radicas08 2:42am, 6 November 2010
I really love taking shots of animals. I take close up insect pictures to far away lion ones. I have the two basic lens for the Nikon D5000 and am looking to branch out in the opposite directions. I need an awesome telephoto (zoom) lens for my far away larger organisms and a really good macro lens for my insect/flower shots.

Suggestions would be more than greatly appreciated.
GregM35 8 years ago
My wildlife lens is the Nikon 70-300VR. (An alternative to this would be the new Nikon 55-300VR.) My macro lens is the Nikon 85mm VR.

Both produce excellent results. There are groups here on flickr for these lenses if you want to look at samples.


guajardopinto 8 years ago
Hi, I have a 18-200 AF OS VR lens, it is practical to take in different circumstances, but something specific it would be a Nikon 105mm AF for Macro and 18-250 AF VR for far, I think is most useful on a hike through the countryside.

I agree with the other recommendation

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