Walther v S 7:52pm, 7 February 2010

So I went off one morning (early) to shoot Moonlight pics and they all came back rather blue. ( rather is an understatement)
Now, one of the problems is I can't seem to get the D5000 to minimise the shutter time over 30secs. Anyone an idea?
Pressing the button yourself for that much time is not an option in my opinion as you will create bluriness by the slightest movement.
I still think they look rather cool, but I know so much better is possible.

Now will a longer shutter period actually create more color in this case?
Please see a couple of examples in my pics.. (They are not good enough to post in the group I think.)

Thanks guys!
thekyle1 8 years ago
Ive been also running into this color problem with my d5000 but what i have been doing is switching to shoot in raw format and then working in the camera raw function of photoshop. This can also be done with other programs that work with raw. But the reason it is going blue like that is because of the whit balance. The white balance only goes from 3500-8000k but those monlight pictures show the real colors at around 2000k so the camera raw program lets me fool around with that. Thats just the program i use there are lots more like them that you can just google.
What i have done to take long exposures is i have gotten a remote for my camera. There are many different kinds you can get. There are ones that are really cheap but still work perfect, and there are some that are more expensive with more functions. THe cheaper ones usually just consist of a button and a chord but with the button they usually have a little mechanism that will hold the button down till you let it go. and there are others like mine that have timers and i got it for like 20 bucks on ebay. and there are some remote ones if you need that sort of thing which are more expensive.
Also the color does show up more in longer exposed photos so they will get bluer and bluer for longer exposures.
So i hope this helps and sorry for making it so long, if you have any more questions you can message me

hope this helps
Lee Jinks 8 years ago
I think the photos I've seen in your photostream look great! If you don't use RAW as Kyle has suggested, work with your white balance setting.
Freedom of 76 8 years ago
you might want to make sure that your colors and saturation sections are set to normal, or even turn them down to a negative value. A cheaper solution to reducing shake on long exposures is to use the timer function ( as if you were going to take a picture with your self in it ). Set it to 2 seconds or later and you should be fine, as the shutter will actuate that amount of time after you press the button. Of course you want to have the camera on a tripod or other steady surface :)
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