DWCrockford 3:17pm, 31 October 2010
I've had my D5000 for about a year now, and enjoy it more with each thing I discover about it and photography in general.

I'm slowing working through all the 'fine tuning' types of settings as there are numerous ways to accomplish similar things, and I want them all available to me.

So this issue/question is about Exposure Compensation. I understand the term, the reason, the results, etc., but this is a technical/physical question.

According to the various manuals (paper, online), as well as blogs, postings, etc., when I want to adjust the exposure compensation +/- on the fly (without going into the info or menu settings), I should simply be able to hold down the little +/- button just behind the on/off button (top right of camera) and while holding the button, I should be able to change the value by spinning the rear wheel (the same one that changes everything - right side of LCD on back of camera). When I attempt to do this, the only thing that changes is the f-stop value - not the exposure comp value - that is the little bar with the tickmarks below the shutter speed and aperture settings on the LCD display do not change in value. The only way I've been able to change the EV values is by going into that menu option or settings option..... which kind of makes it long-winded to take a picture.

So... am I misreading how to do this, or is my D5000 not working?

Thanks for the time and assistance in the first of probably many questions I will end up having about the camera.

GregM35 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by GregM35 (admin) 8 years ago
When I hold the +/- button the wheel does change exposure compensation, not F-stop. Maybe you changed something in your menus that causes yours to change the f-stop?

I've also programmed my FN button to change ISO by using the wheel.
DWCrockford 8 years ago
Thanks Greg,

a point of clarification on my part - this appears only to be an issue in Manual mode - in A or S, it seems to work (now that I've been comparing various settings, etc.) These are the only 3 modes I work in currently. So, if you happen to have your camera handy, which mode did you do your test in? Does your camera do exposure comp (via the above method) in manual mode like it does in the other modes?, or does it change your aperture value instead, like mine does.

GregM35 8 years ago
You're right DW. In P,S, and A mode it works as I described above.

In Manual mode the wheel chanes the f-stop. I guess this is normal. You'll have to use the i button and scroll the menu to change exposure compensation.
brainseller 8 years ago
Exposure Compensation is for correcting the exposure in the automatic modes, so it makes no sense in manual mode.
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