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naginatamoon 12:06am, 18 November 2009
It's simple!

1.) Look through the stream of the person above you
2.) Find your favorite picture
3.) Leave a comment
4.) Post the picture here!

Lets go!

p.s. to get the picture to show up instead of just the link simply put brackets around it! [flickrurl]=picture!
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(401 to 464 of 464 replies)
>sophia< 6 years ago
Godly Fire
Nadbou 6 years ago
candy canes by >sophia<
richie-is-da-man 6 years ago
Préfecture by Nadbou
sonjasfotos 5 years ago
Empty. by richie-is-da-man
>sophia< 5 years ago
Hanomag by sonjasfotos
Tiaburn Stedd PRO 5 years ago
Dina Rad 5 years ago
Broken Perspective by Tiaburn Stedd
FFV1 5 years ago
going home by Dina Rad
alonzo.petrovich 5 years ago
Raining Light by FFV1
808photo.net Posted 5 years ago. Edited by 808photo.net (member) 5 years ago
Was not able to grab the html code for above but here is my favorite.

Nice photo stream many pics look like they ought to be wall papers.
Cody Sechelski 5 years ago
Zoom Blur ...just messing around :)
loetoeng PRO 5 years ago
i couldnt choose between this two..

but i really like this.. a touch, the pict really speaks..

cs20120106_085 by Cody Sechelski
I love the tones and light of this one... so soft and warm:

Ben_Senior PRO 5 years ago
Cross Traffic by The 10 Thousand Things
© Writer of Light [deleted] 5 years ago
Beyond the Storm [Explored #82]
Anni-Grammy87 5 years ago
Ricardo Bustos 5 years ago
new glasses :-) by Anni-Grammy87
Mysteryoso 5 years ago
Touch me Baby, All night by Ricardo Bustos

Love the DOF on this and the contrast
CanMan90 PRO 5 years ago
Breakthrough Silhouette
Gabriel Tompkins 5 years ago
Blue Bridge
Ryder Morey-Weale [deleted] 5 years ago
Bass Tyrrell PRO 5 years ago
[NO Brainwashing !!]
IanGMcIntosh 5 years ago
Sisterly love
Starship Jones 5 years ago
CanMan90 PRO 5 years ago
Surely I Must be Dreaming
Pavel P. 5 years ago
Night city traffic
The Mole of Edge Hill
optyler 5 years ago
What Is The Grass? *Explored #54 27/6/12 by These * Are * My * Photons
mistykari 5 years ago
Pont de l'Alma by optyler
Sho3gazing 5 years ago
a simple portrait but very much describes how the guy mess with high temperature environments lol ...the composition, exposure and tone is perfect, the flame in particularly was beautifully caught, and still manage to catch a good mood of the guy, and even it's as simple as it seems but I know much work was done to catch this frame.
Blacksmith by mistykari
FFV1 5 years ago
Huis Morrissey ...geus aki aki mah huisan by Sho3gazing
uffy74 5 years ago
IMG_0510 by Photography by Alix
Cisvidal 5 years ago
Pavel P. 5 years ago
Arte marino by Cisvidal
Ice Badger PRO 5 years ago
FFV1 5 years ago
st pauls by Ice Badger
Alex_Ng 5 years ago
Central alley by FFV1
Javier Vieras 5 years ago
20 Fencurch Street by Alex_Ng
LaurenceLyon 5 years ago
I love this one from jvieras

shooting star?
mjbryant007 PRO 5 years ago
Love this one from LaurenceLyon

Natxus PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Natxus (member) 5 years ago
Because of the colors.

Kasabian by mjbryant007
sladefx 5 years ago
this one's great
Berlín 2012 by Natxus
Micky75017 PRO 5 years ago
Trafalgar 4
Pavel P. 5 years ago
Chutes de Kegon - Parc National - Nikko - Japon by Micky75017
alnero 5 years ago
Night Tram
Pavel P. 5 years ago
Palhaço e os cubos
Davis_Xin 5 years ago
vivien_rk_♊ 5 years ago
Golden Shores by naginatamoon

Love the colours!
Argenta40 4 years ago
CanMan90 PRO 4 years ago
Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore-Roma by Argenta40
Silent Footpath 4 years ago
Flying to the Clouds

Brilliant shot.
LaceLaw PRO 4 years ago
Great shot, great contrast
Salvatore Tessitore 4 years ago
Irish sea
Luis T. Dietz 4 years ago
Do you wanna see the moon? by Salvatore Tessitore
Cisvidal 4 years ago
Very interesting
Ricardo Bustos 4 years ago

Well Done this pic :) congrats
Pipari21 4 years ago
En la juega que nos quiñan by Ricardo Bustos

I worder what that mongoose is thinking.
JBMacPhotography 4 years ago
Ricardo Bustos 4 years ago
marisa003 4 years ago
marisa003 4 years ago
Turbine Dawn
Reda Ait Saada 4 years ago
Special view of Brooklyn bridge by Reda Ait Saada
Luis T. Dietz 4 years ago
Tenes Sunset by Reda Ait Saada
Laura Culeron 4 years ago
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