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p e t e r m o o n s ADMIN January 11, 2015

Group Description

why the name change from "nikon DSLR forum" to “global camel committee”? there are really two reasons for the name change. firstly, we are not all nikon users (and never have been), but our origins were from a nikon related subgroup from another forum. so, we kept the brand connection for the sake of continuity and ease of reference. now that we’re all grown up and an established forum, we don’t want to turn off or turn away people with like minded interests and talent simply because they use other equipment. in short, we want to be more inclusive in the photography community.

as for the camel reference ... several years ago the group decided to publish a photo book showcasing the photographs of the participating members. the concept started in late fall and the goal was to have the book ready and available by the holidays. as none of us had done this before everyone wanted the project to be as democratic as possible. the end result was several committees, numerous polls and voting on all the significant issues including page size, paper quality, the title and such. not unexpectedly there was a great deal of compromise, which sparked one member (alex glickman a.k.a. rundadar) to remark that the book was like a camel referring to the old proverb that a camel is merely a horse designed by committee.

notwithstanding the connotation, the camel is one of nature’s more remarkable creatures and incredibly successful in what it’s designed to do. the name and logo found its way in to the first book and the four to come thereafter. the name seems to have stuck and keeping with our democratic approach, was voted by the forum members to be our new moniker.

so there you have it. welcome to the global camel committee! please join us and share your photographs, insight and talents. we welcome one and all.

forever in our hearts

. saronann ralfsdatter kåsa
. keith pennington
. kathy harrington palmer

comment code

. copy and paste the following code : <b>[ seen by ... <a href=> the global camel committee</a> ]</b>

. it should look like this : [ seen by ... the global camel committee ]

why we are here

. we are here to talk gear, technique, post processing, inspiration or even your latest photo of your cat ... okay, maybe not your latest photo of your cat. :)

guidelines for allowing you to stay here

. as a general rule, all members should be respectful and polite towards other members. we don't all have to agree all the time, on the contrary. respectful disagreement is a great resource for learning. a bit of friendly kidding is ok, but keep in mind that attempts at written humor can often be lost or misinterpreted. so if you notice that someone has misunderstood your joke, make sure to let your audience know you were just kidding.

. the admin team is here to smooth over tense situations by mediating between members, and - if necessary - inviting them to discuss problems off-site. We will not censor threads. the only exception are offensive posts clearly aimed to cause trouble (a troll). trolling behaviour will be dealt with at the discretion of the admin team.

. self-promoting is frowned upon and needs to be avoided. if you have a blog and would like to share a post from your blog on our forum, please copy and paste the content instead of just posting a link. posts to advertise products or services with the intent of personal gain, or any other spamming, are not allowed and will be deleted. the obvious exception is a personal review with a link to the mentioned item.

. feel free to post pictures to the group pool, keeping in mind that the pool is not somewhere you can dump heaps of photos and effectively duplicate your photostream.

. please do not post pictures containing too much naked skin and / or provocative poses. even though it might pass the safe filter, many viewers access this forum from places like work or family computers, where such pictures could cause issues.

. by posting a link to this group your are inviting comment, criticism and discussion. sometimes good and sometimes bad. take the knocks and learn from them. toughen up soldier.

. by posting links in forums, you are giving fellow members the opportunity to edit your images and repost to demonstrate possible changes within this group's context. note : this does not give permission to copy and use someone else's image anywhere else (you can add a note to request that nobody copies or alters your images, if you would rather take copyright to its extreme). any copies and alternatives should be respectfully removed after a short period, or deleted if requested by the originator. if you have the explicit permission from said originator to use his/her photo, common courtesy implies you mention that the shot is not yours.

. finally, the admin team will refrain from any major changes to how the forum is run, but forum members should realize that we can't compile a survey for every decision that needs to be made. we ask for your trust, and your confidence in the fact that an admin team with members of so many different interest groups will be able to make the appropriate decisions in everyone's best interest. and remember, we are always open for suggestions on how to make this forum an even better place.

what to do while here

. put yourself on the group map ! we keep a map of where our members live, so if you want to visit somewhere, check out the map and maybe arrange a flickr meet!
a how-to is explained in ... ! h e r e !

. we have an challenge system going, where the winner of the challenge hosts the next, with a topic of their choice. it is all light hearted and a way to get our creative juices flowing. the only prize is respect from your peers and your winning photo featuring as the group's icon till the next challenge is decided.

the current challenge is ... challenge #134 : winter
link to all previous challenges ... ! c l i c k !

. each month, every member of this forum can post their best photo (taken in that particular month) in
the members' exhibition.

this month's members' exhibition ... members' exhibition november 2016
link to all previous monthly members' exhibition ... ! c l i c k !

. as an active group of learners we also have an ongoing series of assignments going. these assignments are different from the challenges as we encourage discussion of the topic and people concepts and bounce ideas off the collective. many people have been confusing the assignments with challenges so to try and clear up the difference between the two, here is what our assignments are about with some quoted text from ryan.

- the sales pitch : you offer up an idea. this can be a verbal idea or maybe sample photo(s) from your portfolio with a description of how you believe it fits the theme. it could even be a drawing. anything that illustrates your idea, but most definitely not your final shot.
- go out and shoot some photos and post them. photos should be shot specifically for the assignment.
- gather feedback. this feedback can come from the host, but other forum members can join in too.
- go out and reshoot, re-do your PP or whatever is suggested via feedback.
- go back to stage 3 (the feedback thingy) and repeat until either you or the host are happy, or the assignment ends.
- the host chooses the "best" participant to host the next challenge. this may be the best shot or maybe it will be the person who has progressed the most or perhaps the most active member on the thread. it's up to the host.

assignments 2.0 : slight changes to the format are discussed in here ... ! c l i c k !

the current assignment is ... sorry, there's no current assignment.
link to all previous assignments ... ! c l i c k !

. we also have an open source project (started by eduardo, highjacked by gary and rescued by john), where the "winner" of the previous project offers a photo to be pp'ed by whoever enters the actual project. go click on the links, if that explanation was a bit confusing ...

the current open source project is ... open source project #125.
link to all previous open source projects ... ! c l i c k !

. for those who have a tutorial or a link to a tutorial please post them with a description here.

what we do when we meet

. ! g l o b a l . c a m e l . c o m m i t t e e . m e e t s !

how to post photos from other sites

. some members are having problems posting photos, especially from other sites. read the thread that outlines how to post a photo and the ensuing drama that some have had here.

Group Rules

see above

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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