tidy cub [deleted] 6:22pm, 16 October 2010
I read that the D3000 and the D5000 are being discontinued. Did anyone else hear about this and what does that mean for future accessories?
Personally i love my choice of camera and don't know why Nikon would discontinue such a good entry level camera.

See the link below for the article:

GregM35 8 years ago
Eventually it will be updated and replaced by the D5100 (?) just as the D3000 has been superceded by the D3100. That doesn't mean our D5000's will no longer perform.

Not sure what your concern is about accessories.
Lee Jinks 8 years ago

Don't worry, when Nikon stops selling the D5000 to sell its replacement, existing D5000's will continue to work just fine. If you have to replace your own D5000, your accessories will work on the new camera.
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