Brian Krijgsman PRO 11:37pm, 30 December 2008
I am considering a Nikon D700 as a 2nd body to my D3.

The D700 has been out for a little while and I have done my homework on the specs of the two cameras. But as we all know, specs do not say anything about how it handles in the field.

Are there D3 users out there, who use a D700 as a 2nd body and are willing to share their experiences so far? Still a happy bunny with using this combination of camera bodies, or are there little things that start to get more and more annoying?

Thanks in advance.
Brian Krijgsman 8 years ago
i used a D300 as a second body to my D3. The D700 form is very close to the D300. it did get increasingly annoying to have to remember the differences in buttons (ISO+Metering especially) on the fly and i was prepared to replace the D300 with a D700 until the pictures came out showing the same layout. i just sold my D300 and will be picking up a second D3 next week. they are down to $4100 at B&H/Adorama.
Brian Krijgsman PRO 8 years ago
Thanks 1115.

What I'm actually asking is, with a D700 will it be doomed to always be the D3's little brother in my camera bag... being the 2nd camera? If I get another D3, I know it will be a 2nd 'first' camera.

... if that made any sense.
Jazmin Million 8 years ago
I have had everything from the D200-the D3x

SO let me say this The D700 is my new back up camera to my D3x as I sold the D3 because it is the exact same picture as my old D700. If you want a great back up it will do more than just fine as well as the fact that it will be a little lighter for you to use, less wear and tear on your arm joints, that is something people do not talk about enough... 8 years ago
>will it be doomed to always be the D3's little brother in my camera bag

i can't answer that for you, and i don't think it is an especially productive question.

from Layer Cake:

XXX: But why did you keep the gun?

Gene: Sounds silly now, but it was me favorite.

XXX: I hope you don't tell the other guns you've got favorites.
i just ordered a d700 to play second fiddle, too. it'll stay in the bag unless the d3 decides to freak out during a wedding, but it'll be used for personal/family stuff. it'll be nice to have a smaller body.
Kelly Stephens 8 years ago
My main body is a D3, and I have a D700 as a backup/second shooter body. I personally love the combination!

I love that they are basically the same camera just with a few features that the other doesn't have and vice versa.

Unless you are desperate to get the D3, I'd go the D700 - save the dollars!
OldUncleMe PRO 8 years ago
The D700 would be a great second camera for lots of uses, but for a quick moving activity where you'll be switching them frequently and changing settings on the fly, like shooting weddings and some sports, it would be better to have two D3's (or two D700's) so you don't have to apply much effort to swapping bodies.

/.. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by (member) 8 years ago
I shoot weddings with a D3 and 24-70 2.8. The D700 hangs over my shoulder with the 70-200 2.8. I find this combination works really well. I would only use the 70-200 for 3 out of 10 shots and I don't need the extra weight of a D3 in this instance. Also when I'm not working I find that the D700 comes along with me and the family because of the small size (comparatively speaking). I get the same consistent images from both so when I post process I can apply the same scene effects quickly.
What I'm saying ism the D700 makes the perfect backup or over the shoulder second body and the perfect play camera after hours.
Brian Krijgsman PRO 8 years ago
Ken and OldUncleMe hit the nail on the head when it comes down to my concerns. Guess I will have to get both :)

Have a great 2009 everybody!
dave dube' PRO 8 years ago
, just a quick question ~ for family and kid stuff, wouldn't the D90 be a great choice?
jay richards 8 years ago
But Ken has probably got a bunch of FX glass, making the D700 a better choice for backup/family stuff.
Aaron of Evantide 8 years ago
Since your carrying two and the D700 is a smaller D3 it's nice to have the weight be a little less.
Ken | Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ken | (member) 8 years ago

no, because it's also a backup body for me at weddings. if i didn't shoot weddings, then yes I'd have a d90. but i also wouldn't have a d3. or all of that other crap i've got. :)

if my d3 goes out, i dont want the couple to have to settle for images from a d80 or d90. as soon as i could afford another full frame backup, i got it.
keithkimmyfoto 8 years ago
Thanks daniel martin, exactly what I'm looking for, I love my D3 and I carry it around everywhere I go~ and trust me I love the big pro body. But sometimes when I go out to shoot for myself, I just hate it when people look at me when I bust out the D3 and it ruins the whole picture that I was framing. And D700 would be so perfect for me to get, it has the same IQ as the D3 and it's portable for me to carry it around everywhere. As in when I shoot some weddings I could carry it around as a second camera.
I currently have my D200 as a second camera but the IQ is so different from the D3, there is so much work to post process the images.
Marc-Julien Objois PRO 8 years ago
The D700 isn't exactly svelte. The "OMFG, it's a Photographer" effect doesn't really go away unless you've got a point & shoot, I've found. Maybe you're less obtrusive than I am. :)
OldUncleMe PRO 8 years ago
Black tape over the logo and model name on the front, combined with hesitancy and looking through the wrong end or trying to shoot with lens cap in place are sometimes as effective as wearing a rubber ducky on your hat. Then there's the comic question, "What's your best side?" None of this takes the place of a Leica for street shooting, but you can get a little mileage for semi-candids this way.

Another good trick for more positive interaction is to shoot with a really odd looking camera, like a Mamiya Press. How could anyone take that camera seriously, I ask ya?

 Jackie with Two Redtail Boas

Bluesguy from NY PRO 8 years ago
I'm still using my D300 as a backup since I have a load of DX lenses. But starting fresh, I would get the D700 in a heartbeat.

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