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kelvin catungal says:

Hello guys, I just bought Nikon L810 yesterday. This cute camera is awesome and I really like it, but it drains battery so fast. What is the best battery for this camera? Thanks!
3:51AM, 28 August 2013 PDT (permalink)

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TheG-Forcers (Mike - CATCHING UP) is a group administrator TheG-Forcers (Mike - CATCHING UP) says:

Sorry there is no general answer to your question from anyone. What works best for me: I always use rechargeable batteries, and I at least leave the house with 2 sets.
60 months ago (permalink)

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K.N Gore says:

hai...you can click around 150 to 200 photos in one set of fully charged battery's. You cannot expect more than that even in SLR Camera battery's also almost you can take same number of photos.
60 months ago (permalink)

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just call me bert says:

What ever you use, make sure you select the appropriate type with your 810. Press menu after turning it on. Press the time delay icon on the large 'OK' button twice and then the 'Macro' button twice to enter 'Set Up'. Go to 'Battery Type' and select the one you are using. The L810 is designed to use Nmh batteries and will give the best performance with this type. I stick with the major brands. (better Q.C.) The L810 IS a battery hog but you just learn to deal with it. Like Mike, I keep an extra set of rechargeable batteries with me. I also check the camera before I leave on major outings. (Note, Do NOT use NiCad batteries.... They will become exhausted almost immediately) One more thing. I also keep a set of Lithium AA 1.5v batteries in my backpack. They last forever & I have not needed them yet but.... you never know!
60 months ago (permalink)

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