Super battery?

Sammi8701 3:38pm, 17 June 2010
I wondered generally how many shots people got per charge with their D5000? (I know there are quite a few variables with this but bear with me..)

Nikon quote 510 and I suppose they have to be conservative with their estimates but I have just (honestly) taken 2100 shots on a single charge. Even allowing for the fact I don't use live view or the flash very often I still think it's pretty impressive.

Just curious :)
Lee Jinks 8 years ago
I purchased a second battery and only switch out when the one in the camera is dead. It doesn't seem like I switch them out very often, but I've never really kept tack of how many shots I get on each charge. My thought is that I don't want to ever run out of battery power, so always having a charged battery keeps me shooting.
swanky direction [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by swanky direction (member) 8 years ago
The battery life is absolutely amazing on my ND5K!

I couldn't say how many shutter acutations for sure, but I have down-loaded around your 2100 shots for sure and then "topped the battery off" just to make sure,

I have had some P&S cams that sucked the life out of batteries rendering their portability practically moot as one had to remember to cart backup batteries (and many times, I did not).

Yeah, the D5000 battery life gives one at least a full photo-safari weekend. I've read where some users go a full active week (however that is defined..).
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