fvassiliou PRO 3:13pm, 26 December 2009
Hello everybody.

I am thinking of buying a second hand D3. I currently own a D300 but I want a full frame Nikon. I found a used body with approximately 110.000 clicks for 2.300 USD (1600 euros here in Greece).
Since the D3 has a shutter unit tested to over 300000 cycles, is this worth buying?

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What's the AGE of that body -- 100k clicks in 2 years or is it 100k clicks in 3 months ?
In either case I would assume this was a PRO camera and may not have been treated very gently. Harsh treatment is not good for the lifetime and there are a lot more things that can break doe to (ab)use. Like the lens mount. Mine broke after ~15months for no apparent reason. No explanation from Nikon
fvassiliou PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fvassiliou (member) 8 years ago
The camera is almost 20 months old and yes it belongs to a Pro.
starfish235 8 years ago
Like the lens mount. Mine broke after ~15months for no apparent reason.

Ahem . . . Sorry, stargazer95050 this image just popped into my mind. Kind of like Dan Aykroyd and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
For $2,300 USD with that kind of mileage it is a fair price. Worst case, shutter replacement and tune-up is only a few hundred bucks in the States should you need it. If you get another 100K out of the shutter you are far ahead of the game considering what a new D3 and D3s is costing these days. If it isn't beaten up to badly I say go for it and enjoy crap out of it.

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@starfish235 -- no it might have been something I did while changing lenses in the dark. Bumped some contact or lever
starfish235 8 years ago
It's still a great photo of monster glass. The wide angle perspective distortion adds to the effect. I realize that you usually support the CG of your monster glass on a tripod . . . but you do shoot more monster glass (at night too) than most people.
OldUncleMe PRO 8 years ago
Now this occurred to me after seeing the 600/monster shot again:

and this:

I could see this history having a small effect on longevity -- OTOH, dSLRs are meant to be consumed....


Nothing a little dab of Krylon won't cure.

Utildayael 8 years ago
@OldUncleMe: Ouch! Poor 14-24. Those things don't have a whole hell of a lot of hood to begin with and of course, built-in. I don't even want to know what Nikon would charge for a new hood for that since they would have to install it.
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The repair was a bit over $200
But this isn't about my gear .... ;-)) (many of the "monsters" were rented !!). But I gave in and got myself
a LONG lens of my own. Hauling around the 600mm wasn't always practical or fun
Finally, some backpain relief !!
With gear like that, the San Francisco cable car driver started to point to me as an attraction the tourist should see..
starfish235 8 years ago
we really don't mean to pick on your gear. We're really just agreeing with your earlier point about PRO cameras. PRO cameras get to go out and see the world day & night . . .climb mountains and experience monsoons. They have seen great things that a camera that has spent its life locked in closet never get to experience. Cameras are tools and need to be taken out to experience life.

A well used camera is nothing to fear as long as the price is fair. A quick scan of 29 recent sales on e-bay yields an average value of $3016 +/- $292 USD so $2300 (~mean - 2 σ) seems very fair.
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I didn't take it personal -- I agree with you, they are tools (not trophies) and some tools get used. Some more than others. For good reason I titled one photo "Battle Scar"
OldUncleMe PRO 8 years ago
Well congratulations on the monster you keep now in your garage! The 200-400/4.0 VR is quite the lens. You're right too, that you won't be shooting it from the hip for street shots, much.....

Of course the photos I "quoted" above belong to , and as starfish235 says quite accurately, we're not picking on him or his gear, but pointing to the experience it sometimes shows as scars of use.

Best of the season to all,

John D. Grant 7 years ago
Im off tomorrow to trade in my second D3 Body for a second D3s (UK), with only 8000 actuations on it, my trade in price is going to be £2000 the camera is in mint condition.

Would have preferred to have done a private sale, personally I think 110K clicks is allot.
Sydney Low 7 years ago
That's a fair price. Here's a D3 with 3000 shutter counts that sold in AU last week for about 1900 pounds:
DigiTaL~NomAd 7 years ago
just bought a mint d3 with 95 actuations on it for £2000....bargain of the century i reckon
badaboomerang [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by badaboomerang (member) 7 years ago
I'm selling my D3 for £2200 no offers. It's around 18 months old with around fifteen - eighteen thousand actuations I reckon. This is based on the number of pictures I've taken. If someone could let me know how to check shutter actuations I'll give a true reading.

The camera is MINT and comes with a spare Nikon Battery, wireless remote release and a 2GB card to get you going. The camera is in its original box together with everything it came with when bought.

I'll be putting it on eBay later today with a reserve so watch out for it under the username 'WonderChump'. Send me an e-mail if you'd like to discuss. I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire if you'd like to arrange to come see/buy the camera.
gazzab2007 7 years ago
download photo me exif viewer which will giva an exact reading.
mausgabe PRO 7 years ago
Lots of options. One of the easiest: take a photo in JPG mode, upload it SOOC (no PP) to Flickr (mark it private, if preferred) and look at the EXIF data ("more properties") -- scroll down to "Shutter count: #####."
The Healer! Posted 7 years ago. Edited by The Healer! (member) 7 years ago
I sold mine with 30K actuations for $3.5K! Pristine condition with no scratch!
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