via the D700.

I have had instances when my card reader failed to recognize the card but when you insert the card in the camera (D80, D300), it read the images and the best way that time was to transfer via the camera.

I am a professional and I need this feature for my security. Today, I was using the D700 and my card reader literally corrupted my CF card (2 of them!). There was no choice but to use the camera. I freaked out when I discovered that the D700 doesn't mount on the Mac.

Client was waiting for me to give them a feedback on the images. My spare card reader was trying to recover the corrupted files but it was too slow. Even if it was a fast transfer, it won't be able to recover files on time.

We end up shooting everything all over again and I used the D300 instead!

Totally didn't understand why they had to take it out on the D700.
mausgabe 10 years ago
While it doesn't mount on Mac (or PC) directly, you can open iPhoto, Aperture or similar program and import the photos. Any modifications are done on copies generated by the program, so it's lossless. You can export originals, current versions, size-modified versions, etc.

Losing the Mass Storage option (back with the D60) sucks, but there are workarounds. Some version of iPhoto is included with every Mac. (I'm not sure at what point early versions wouldn't have support for D700 RAW files.)
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