dipanjandas21 2:43pm, 10 September 2012
1.Press the scene button
2.Select Fireworks Show
3.Press Ok Button.....
4.Off the light of your room
5.Then Focus to the indicator of electric switch board
6.press the shutter button
7.Move your camera as you want
or(take a very small torch 2-3cm long)
5.Put the camera on a table
6.Then press the shutter button
7.Immediately start painting with the torch light in the air
(maintain 100 cm distance from the camera)
8.done.....wait and watch
Thanks! Cool idea!
theroyaltyclub 6 years ago

thanks for the tip, I'm about to try this right now.
theroyaltyclub 6 years ago

It worked just like i needed it to. I just need to practice and get the technique perfectly now.

Thanks again.
liliane ventrone 6 years ago
i've done this before with my friend with my nikon coolpix l810. its pretty easy, you can use flashlights and turn off your lights. its actually really fun!
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