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  • Is this place abandoned?


    [visual media]10 months ago3 replies

  • January 5, 2010 - The Fix

    Newton Y2010 "Just a moment. Just a moment. I've just picked up a fault in the AE-35 unit...

    TahoeSunsetsages ago1 replies

  • Embarrassing floppy lid problem on eMate

    Hello all, Does anyone please have any tips or pointers on how to keep my eMa...

    aware dockages ago3 replies

  • USB Serial Adaptor

    Hello all, Will this serial adaptor be ok to connect up my newton to my mac? ...

    aware dockages ago3 replies

  • eMate Hinge repair

    Hey group. Does anyone know of someone who could do the hinge repair on the eMa...

    Photo Monkiages ago2 replies

  • Newton 110 Battery compartment cover

    I need a battery compartment cover for my Newton 110 model H0059. Also looking ...

    DTC2009ages ago2 replies

  • 2000 keyboard wanted

    Anyone want to sell me one ... or donate....?? Thanks David, UK

    aware dockages ago2 replies

  • nPhone-GSM on Newton

    I have a NOKIA GSM 900 card,and found the software called:FirstFone.But the down...

    greatybyages ago0 replies

  • 150 members!

    Nice going, folks. We’ve managed to hit the 150 member mark. Thanks again to e...

    splorpages ago3 replies

  • Hello!

    Just saying hi! It seems to be a slow moving group... I was a Newton 120 user wa...

    mnystedtages ago1 replies

  • MP 120 won't turn on...

    Does anybody know why my Newton MessagePad 120 won't turn on? I replaced the bac...

    NewtonErik93ages ago2 replies

  • Newton Items For Sale

    Greenkeepers. I am trimming down my Newton collection. Please see my set e...

    enthusiastic educationages ago1 replies

  • 2007 Worldwide Newton Conference

    Announcing The 2007 Worldwide Newton Conference Journeying to Japan in July? ...

    splorpages ago1 replies

  • Flickr Mobile on your Newt!

    Wireless Flickr Mobile for your Newton! Totally Live & Totally Uncensored! N...

    TahoeSunsetsages ago3 replies

  • Where to get reliable used Newts?

    As per subject, where can I buy reliable, used, Newtons? I don't really use e...

    andretanages ago2 replies

  • Sync Newton & OS X Tiger?

    I'm running TIger, and looking at getting a Newton 2000 or 2100 for Christmas. I...

    instinctive marketages ago1 replies

  • Publish your Newtons around the world here!

    Would be nice to have all of those photos here as well... Paul Curtis

    microssgages ago1 replies

  • Welcome to the group.

    I'd just like to say hello to everyone who has joined the group so far. Your int...

    splorpages ago2 replies

  • Newton "Holster"

    Thanks to Grant's Flickr page, here are some shots of a great carry-pack I found...

    LwBrownages ago2 replies

  • Newton Modeminos

    What would I do if I came across 4,000 or so surplus Newton modems? I'm pretty d...

    splorpages ago0 replies

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