Anonimo del Sublime  12:57pm, 28 July 2010
La mia domanda è la seguente: come si conserva la batteria durante lunghi periodi di inutilizzo (qualche settimana, o più di un mese)... occorre conservarla nella macchina, o fuori? completamente carica, completamete scarica o al 50%? Grazie, ciaooooooooo
-m0cha- 8 years ago
Yes, I'm sorry XD my question is: how to conserve the battery while you don't use the camera for weeks or months?? Do you have to let the battery in the camera or out? Do you have to leave the battery completely charged, exhausted or 50%? Thanks
-m0cha- 8 years ago
Err, usually when I got home after I use my camera, I'll take the battery out and put in the case. I didn't recharge, just let it be like it was when the last time I use it.
I don't know whether this is the right thing to do but it still work perfectly.
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