arawak812 PRO 3:51am, 31 January 2010
check out the schedule, there is going to be classes on night shooting...


Watch me insert my foot in my mouth explaining photographic stitching at the 14th Annual SF Flyway Festival Friday Feb 5 2010 3:30pm-4:45 and again Saturday Feb 6 2010 10:00-11:15am. It might just be a rare performance and definitely an experience.

Photographing Panoramas with Julio Mestres
Repeats Saturday, 10:00am

Local Vallejo resident Julio Mestres has generously offered to show you what he knows about creating panoramic photos. In his presentations, he will give a quick orientation of the technique used for stitching photographs and editing the resulting image by using readily available software from the internet. He’ll offer an explanation of what preparation necessary to obtain the image using a panohead on a tripod or a simple homemade plumb on any camera and how to obtain the required collection of sequential shots in creating the composition. Also, he will explain the use of photo editing software to highlight the resulting image, sizing the image and setting up the final composition for printing. He will also demonstrate the techniques he uses in the field. His photography is exceptional and his enthusiasm inspirational. Meet at the “Vallejo Watershed Alliance Outing Tent”, Building 897.
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