Chris Lombardi 5:05pm, 4 January 2008
New West's Snowblog has just announced a winter photography contest. Check out the details here. Or head on over to the Snowtography contest group on FLICKR.

Also, I will be handing over the photo wrangling reigns this week to Anne Medley, a talented photographer and graduate student in photojournalism at the University of Montana. If you'd like to see a fine piece of multimedia photojournalism from Anne, you should check out her story on Missoula's Urban Chicken debate.

It was two years ago last week that I started choosing New West's featured photos of the day from this FLICKR group. It has been a huge pleasure to be immersed in your talent and to get to know many of you. I'd like to thank you all for your generosity in sharing your work with us. The New West featured photo of the day has been one of New West's most popular features, and has helped visually define New West's editorial approach. Here's to all of you and our shared love for photography and the West.

Chris Lombardi
Phil Nesmith 10 years ago
Gonna miss you Chris!
Kai Eiselein 10 years ago
Adios, Chris, and thanks for everything!
patia PRO 10 years ago
You're being promoted, I hope? You're not leaving us, are you?
taylorkoa22 10 years ago
Thanks Chris and Good Luck
photogcam 10 years ago
Chris, Best wishes and thanks for all the support!

Cheers, Chris
Chris Lombardi 10 years ago
thanks for the kind words. it has truly been a pleasure.

i'm not going anywhere, patia. i won't be officially working with New West, but I'll be be around....
Crick3 PRO 10 years ago
We are going to miss you, THANKS big time for all your efforts here, it has not gone unnoticed.
benrobertsabq PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for all the work you put in Chris, and see you 'round the Flickrverse.
patia PRO 10 years ago
Glad to hear you'll still be around.
Fort Photo PRO 10 years ago
Wow am I slow. ;-)

In any case, thanks to Chris for your service! We will miss you and it's good to know you will be still lurking about. And it will be fun to see what Anne has in store, congrats to her as well.
and I guess that I am even slower.....
I am so glad to have met you here Chris, and thanks for all the work and support you have given to the NewWest photographic community here at flickr
and a big welcome to Anne
inate Posted 10 years ago. Edited by inate (member) 10 years ago
Chris - best of luck in your new endeavors, photographic and otherwise! Glad you'll still be around!
Eye4Design 10 years ago
Thanks for the memories, Chris!
Chris Lombardi 10 years ago
Thanks again for the well wishes!
John Falkenstine PRO 9 years ago
So: When are we finally going to see something viable?
Chris Lombardi 9 years ago
I don't quite get your question, John. Could you explain?
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