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Hi all!

Most of you will know by now that Torsten and his lovely lady Eva visited Greece on early spring. They stayed for 10 days of which we spend the 2 first and the 3 last ones together, traveling all over Greece. Needless to say that the 5 days we were not together (I also have to work unfortunately…) they kept traveling to some great places.

Today Torsten started posting his photos from his epic tour around Greece here, so for the days we were together, I’m going to post day by day my point of view on our joint “adventures”

Our first day finds us at the small village of Zahlorou where we’re about to start our hike along the Vouraikos gorge. For our hike we’re going to walk along the rails of the rack-railway (or even on the rails themselves) as the place is too narrow for anything more. This rack railway was one of the very first in Greece and the opening ceremony was held on 10 of March 1896, definitely a great achievement for the era. The track is only 75 cm wide, making it one of the narrowest worldwide.

Here we see Torsten in what is rather the only street of Zahlorou, unaware of what is going to follow, spending his memory card on shooting concrete walls…

Zahlorou 1

Afterwards we proceed to the railway track and we start our hike leaving the Zahlorou train-station.

Zahlorou 2

Zahlorou 3

After a while we come to a place where the Vouraikos river flows just by the rails so a nice little stop is appreciated by everyone. My daughters pretend to be fishing as silly old dad keeps photographing everything...

Vouraikos 3

Vouraikos 1

Vouraikos 2

Now we come to the narrowest point of the gorge the “Doors”, where the old bridge has been abandoned because of frequent rock-falling and has been replaced by a new one a few tenths of meters further away.

Zahlorou 10


The old bridge

I'm not really sure if the "Doors" name comes from the place being so narrow, or from the gates they used to have on the abandoned tunel...

Vouraikos 4

We continue our hike seeing some great scenery, stopping every now and then to take some photos (or rather walking every now and then as we also HAVE to walk, besides taking millions of photos…)

Vouraikos 5

Vouraikos 7

Our children seem to enjoy it also a lot as they never complained a bit about walking 13 km (rather 20km for them with all that running back and forth..)

Vouraikos 6

After some more great places, the gorge widens up and after 13 km of walking we’re at the end of our hike.

Vouraikos 8

Vouraikos 9

Vouraikos 10

Vouraikos 11

Vouraikos 12

We decide to do the remaining 5km to the town of Diakofto aboard the train so we can save us some time and reach the seaside-“taverna” a bit earlier to rest our tired bodies by the sea and taste all the good stuff of Greek Couisine… last...

To be continued… PRO 7 years ago
Looks like a lovely outing. I'll have to talk to my wife about going to Greece.
Ginzu Gary Lee 7 years ago
Great series - I really like the b&w of the old bridge. Some beautiful shots and I got to see Torstens bag of pain that he occasionally refers to. What does the train look like that runs on that narrow track gauge?
Thanks for sharing.
R@ghu 7 years ago
The Old Bridge is an excellent shot, Alex. I really love the composition of it and the dark frame around. Nicely shot.

Others are just tourist snapshots. :P

Great work, dude.
John Leech Posted 7 years ago. Edited by John Leech (member) 7 years ago
Well we weren't there, but were getting a feel for what we all missed. The mossy tree lined brook could well be here in the lake district, it feels so familiar - though the railway carved into the rock face is something very different! I don't think I'd like to meet a train along there. The one of Eva walking away with the rails to her left - it looks like she's walking along the side of a Big Dipper!
Ian Bramham Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Ian Bramham (member) 7 years ago
I really felt like I was there with you all Alex! looks like you had a great time.

It looks 'mid -summer' hot on the photos but I know it was in spring time and I see you are wearing warm clothing in most of the shots. How hot does it get in Greece at that time of year?

My only visits to Greece were in my pre-digicam days on summer holiday visits to islands like Corfu and Crete. Although it was always extremely hot in the summer at least there were usually breezes off the sea.
alexring PRO 7 years ago
Thanks a lot everyone!

Gary lee thanks! The trains have been updated about a year ago, are very modern now and look like this (photos taken from another visit of mine, about a mont later)

Rack Railway 1

Rack Railway 2

The very first ones looked like this (not my photo)

but the ones that run from the 50's until recently were these: (not my photo)

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p e t e r m o o n s 7 years ago
i don't see eva carrying torsten's tripod! was she in a bad mood?

Torsten Wolf PRO 7 years ago
Peter" ;->

Alex: The b&w taken inside of the tunnel is still spectacular! In the first photo, there was a small flower growing in a hole in the concrete wall. Unfortunately, the light was so harsh, that I didn't process it. Your fifth photo looks very familiar - I took a similar one. Well, I guess we took each and every possible photo during those days!
mikkoj1 7 years ago
This is a lovely nature document to follow Alex!

That B&W tunnel, Phaedra and Keep Wlaking photos are very moody!!

Those small trains look somehow very humane....

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