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Group Description

Critique Portfolio Pro is about constructive critiques, discussions, comments and feedback. Here you will interact with experienced photographers - both amateurs and professionals.

Key topics are: critiques, critics, discussions, learning, constructive feedback and comments.

Critique Template | Contest Voting | A Beginners Guide


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Winner of the Seasonal Contest: Winter
"snow white forest" by gregor H
snow white forest

Winner of the weekly contest closed on the 15th January
"Blue Glass Prison" by tomianknowles
Blue Glass Prison

October Photo of the Month contest winner
"Morning Break" by Bill Devlin
Morning Break

Co-winner of the weekly contest closed on the 14th December
"Lake Silvretta - Series 1" by Rolf Enderes
Lake Silvretta - Series 1

Co-winner of the weekly contest closed on the 14th December
"Crossing the Columbia" by keith truman
Crossing the Columbia

November admin choice
"Last Light" by Matthew

Winner of the thematic contest Images with Clouds as a Strong Element
"Storming in the Badlands" by Lissa**
Storming in the Badlands

Winner of the Contest "People in the Landscape"
"Haystack Rock" by elavats
Haystack Rock

Co-winner of the weekly pool contest closed on the 29th November
"First Light" by keith truman
First Light

Co-winner of the weekly pool contest closed on the 29th November
"Loops of Infinity [explored]" by tomianknowles
Loops of Infinity [explored]


Winner of the 2015 Photo of the Year contest
"Blue Water Sunrise" by James Duckworth
Blue Water Sunrise


The PORTFOLIO Pro is a consortium for the Pro and Advanced Amateur Photographer who is interested in a thoughtful meeting place to share images, get honest critique, and build a knowledge base for taking their work to the next level. We put a great deal of emphasis on Education. Our competitions are open to all who follow the rules and wish to participate.

We recognize that this group is not for everyone and that we expect a lot from our members (relative to other Flickr Groups) but it is our sincere hope that all who come here, get back more than what they put in. If you have ideas on ways we can improve or enhance your time here, go to the Suggestion Box for consideration.

Click this link to "Read The Group's RULES."

Click this link to learn "HOW TO CRITIQUE."
New and returning members, please follow the link above to make sure we are all on the same page for critiquing. Remember it's all about education and not just patting each other on the back. To improve the quality of Grades and Critiques we remind all new and older members they should use the Critique Template. This is a compulsory rule. In addition to simplifying the task of entering the text and grades it also contains suggestions and hints on what to consider for each of the categories in the critique.

Click this link to learn about the contests and "HOW TO VOTE IN THE POOL CONTEST."
Please keep in mind that we vote weekly on the images posted in the pool. You can vote for up to three images and we encourage you to do so. The pool closes every weekend for voting and tallying but you can vote at anytime during the week but be aware that other images may be entered after you vote.


[WORKSHOP] Exploring the Portrait - Assignment 1
[WORKSHOP] Exploring the Portrait - Assignment 2
[WORKSHOP] Critiquing - How to give critique and grades
[WORKSHOP] Artist Statement
[WORKSHOP] Developing a portfolio of your work


[ART TALK] Elements of Art and Principles of Design (1/2)
[ART TALK] Elements of Art and Principles of Design (2/2)
[TECH TALK] Resizing for Digital Print - Basics
[TECH TALK] Darkroom: Retouching 103 (Landscapes)
[TECH TALK] Darkroom: Retouching 101 (Portraits)
[TECH TALK] Darkroom: Black and White Conversion
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Raw Image Workflow, Part One - Why Shoot Raw?
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Raw Image Workflow, Part Two - Adobe Camera Raw In-Depth
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Raw Image Workflow, Part Three - Automation
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Raw Image Workflow, Part Four - Smart Objects
[TECH TALK] Digital: Highlight Recovery, Part One
[TECH TALK] Digital: Highlight Recovery, Part Two
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Sharpening Part One - The Theory
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Sharpening Part Two - Real World
[TECH TALK] Digital: Color Correction Magic
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Color Management in Photoshop
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Color Management Questions Answered - ASK AWAY!
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Printer Profiles
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Monitor Calibration
[TECH TALK] Virtual: The View Camera In The Digital Age
[TECH TALK] Virtual: Kodak Film Survey Results
[TECH TALK] Darkroom: Build a Tilt-Shift Camera Lens for Peanuts
[TECH TALK] Update: ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) FREE preset downloads
[TECH TALK] Update: ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) v4.1

[TECH TALK] Correcting the White Balance in Photoshop
[TECH TALK] Combining Multiple Shots: Part 1 : Resolution


Thomas Leuthard
Mark Ivkovic
Jan Scholz
Andreas Wonisch
Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir (Dalla)
Michał Skrzypczak
Seung Kye Lee
Jonas Peterson
John Mariana
Kevin McNeal
John Acurso (mona chrome)
Tiny Malone (jmark media llc)
Don Hall (NWPhotoGuy).
Luís Cerqueira.


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Photographer's Rights Group
Landscape Portfolio Competition.

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Group Rules


Quick Summary
- Post just 1 photo then critique the 2 next to you
- Write thorough critiques using the Critique Template
- Read the full set of rules below. Just do it. It takes you less than a minute..


§1. General
Members can post images to the pool and take part in contests and discussions in accordance with the rules as outlined below. To become member one has to receive an invitation from one of the admins or apply for a membership.

§1.1 It is not permitted to post abusive comments about other people's photos, critiques or opinions, and delete any received critiques, grades, votes or comments.
§1.2 No nudity or offensive photos are allowed.
§1.3 Any rule violation may lead to disqualifications and/or banning.

§2 The Pool
The pool normally closes when 6 or more new photos have been posted. After the pool has been closed the nominations begin. Pool nominations are mandatory (according to §3.2) for people who submitted photos to the recent pool. All other members are also invited to nominate. This is done by posting a nomination in the comment stream of 1, 2 or 3 photos in the recent pool (see pool voting guidelines). The photo with most nominations wins the pool competition.

§2.1 Post 1 photo and then give the previous 2 pool entries detailed critiques using the Critique Template (critiques of the other photos must finish within 48 hours).
§2.2 Submitters must wait until 2 more photos have been added to the pool before posting a new photo.
§2.3 Submitters may not replace or delete a photo until the pool voting has finished.
§2.4Submitters must post a placeholder to the previous 2 pool entries when detailed critique cannot be given right away.

§3 Contests
Winners of pool nominations or theme/technical contests advance to the monthly contest. The winner of the monthly contest advances to the yearly contest where the Photo of the Year is chosen.

§3.1 Any photo which conforms to §1.2 (except previous winners) may take part in a contest.
§3.2 Voting is mandatory and all contest participants must cast their vote (one can not vote on own photos).
§3.3 For the monthly, yearly and theme/technical competitions voting is done by giving 3, 2 and 1 points to the top 3 photos in each contest (the photo with the highest number of points wins the competition).

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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