Huff Le Puff 10:26pm, 30 October 2010

I currently have the standard kit lens for the D5000 but have recently been thinking I would like to upgrade- I'm not rich so I want something which is as 'flexible' as possible in terms of capabilities with not too much expenditure- is there anything anyone can recommend? Or should I stick to the kit lens?

Look forward to hearing from you!
GregM35 8 years ago
It depends on what you want to shoot? What kind of photography you like.

If you're looking for more reach to shoot wildlife, the new Nikon 55-300VR would be a good choice. Less expensive is the Nikon 55-200VR, but you lose the extra 100mm reach.

If you want to shoot low light the Nikon AF-S 35 F1.8 is a bargain at about $200.

If you want to shoot macro closeups, I'd start with an inexpensive close-up filter set. Much cheaper than a dedicated macro lens.
Lee Jinks 8 years ago
I'd go with, learn to shoot with what you have (most economical). Then the 35mm f/1.8 (not expensive, but limiting when it comes to focal length).
achilles_ds 8 years ago
55-200 vr maybe the one for you to compliment the already excellent kit lens that you have. the next step would be then the 35/1.8G AFS as suggested above by Leejinks.
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