Nice web type?

DaveBowker 12:57am, 9 December 2007

The ident for my new site,

Be nice to know what you think seen as the people in this group are looking for good web typography.
tbrowntype PRO 10 years ago
Good stuff, Dave! This is definitely nice web type.

As images of type go, I especially like two things you've done here. For one, the blog description is sized and rendered well, giving you mostly sharp stems, punchy serifs and, occasionally, beautifully rendered characters ("R"epresentatio"N").

Careful kerning would yield many more of those beautiful situations, eliminating some antialiasing fuzz because letters will lay slightly differently on the pixel grid. Work from left to right if the text is aligned left, as every increment will affect the rendering of letters on down the line.

The other thing I like is that the blog title is sized such that the thinnest parts of its strokes match the thickness of the blog description's strokes.

This kind of antialiasing control is presently a major advantage of CSS image replacement. Though you're using common faces (Times New Roman, Times), some browsers may thicken or thin the small parts of this identity that really help it jive as a whole.
tbrowntype PRO 10 years ago
By the way, if anyone can explain more about how exactly type is antialiased in image editing programs like Photoshop, I would be grateful.
DaveBowker 10 years ago
Excellent advice Tim, many thanks. I've since tweaked the logo and is now active on my site.

You can see the before/after at, and I've also given yourself a little link promotion as a thank-you.

Dave Bowker
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