RyanCess 6:09pm, 21 February 2011
my pop up flash does not work after taking my battery out for about a day and when i put it back in and tried to use the pop up flash it popped up but the camera doesnt even recognize that it popped up
what do i do??
joselw 5 years ago
Have you tried with the automatic modes? To see if it will pop out automatically and see if it fires.
Or in manual, go into the menus, and make sure the flash is set to TTL, there could be a chance that is set to manual or "--"
If none of the above works, I hope is still under warranty, and send it to nikon. If not under warranty, get a quote of how much will it cost to fix, if is more than $100, better consider getting a hot shoe speedlight like a used sb600, sb700... or even better an sb800/sb900 =]
Good luck!
RyanCess 5 years ago
thank youu
p.hang 5 years ago
maybe your battery's low
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