StarrGazr PRO 2:29pm, 14 February 2007
I find this stage to the political trek fascinating. The presidential hopefuls must come to NH and meet with the citizens here face to face. Having come from the great state of NY where the closest you come to these people is watching them from afar (or more likely on TV) I think it is great to be in NH and see these people in a more personal atmosphere. As a photographer, it gives you a great advantage of getting some great close and more personal shots. I know several of our group follow the politial circuit (while others stay far away. :)

I would like to use this thread as a project timeline of the race to the White House '08 as it travels through our state in the unique way that is only New Hampshire.

Let the race begin...
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
Oh, and tag all photos "NH Election 08"
marcn PRO 10 years ago
Starting when?

So far we have spotted:

* Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) @ Summer Party
* Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) @ Hillsborough County Democrats post-election celebration
* former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) @ Book signing
* Senator Evan Bayh (D-IA) @ Manchester City Democrats post-election
* John Cox (R) @ Merrimack's 4th of July parade

marcn PRO 10 years ago
Also consider tagging your photos with location so you can see them on a map like this:

Try putting "NH Election 08" in the search field at the bottom.
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
Marc, any photo in NH that pertains to the 08 presidential elections is appropos. I knew you already had quite a few photos already. :)
edyment81 10 years ago
Good idea! I've already been to see Hillary and Obama speak. Though I forgot my camera for Hillary I took some pictures at the Obama Tiwn Meeting at UNH on Monday, I'll be posting them as soo. as I get my film back on Friday (Concord Camera does great work!)
RogerGoun 10 years ago
Here's one of Sen. John Edwards at a town hall event in Portsmouth. Now that I've stopped lurking, I guess I'd better go answer the Three Questions.

Sen. John Edwards
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
Great edyment! I can't wait to see them.

sskennel, glad you came in out of the dark corners there. nice to meet you!
edyment81 10 years ago
I finally got the film from the Obama Town Meeting I went to at UNH this past Monday and a couple of them are posted for now. I'll post some more later on!
click wrrr 10 years ago
Mr. Fotocraz is doing a great job so far...
Dennis Power PRO 10 years ago
I agree with above. Fotocraz's photos are first rate.
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
Speaking of which, I found this one today which is totally fabulous!

-- from fotocraz - (?)
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
This project is now on the blog. Please make sure you tag your photos appropriately and put them in the pool so that they may be automatically included in this project.

The Road to the White House begins in New Hampshire
juliaf PRO 10 years ago
Me meeting Barak Obama in Eagle Square.
Barak Obama in Concord
marcn PRO 10 years ago
From July 4th parade in Merrimack:

Rudy's campaign runs out of gas in New Hampshire!
Rudy's campaign runs out of gas in New Hampshire!
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
Speaking of Politics, Spencer Batchelder (an moderator and good friend to this group) has a brother, Toby, who has decided to throw in a bid for Claremont City Council. If you currently reside in Claremont or know someone that does please check out his web address so they can learn more about the candidate.
Walsh PRO 10 years ago
high-performing Ds
Walsh PRO 10 years ago
soon the debate would begin
Walsh PRO 10 years ago
hillary says hello
Bella Rua Photography 10 years ago
StarrGazr PRO 10 years ago
-- from Ben McLeod - (?)
*Starbuck* PRO 10 years ago
John Edwards

Rudy Giuliani

Both taken in Wolfeboro, where I work.
jlbruno 9 years ago
I finally have a contribution here!
Taken during the Holiday Stroll in Nashua.


Mitt Romney
juliaf PRO 9 years ago
Bill Richardson at Pembroke Academy
Reardon introduces Anna
yorkd PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by yorkd (member) 9 years ago
Rudy Giuliani at Nascar
Rudy Giuliani
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
Must have just missed you Jeff.

Mitt Romney

More Mitt
Tim Somero Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Tim Somero (moderator) 9 years ago
Mitt Romney visits Peterborough 2

Randy Pittman meets Mitt Romney in Peterborough

Judd Gregg for Mitt Romney in Peterborough

E and A with Mitt Romney in Peterborough
Dave Delay PRO 9 years ago
Milford was on the itinerary for two campaigns this weekend. Hillary Clinton visited the Milford Oval on Saturday. Mitt Romney was there today. Here are two shots.

Hillary Clinton Supporters

Mitt & Ann Romney

There are a few more on my photo stream ...
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
Hello Folks. In the next few days, let's not forget to add to this project. It is our states chance to shine. :)
STE*Photo 9 years ago
Thanks for the link to my brothers website Tracy I just noticed it. Unfortunately he is a Republican but very moderate so I think that is OK LOL. BTW he won with the most votes of any candidate
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
YaY Spencer!! Congratulations to him!

(And he isn't evil just because of he is a Republican. ;)
dingophotos 9 years ago
Here's Hillary Clinton at Nashua High North, Jan-6-08:

Walsh PRO 9 years ago
here are some photos from Manchester on primary day.

A Candidate on Election Day

Sway Me on Primary Day

inflation is taxation
Dave Delay PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dave Delay (member) 9 years ago
McCain Wins!

McCain Wins NH

Supreme Loses.

Vermin Supreme Loses NH
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
Hey Folks, first I would like to say that we, as a group, have done a great job covering the NH Primary! How exciting has this all been? I changed the slideshow so that even photos that you did not put in the pool can be included. Just make sure your photos are tagged with "NH Election 08" (quotes included). Also, NH Public Radio's website is using the tag nhprimary. If you would like them to find your photos, add that tag as well.

The story doesn't end here. We will keep adding files through November, so keep that in mind.

One last note, a huge congratulations to our very own Hillary Supporter, Marc Nozell and his family for being on the front page of the New York Times this morning! YAY Marc!!

-- from marcn - (?)

Keep up the great work folks!

We definitely showed the world that New Hampshire Rocks!

(Granite, of course! ;)
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
Opps...forgot the link to the slideshow on the blog.

The Road to the White House Begins in New Hampshire

Check it out!
marcn PRO 9 years ago
I now have tagged 448 photos from the last few months of:


* Hillary Clinton w/ Bill and Chelsea
* Joe Biden
* John Edwards
* Evan Bayh
* Christoper Dodd
* Bill Richardson
* Barack Obama
* Randy Crow


* John McCain
* Mike Huckabee (w/ Chuck Norris!)
* Duncan Hunter
* Mitt Romney
* Rudy Giuliani
* Vermin Supreme
* John Cox

Plus photos of the flavor of attending those events!
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
Just a bump to remind you that this is an open and ongoing project. While you won't be getting any more photos for this project, you can still tag any photos you already have that fit the bill. You can also view the slideshow on our blog.

Please tag all photos with NH Election 08" (Please remember the quotes.)
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
If you have a photo that has disappeared from this thread (perhaps you replaced it or edited it in some fashion), please replace it. I will be doing a clean up of this thread in a week and will delete any references to photos that are no longer showing up.

Thank you! This message will self destruct in 7 days.
tlucia PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tlucia (member) 9 years ago
Taken during a Jan-08 campaign stop at Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH.
Barack Obama-4 by tlucia

Barack Obama-2 by tlucia

Barack Obama-1 by tlucia
StarrGazr PRO 9 years ago
NH First in the Nation Primary Night
January 9, 2008

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Michelle and Barack Obama
RogerGoun 9 years ago
Some more of mine.

Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich
Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich

Sen. Hillary Clinton

President Bill Clinton

Hillary & Barack
Hillary & Barack

Sarah Palin
Gov. Sarah Palin in Dover, NH
Groups Beta