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What do you love and hate about your camera?

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virtser says:

HI Guys,

I need your honest Nikon V1 owners only feedback.
What do you love and hate about your camera?

I am a DSLR guy who got used to all the best: fast startup time, great auto focus speed, almost no shutter lag and of course viewfinder.

I bought Fuji X10 last year. Although it is a really good camera, I'm not satisfied with it. Its still big (I can't put it in my jeans back pocket), have fast auto focus speed, but its still far away from what I get used to and it has very inaccurate viewfinder.

I'm highly considering to by Nikon V1 in the last couple of weeks. My main concerns are auto focus speed, shutter lag and startup time. What can you say about these?

What do you say about kit 10-30mm lesnes. Is it good enough for family, landscape, street photos?

Thank you,
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carmablues says:

I think the best view of it you might find from a few good, deep reviews? You probably know the usability issues already. Well, though it is a very very good camera, it is only 1" sensor, and that causes things. I think it focuses mostly fast, though today with FT1 I had some difficulties for the first time. In a cloudy day it did not always find focus to close objects, if I had focused far before that. I did then focus somewhere nearer and then to the thin or small object near me. I think the startup time is fast too. But like I said, read some good reviews, you'll find everything there. And go to a shop and try it if possible.

If you have Nikon F lenses, I think it is a very good deal (with the FT1), though it only has one, center point focus AF-S. And for the price it is now, I would not hesitate too much. It really isn't any jeans pocket size though, if that is one of your demands.

You have probably read other threads here and the Nikon 1 group too that can help you.
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carmablues says:

PS. I have the 30-110mm lens, it is amazingly good in my opinion. I think the 10-30mm is good too. And now there is the 18.5mm F/1.8 lens too available.
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Keith Grafton says:

I,m a D800 user who bought this V1 to use existing lenses with the FT1 adaptor. So far I,ve mostly used it with my Nikon 28 to 300 mm VR lens and once the VR kicks in its perfectly ok handheld at an equivalent of 810mm!
Best thing I bought was a new strap that connects to the ft1 tripod bush to take the strain off the camera mount.
My biggest issue with the camera is how easily the selector dial can move over to video settings.
Other than that its quite good.Viewfinder is loads better than the Nikon P510
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steen heilesen says:

I'm a D800 user. However I love the V1 for what it can do with N1 lenses and Nikkor lenses. It's all up to you want you want to show.
Like I also have a strab on the FT1 adaptor to carry more heavy lenses.
Travelling light it's a perfect camera.
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