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Tigersight ADMIN October 7, 2011
Welcome new members and visitors to this group.
We now have a big brother, Olympus Trip 35, and I invite our members here to join them if you haven't already. They have a very large pool of Trip 35 photos from which to draw inspiration. You can find them at

Group Description

This group is devoted exclusively to flashless night and low light photography done with the Olympus Trip 35. We are interested in true nocturnal and low light photography. Only photographs from the Trip 35 camera are appropriate here. It would be of value to all if you could tag your photos with information as to type of film and ASA/ISO settings. Both color and black-and-white are welcome here. Please ensure that your downloads are suitable for all age groups. Concert photos of all kind are not accepted as the pages of
flickr are riddled with them; please submit them somewhere else.

We are interested in high quality photography only and, therefore, your uploads must be approved before they appear in our pool. There are many groups out there that will accept just anything but we are not one of them. So please choose your uploads carefully and try not to take it personally if they are not accepted to the pool. I suggest that anyone thinking of joining Night Trip 35 spend some time going through our pool to get a feel for the caliber of photography we are looking for. This may never be a large group but I hope that the photostream is uncommonly good.

Group Rules

I agree to the following rules for this group:

1) Only photographs from the Olympus Trip 35 can be posted.
2) The photographs must have been taken at night or under low light conditions without a flash.
3) The photographs can be either color or black-and-white.
4) All subject matter must be suitable for all ages.
5) Only members may post and 7 photos per week per member are allowed to be uploaded to this group.
6) Tag all photos "NightTrip35".
7) No items may be offered for sale in our discussions.
8) As of February 1, 2009 no one may join the group who does not have an icon which represents, at least, a small effort and stake in flickr.
9) The group is closed to any one blocking other members from viewing his photo stream and to those without a photostream. This is not to say that people blocking their photo streams are necessarily engaged in rampant photo collecting--but we like transparency here.
If you are blocking your photo stream you will be banned as of February 11, 2009 until you lift the block for all members to see it.
10) You will be permanently banned from the group for submitting photos not taken with an Olympus Trip 35 camera. Obviously it is hard to know whether a film photo was taken with a Trip or not, so we trust you on that, but it is not hard to determine if a shot was done by a digital camera especially when the EXIF data clearly shows it.
11) Submission of broad daylight photos will result in your being banned.
12) You will be banned should you have a screen name or avatar that is offensive to others. We are not prudes here but there is a limit and that limit is anything that would offend the religion, culture, sexuality, nationality, or race of our members and viewers. This is only common sense, I didn't think I'd actually have to make a rule about it but I guess I do.
13) You will be banned for multiple submissions of the same photograph. We aren't talking about a mistake or two here, we're talking about someone who has a pattern of shotgunning his photos over and over again with the hope that if moderator A doesn't like it then moderator B might see it the next time and accept it. It doesn't work that way. Moderator A will ban the member and his photos from the group the next time he or she comes upon them in the stream.
14) Concert photos are patently not accepted into the photostream. There are too many of these and there are a myriad of other groups that will happily take them.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 7 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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