Depth Field

lalo696 5:45am, 17 February 2014
I'd like to know how getting a great depth field with the L1810, I've seen some photos where the people are focused and the rest is blur.
Some people had told me that I have to use Macro mode but I don't know, what is the distance where I should stay? or if is there a mode that I can use? Help please
Sitthaarrth 4 years ago
2 or 3 cms (tiny objects) and also depends on your subject .
It's pretty hard to get a good blur or bokeh photographing people with the L810. There are two ways which I used to do: Using the macro mode and getting as close as you can or zooming to the maximum till you get the result you are looking for.
Still I have to say automatic cameras are not the best choice to get good bokeh photos cause the lenses usually don't have high f/ numbers. I've got some great bokeh shots with the L810 but my subjects were flowers and small objects the most.
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