mutalib59 6:22am, 1 January 2011
Which kit lenses ( 18-55mm 0r 18-105mm vr ) more suitable for D5000? I just like to carry only one on it and 85mm f1.8, thanks
Lee Jinks 7 years ago
My brother has only one lens for his D700, the 85mm f/1.4. It works well for him.

Not knowing how you want to use it, I'd suggest the 18-200mm VR. Otherwise it's up to you.
Snohomish Images 7 years ago
If you're going to carry the 85, I would suggest the 18-55. Smaller and lighter than the 18-105.
sw3tsumi 7 years ago
18-55mm VR I'd say. It's and awesome lense. And the prime lens is enough :D But If you intend to take tele type pictures, then you could get the 18-105mm VR since it would cover the mm.. :)
I hope i've helped you.. :S
Take care
wstealth 7 years ago
Yes, 18-55 is the greate lens.
BUT, is 55mm is enough for you? For me it is not!

So, my choise is 18-105mm. With this lens you have x5.8 zoom, instead of x3 for 18-55.

If the price difference is not important for you, i suggest the 18-105 lens for your start.
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