Sitthaarrth 2:27pm, 26 July 2012
i bought Nikon Coolpix L810 Yesterday.. its amazing ! tried indoor pitures n Macro ! want to try Outdoor !
Sitthaarrth: You have great shots in your photostream!
Trains & Trails 6 years ago
I don't think the camera works very well indoors. That has been my experience with it anyways. It seems to hate low light conditions.
wawaperry 6 years ago
I agree with you. I just purchased it on 12-15-12 and I have not really been able to capture adequate indoor shots, but the outdoor pictures have been amazing. i was really discouraged, and is considering returning it for a Canon T3 or something else.
theroyaltyclub 6 years ago

Agreed the unless there is enough natural light, any indoor shot does not come out clear enough.
NickyJameson PRO 6 years ago
I would hazard a guess that people complaining about sub-standard indoor shots haven't taken the time to read the reference manual in depth. I have found that taking the time to read the reference manual on the CD (actually download it), applying what it says, and especially experimenting with the different settings by taking lots of different shots to test the different shooting modes pays off big time - with clear indoor pictures even in low light. Initially some of my indoor photos were blurry but I worked out why and changed what I did.

This isn't a point and shoot camera and it does require the user to take the time to learn how to use it and the different settings. If you still are dissatisfied I'd say pony up the extra $$$ and get a different camera (eg a Canon Rebel or similar). I personally am having fun with my L810 - it's a great starter DSLR and excellent value. I can't wait until I'm completely familiar with all its potential.
tassiamg:sinhatassia 6 years ago

I agree with you Townie. I enjoy my L810 very much and as I get used to it better shots I take.

Personally if people don't like photography, they should search for a point and shoot camera.
quinonpassanotaxi 6 years ago
I also bought the Coolpix L810 a few days ago and I'm really satisfied, but what about taking better photos in low light conditions? I really don't understand how to do it, could you please write some advices? Thank you so much :)
biswa_luminati 6 years ago
yup i agree with Townie requires a bit of time to get a nice hold on the camera! i own a l 810 too at first i was really discouraged by the blurry images ,but my patience fruited and am enjoying the l810.
NickyJameson PRO 6 years ago
@everything, you should start by downloading and reading the manual. Then try taking lots of low light shots using different settings. For example you may find certain indoor shots work better with Museum, than the obvious settings others with another setting. At first I was using the flash all the time (result of using a point and shoot for so many years) however I've started trying not using it at all in some night and indoor shots. I was very surprised at the clear shots I got. I am learning that this camera makes quite good use of any and all ambient light it can find and that I need the flash much less than I had first thought. I found it is also important to learn how the flash works with the different settings (e.g. with Red Eye Reduction, Auto, Zoom etc.) It works very differently and unless you understand how and why you may be disappointed with your shots. But it's user error rather than the camera.

It is really a question of experimenting and being patient enough to learn the camera - but as has been said read the manual a couple of times and experiment a lot. If you're thinking of simply picking it up and shooting like a point and shoot you will be disappointed.

Oh yes, and to shoot I have found you do require a very steady hand and to know how to half-depress for focus, THEN press to shoot. You might even consider getting a tripod. Ok, that's more than I intended to write, but hope it helps. ;) Once you know which settings work for you it's a breeze.
Sitthaarrth 6 years ago
TheG-Forcers (Mike):

thank u !
Sitthaarrth Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Sitthaarrth (member) 6 years ago

i agree with u ! explore ur camera, It's d one of the best option !
quinonpassanotaxi 6 years ago

Thank you :) I will do the best I can :)
Creative Princess 86 6 years ago
help!!! i have the nikon L810....... im on a course and we are covcering aperture but need help......... what setting are good etc.....
Creative Princess 86 6 years ago

I have just got the nikon l810 and have decided to take a course in creative digital photography however we have reached aperture and f/stops etc assignment for this week to photo the process of making a cu of tea using aperture but i have no clue....please help???
moggy71 PRO 6 years ago
as with a few people on this topic, i bought this camera for myself in the sales just after christmas. little by little i'm working things out BUT for 1 thing...i would love to take a picture of the moon and have tried on numerous occasions and on various settings but nothing turns out....can anyone give me any tips. i have seen pictures taken of the moon with an L810 so i know its possible....many thanks for any advice given x
Hollygolightly, dear 5 years ago
I too am new to the L810 (have only had mine 2 days). Have a little familiarity with how it works because I just moved up from the S3100. However Townie is so right. You have to read the manual over and over, get to know your settings, experiment and your photos will get better. Have patience too. For you newbies out there in the photo world, not all photos come out great even if they are taken by some of us who have been at this for some time. Even we take some crappy shots. So far I am loving the L810!!!! As for the low lighting issue? My "cat's eyes" photos were taken in low lighting. On another site I have them posted and people really liking them. But I played with the shot using the "BSS" feature. Hope this helps.
wawaperry 5 years ago
I'm really loving my L810, and I'm still learning everything that it does.
K.N Gore 5 years ago

He you can take Good photos in low light by reducing Exposure i tried it. you can see those photos in my page.
K.N Gore 5 years ago

While taking a picture of moon you should reduce Exposure..It makes clear view of moon.even you can see Craters in moon. But while Zooming camera should be stable. I prefer a Tripod for this kind of photography.
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