Skyler Lilly [deleted] 4:43pm, 29 May 2011
I recently bought a Nikon D5100 and it's my first DSLR. Can someone tell me how to set up a long exposure shot? Thank you :D
chris.precilla 7 years ago
Skyler Lilly [deleted] 7 years ago
It somewhat helps. Thank you :D
mukrunner262 7 years ago
For long exposures, you can have to either be in S or M modes. You then can increase the f/stops to the largest possible. If you are looking for an exposure beyond 30'', then you will need either a wireless remote or cable remote. For me, I sent the shooting mode to Remote 2s Delay, and the longer shutter speed changes to Time. Click on the Remote, and the shutter will activate after the 2s delay. Wait whatever time period you want, and then click on the remote again. This will then close the shutter. The camera will then process the picture so you have to wait for that step to be done. I've taken night shots with an exposure of over 2 minutes. Works well but you have to make sure there's absolutely no movement of the camera. Hope that helps.
Danny Smedley 6 years ago
Thanks mukrunner262! I've been searching for how to do exactly this for a LONG time!! :D
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