view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 6:59pm, 24 November 2008
This is quite interesting - and surprising. I knew the D90 had some tweaks that improved on the D300's RAW performance, but I had no idea it was this much.

Here's DxO Lab's full list of tested cameras:

It's not clear if the D300's 14-bit images were used or if they just compared 12-bit.

in2food 8 years ago
I love to see this. I kept struggling with the decision between the D90 and the 50D. Looks like I made the right choice...
Blacksunlight [deleted] 8 years ago
Look at it this way, with the D90 you don't get the cheap, oversized tacky plastic feel that is typical of Canon's sub-$1000 body range. I find the D90 a lot more sturdy, and overall sleeker.
sdleo726 8 years ago
fwiw... the D90 sensor is actually an improvement over the D300 sensor. it has slightly larger pixels to support the video mode. and larger pixels means better ISO, etc. the D300 has 13.1 million versus 12.9 million for the D90.
Dark Rambler 8 years ago

Ken Rockwell was right?

Will wonders never cease? :)
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