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Welcome to the forum for all Nikon D90 users and anyone interested in this DSLR. This forum is an open discussion on all aspects of this particular camera but also anything about the photographic art.

We are glad to have you as a member and contributor here.


  • Nikon Transfer not working for me..

    I have been uploading photos on to my laptop via USP cable for editing. A while ...

    moemay95 days ago5 replies

  • Rear LCD not working

    Hi guys, I have just bought the D90 and the rear LCD does not come on when swit...

    Squirrely698 days ago3 replies

  • D90, Upgrade to D7100 or buy a new lens?

    Hi guys, please help, have a bit of cash to spend and have been thinking of eith...

    Paddyeds10 days ago26 replies

  • Exposure Compensation in Manual Mode (D90)

    Need help on the Question which is Exposure Compensation in Manual Mode (D90) ~~...

    J0shua Gan2 weeks ago12 replies

  • Hello From Mike

    Hi Guys. I have just joined your group and very excited to see so many D90 us...

    mikevincentphotography2 weeks ago5 replies

  • D3100 with 35mm lense

    i am planning on buy D3100 with 35 mm lense. any comments or suggestion?

    tranht02 weeks ago4 replies

  • how relevant is d90 in 2014??

    Hi I am an hobyist photographer , been using a bridge camera (nikon p100) for p...

    harip1003 weeks ago20 replies

  • Change name in playback folder

    Hi everyone I have a question about my camera D90 purchased another body and the...

    68Syl3 weeks ago2 replies

  • Wide angle lens differences ???

    May I know what's the different of (Nikon 10-24mm F3.5-4.5G ED AFS DX Lens) and ...

    J0shua Gan4 weeks ago6 replies

  • Error on Images - distortion overlay

    Good Day, I am new to this forum & hope that someone can assist me. I have...

    banx864 weeks ago1 replies

  • Bottom plate screws for the D90?

    Anyone know what sizes of screws are used on the bottom plate of the D90? I...

    peakbagger_trin5 weeks ago0 replies

  • GPS modules: a query

    Hi I am thinking of buying an external GPS module to use with my Nikon D90, a...

    K3v1n56 weeks ago8 replies

  • Reversing Rings

    Hi folks, I am looking to get a couple of different size reversing rings. 52mm a...

    Clive Watson (Scotsman)6 weeks ago4 replies

  • Clock has been reset on d3000

    I think I leave my camera on and it drain my battery. When I charge and turn it ...

    tranht06 weeks ago7 replies

  • hot pixels

    Long exposures of 30 seconds or so seem to reveal a large number of hot pixels (...

    bowdon.hunt2 months ago21 replies

  • Pop- up flash won't go down.

    The pop-up flash on my D90 won't lock in place when I push it down. This seems ...

    Nigel Smuckatelli2 months ago0 replies

  • Recommended Lens for D90

    Hey there, I just recently started on this photography stuffs awhile ago. I ...

    Haiqal Jupri2 months ago26 replies

  • Wide angle lens suggestion

    Hello to every D90 users, ( sorry for the broken english made ) I'm using kit ...

    J0shua Gan2 months ago5 replies

  • Caliber of photos from the d90 group vs d7100

    Is it me or are the calibre of photos from the D90 flickr group way superior to ...

    davidvonz2 months ago6 replies

  • D90 vs D300s Should I

    I am looking into the d300s because i used to own the d300 before i switched to ...

    Shooters.DesireIN2 months ago18 replies

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