MartyLindy 5:50pm, 19 April 2011
Why am I getting a " blinking F---error" on my d90 when using a sigma 150-500 zoom lens. I can take a couple of pictures them everything goes blank and the error comes up.
-nickon- PRO 6 years ago
do you get the same error message with a different lens attached?
NatureBug4Life-Cindy [deleted] 6 years ago
I get different "error" messages while using my Sigma 50-500 lens. I remove the battery then put it back in. Usually that does it. If not, I'll remove the lens and put it back on. One of those two tricks usually does the trick. I have not run into any error problems with any of my other lens.
Staben79 6 years ago
I get the F error message too. I am a newbie so I thought it was just me. What I do is turn the camera off and turn it back on and the error seems to go away. My lens is a Tamron 28-300.
C AM Hale 6 years ago
caboose_rodeo PRO 6 years ago
I'm having the same problem. I was using the camera all morning on a tripod and then took it off to do some shooting outside. And then the "err" came up and the exposures were all blown out. I took teh lensoff, I took teh card out, I took teh bettery out. I finished out the day, but I noticed that my expoosures were all the same even though I was trying to bracket.
PS, I did drop this camera (about one foot onto a wood floor) and had the lens repaired but it just wasn't like brand new. I luckily have another lens because I need to finish a project THIS WEEK!
Thanks for listening to me vent.
RIG...13.. 6 years ago
I've had this error come up - and then when I look at the lens ( a Nikon 50 F1.8D or Sigma 105 F2.8) have found that I've not locked the aperture setting ring. Having swithced the camera off, and locked the apperture ring and the switched back on - bingo, problem solved.
caboose_rodeo PRO 6 years ago
Mine's going in for repair...
At least I have my P6000!
TJ Tunnington 6 years ago
What i did to fix this error is rotate the lens back and forth a couple of times in order to get better contact between the body and lens. This has seemed to fix it for me.
Gabbie24 PRO 5 years ago
I am new to this group and still a novice photographer. I have had my D90 for 2 years now with no problems and am now getting the ERR message - and am loathe to put it in to a dealer for 'fixing' - which they say could take 2 - 3 weeks!! Is everyone happy with the suggestions of just re-attaching the lens etc. etc.
Thank you in advance
bauplenut PRO 5 years ago
Try cleaning the lens contacts on both lkens and camera - often the contacts get a bit dirty and that results in the problem.
nolionsinengland 5 years ago
Mine is about the same age, I used to get this error which I tolerated and fixed by releasing and rotating the lens as described by . I put it in for repair, it came back worse. I put it back in for repair and I am delighted that it has never re-occurred in the 12 months since. For the confidence and joy of hoisting up the camera knowing it won't fail, the 3-4 week repair period feels worth it in retrospect.
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