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  • D600-610 with Tamron 28-75 f2.8

    Hello everyone, The title says it all, is there anyone owning the D600 or D6...

    gabby turn7 months ago1 replies

  • $900 to spend what lens?

    Recently bought the 610 as an upgrade from the d80 and looking to buy only my se...

    argg7 months ago4 replies

  • D610 Histogram In Live View?

    Is it possible to set the histogram to show in live view?

    MrD700014 months ago0 replies

  • d610 oil spots

    hi I used my 610 today for some landscape shots with f/12 and above and when I s...

    ianspencer41318 months ago10 replies

  • Ich bin neu

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin Eurer Gruppe beigetreten, weil ich ausschließlich mit ...

    manfred-c21 months ago1 replies

  • d610 sigma 35mm art,

    nikon d610 sigma 35mm art, can send their photos with this convention

    Geovanny Díaz23 months ago0 replies

  • D610 AF-S Priority selection PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi guys, Just joined this group and I wonder for anybody who owns the D610 ca...

    One-Shot3723 months ago0 replies

  • Great group but...

    There should be a limit on amount a member can post daily. It is spoiled by load...

    jaomul30 months ago2 replies

  • Nikkor 85mm 1,8G vs Sigma 50 1,4 art for D610

    Hello, I still cant decide wether buy Nikkor 85mm 1,8 G or Sigma 50mm 1,4 Art...

    Ladis Pejchar34 months ago2 replies

  • D610 with 14-24 wont focus sharp in AF-F live view

    My D610 and Nikon 14-24 f2.8 will not focus sharply in live view when AF-F full ...

    Titanic Images37 months ago0 replies

  • Sensor dust issue solved with D610?

    So, this D610 has solved the D600 sensor dust issue? Any D610 user in this room ...

    thenghui40 months ago91 replies

  • That objetive I recommend?

    Hello My name is Miguel Ángel, and I am user of Nikon D610 recently. This the ...

    Miguel Ángel Fotografia40 months ago1 replies

  • sensor dust/oil

    I know many have spoken about this already, but noticed today the first serious ...

    Jarvyboy43 months ago5 replies

  • d610 for weddings

    im in two minds d610 or 750 - ive been using a d7000 but really struggling in ch...

    ali peake - thomas47 months ago5 replies

  • D610 Oil Spots!

    I've just posted an image which was taken at f20 and you can clearly see oil spo...

    Andrew Slasor48 months ago0 replies

  • Zoom into 100%

    I know the 610 can't quickly zoom to 100% on the monitor - but what is considere...

    crash4148 months ago0 replies

  • Lens

    Hello, i am getting a d610 in a few days and wanted some advice on what lens...

    asuras708748 months ago4 replies

  • Auto White Balance

    I recently shot inside a public hall, where lighting was fluorescents. I used f...

    TexasDigital48 months ago2 replies

  • Achieving nice skin tone with AWB

    Hi All, I like my D610 every way, except the way it renders skin tones. The on...

    Austin N J53 months ago2 replies

  • d610+nikon vs d750+tamron

    I'm looking to buy full frame these days and wonder if anyone has an opinion. I ...

    batou77754 months ago9 replies

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