Editing Software

corpswifekp 3:37pm, 13 April 2010
I've been sliding by without a good editing program, but I know that I need to step it up. What should I use? I'm not very smart when it comes to these editing softwares, so I need something beginner friendly. Any ideas? Oh yes, and I'm not spending hundreds of dollars. ;) Not yet, any way! lol
thekyle1 8 years ago
i would download gimp. awesome software and completely free.
It has the same basic functions as photoshop if you want to touch up a photo. A little hard to get at first but thats what the internet is for. there are loads of video tutorials on youtube. there are a couple that are like gimp but i found gimp to be the best because its similarities to photoshop.
i spent hours on this when i found it.

have fun
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