tidy cub [deleted] 8:02pm, 5 September 2010
I read a review on the D5000 that said when the guy changed his lense the camera developed a fault.
The silly tech question is...
Do i have to turn my camera off before i change to my new lense or is it safe to keep the camera on?
GregM35 8 years ago
Not sure if it's required, but I'd suggest turning it off to change lenses.
Curlygirl456 8 years ago
No, you should turn the camera off before you change the lens.
David M: Posted 8 years ago. Edited by David M: (member) 8 years ago
I read a similar article and always turn off my camera before changing lenses. I have forgotten a few times and got away with it so I would be interested to know if any serious damage can be done.
PristineBelle 8 years ago
Definitely turn it off first. And no tech question is ever trivial.

I'm going to post a new one now.
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