K.N Gore 10:22am, 5 August 2013
He guys i have nikon L 810 Its Really Good and i am happy with that..but today i saw about Macro Conversion lens for my L810 in www.digitaltoyshop.com...it costs around 5,000 in indian currency.so can any one please let me know something about this...is there any one who already used it before?
just call me bert PRO 5 years ago
You really don't need an additional Macro-Wide angle lens for the 810. One of the major strong points of this camera is it's ability to focus within .4" (10.16 mm). Take a look at the Macro shots in my photo stream. They were all made with my L810 with out any additions. What I would strongly suggest is that you purchase a tripod of some sort (if you don't already have one) I use a Gorillapod (DSLR version) for a lot of 'set up' shots and a typical one for other stuff. A tripod will allow you to use the timer to eliminate all vibration. This makes all the difference in the world when shooting Macro.... Especially in reduced light conditions. I purchased a 'Kit' with an adapter, a Telephoto & a Wide angle - Macro add-on lens early on. I never use the add-on lenses... They are of very poor quality. I use the adapter with a lens hood or filter occasionally..... The adapter is available from E-bay or Amazon. The 62 mm accessories are available everywhere.
K.N Gore 5 years ago

He thank you very much for information...yet now i dint seriously thought about getting Tripod.but now will plan to get Tripod insted of Adopter lence...i like macro Photography
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