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just call me bert PRO 12:58pm, 22 March 2013
I've seen some great photos of the moon taken with the L810. All mine are washed out and overexposed. Can some of my brother and sister L810 owners tell me how you got those cool shots of the moon?
tassiamg:sinhatassia 5 years ago
I have the same difficulty in taking shots of the moon at night.
just call me bert PRO 5 years ago
I think that some of the moon shots I've seen were actually taken at dusk / twilight.... That would eliminate the glare factor. The problem is you don't get an early moon rise (before the last bit of daylight is gone...) very often. One other option is to shoot when there is intermittent cloud cover. It acts as a natural filter ( I think I have a shot I took on my stream..) The problem with this is that you loose some clarity. I've been looking for some type of polarized filter that I could temporarily attach to the front of the lens to see if that would help... (like sunglasses for my camera) Please let me know if you come up with any other ideas....
Alejandra Fajardo Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Alejandra Fajardo (member) 5 years ago
Hey! I got some photos of the moon, and it took me some time to have a good one that was not blurry. I think the clue is to not move during the shot. I think the hour of the day is not important, but if you ask me I prefer when is late night.
just call me bert PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by just call me bert (member) 5 years ago
I'm glad you re-visited this subject. You are 100% right about making sure the camera does not move. This means using a tripod or some other method of securing the camera. The second part is using the timer. Even pressing the shutter is enough to blur the shot. The other things I have found helpful are using the exposure compensation to darken the shot if the Moon is really bright. I also only go to the maximum mechanical zoom. The additional digital zoom only degrades the shot. The amount of directly reflected sunlight does make a difference. You can still make the shot but if you can manage to take your photo when the Earth somewhat intervenes between the Sun and the Moon it will give you much more detail. I actually use a chart at an astronomical site to determine the best times now.... As long as the clouds cooperate.... 8~) I really like the orange glow you have in your La Luna photo.
Lutfi Prayogo 5 years ago

you can shots of the moon,, set your camera to auto mode n set daylght.,
full zoom moon with digital zoom.. wait until focus..
of course better if u use tripod to minimize the bluring
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