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josh-n PRO 9:56pm, 13 July 2010
It's been three weeks since we opened up the new photo design for you to take a sneak peek at, and the team here has been busy fixing bugs, extending support to more browsers, and taking in some of your suggestions.

Well over 800,000 members have opted in, which is amazing, and we're grateful for your consideration.

We've learned a lot from your specific recommendations and comments in this group, and we've also learned quite a bit from the silent majority through the wonderful world of Numbers. Some highlights of common things we've seen:

Showing large sizes
We create versions of your uploaded originals in different sizes to display on various parts of the site and via the API. We can't 100% guarantee that versions of these sizes aren't going to be downloaded, but we do set up hindrances based on your account preferences.

The short summary is that we're trying to be honest and transparent in how we treat your images. The language on the current "Who can download/access originals" preferences page is not clear to a lot of our members, even old school ones. We think this is a truly important issue that everyone needs clarity on. We’ve thought long and hard about how we treat image versions on Flickr, and we think being honest about what we can and can’t do is just good manners.

Note: In the mean time, if you decide to make a photo (or all your photos) private, you'll lose any favorites that have been linked to that image. We've added a warning on the privacy settings dialog to that effect just in case you didn't read through all the FAQs.

Read more from Zack about large size photos.

Actions menu, more clicks, and all-sizes:
We made the decision with our new photo page design to centralize photo actions under a single menu rather than showing them in a strip above the photo. This design creates a consistent location for doing things with photos and makes it much easier for us to offer a great photo experience in many languages. Supplementing this is a new menu to provide easy access to some common features, including the all sizes page, when you right-click on a photo.

The downside is that, compared to the old design, many of these actions require an additional click – we have heard you loud and clear on that issue. We are happy, however, with how people are using the Actions menu so far (based on anonymous statistics) and we think usage will continue to grow as we get used to the change.

Exif data:
We love looking at Exif data, and while most members don't care to see the technical data behind the photo, we think it's neat enough to surface on the photo page in the form of the camera name. Based on your suggestions, we now link this camera name to the Exif page for each photo, instead of directly to our Camera Finder. This change does a better job describing how a photo was taken while still allowing viewers to explore the incredible breadth of cameras being used on Flickr.

The map isn't perfect, yet, but we’re very excited about the direction we’re moving in! We're working hard to sort out the kinks before our wider release of the new photo page, and we’re making changes based on your feedback in the mean time. For example, we agree with the many suggestions that the photo owner should be able to dismiss the big "Add to map" button on their photos without geo locations. The option to add your photos to the map will always be available, but we’ve added a way to hide the big button if you prefer.

We’ve also noticed some misconceptions about who sees the location data on your images. The preference for you to control your geodata remains the same. If you choose to not allow friends, family, contacts, or anyone to see your photo's geodata, then the map won't be viewable to those people on your photo page.

Lastly, we know our maps could certainly be more detailed at some zoom levels. We're going to work on this, but it's not a quick fix.

The feedback and bug reports on maps from this group have been extremely helpful so far. Thanks!

Browser support:
We're only supporting the newest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome during this release. We'll be supporting more browsers for the wider launch, so thanks for your patience. Will we support every known browser? Probably not. Phil has some thoughts in this discussion.

There continues to be a lively discussion around how tags are presented on the new photo page and we haven’t yet finalized the design. We’ve stuck with a paragraph-style so far because of its efficient use of space in the sidebar – showing more tags without pushing important information like License and Privacy lower down the page. We still have bugs to fix, a few features to add (like choosing from your list of tags), and layout changes to make to improve readability. The new design will require some adjustment for tag power users, but we think it will be an improvement over all. We’re already seeing more visitors clicking on tags in the new page. There's this group for discussing tags.

If you have trouble accomplishing a task, chances are there's a discussion that already covers it. It has been a great help for us to read your comments and have conversations about what you like (and don’t) with the new page.

So now what? We've had your gut reaction - we'd love to hear what you think now that you've had time to play around with the new page. Instead of immediate reactions, please take some time to give specific thoughts ("I don't like it, or "I hate change" won't really help us make your photo sharing experience better), after you've gone over the page comprehensively.

Thanks again for helping us make Flickr the very best place for your photos.

[Edited for clarity.]
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frogmuseum2 8 years ago
I opted in for this beta for the first week, opted out for a week, and then came back.

My big dislike is the teeny-tiny new buddy icons in the comment box.
I'd prefer the faves left that area too, but the size of the buddy icons is what really bugs me.

I'm liking the new version more and more, though. :-)
Neil Fitzgerald 8 years ago
Cheers for the feedback! :-)
mimbrava PRO 8 years ago
Re: Actions menu--It's more than that actions require more than one click to initiate them, it's that for gallery curating and pool administration, one must go through several hoops.

Formerly (or still currently, since I'm still using the old format), I add a photo to a gallery and can then immediately click on the gallery to add a comment or move the photos around. In the new format, I must first add the photo to the gallery, then either wait for the gallery icon to appear (which does not happen instantaneously) or I must go to all my numerous galleries and find the one into which I added the new photo, and only then can I make a comment or rearrange the photos.

With pool administration, when I currently invite a photo to one of the groups I administer, I use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the comment box, and once the invitation script is visible, I can modify it and/or add a comment. (Just FYI, what I always modify is that I replace the exclamation point with a period, since I do not approve of exclamation points except when one is exclaiming about something.)

With the new format, I must invite a photo using the script, then refresh the page, and then go to my comment to amend the script and add a comment. (Also, with the new format, I can no longer use Greasemonkey scripts, such as the important one that lets pool administrators know which photos of a particular photographer are in the pool. I know this is not a Flickr issue, but it's unfortunate that the Greasemonkey scripts don't work anymore.)

Has Flickr staff and/or engineers addressed any of my concerns after having reviewed the comments in the Gut Reaction thread?
The Searcher PRO 8 years ago
while I've gotten used to most of the new elements, to the point of already forgetting how it was in the old version, I find I'm still very conscious of the small user icons in comments, and the still very distracting favorites mixed in with comments. I'm still not a fan of either.
Ian Tindale 8 years ago
Personally, I’m now completely used to it and it all seems fairly well integrated.

The one disadvantage I’m discomforted by, still, is that the picture has too much clutter above it. It could start sooner up the page. To me, the “actions, share this” and a big span of space and then “newer + older” occupies a tier of valuable space that the picture top edge should be occupying. I’d put all that stuff in the existing little navigation series of “home, you, … explore” etc. The search can go under, above the story box column and above the user name. That would allow the photo to start higher.
Ian Tindale 8 years ago
If you’re planning a redesign of the “Organise and Create” page, which of course it needs, how can you crowdsource the brainstorming for the idea-ing of such a task, so that it becomes the reverse of what happened here? In other words, go through all this pain and thrashing and arguing and complaining first, then implement the page based on that.
Shadow Viking 8 years ago
The keyboard shortcuts and click-to-see-on-black features still aggravate me, but I've gotten used to everything else (not that I like it all, necessarily; I'm just not as bothered by it any more)
photo ephemera PRO 8 years ago
I'm also fine with the new design; just getting annoyed at the banners that keep showing up keying me in to new page features....
; )
'ju:femaiz PRO 8 years ago
@: one thing you may want to strongly emphasise is the notion of the "superuser" over your own assets when logged in. Many people are failing to grasp that (eg: thinking "I can see X so everyone can see X").
Eric Hunt. PRO 8 years ago
I opted in the first day it was available and the only thing that's still bothering me is titles below the photo.
dubmill PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by dubmill (member) 8 years ago
I initially thought the favorites being mixed with the comments looked messy. However I've now got used to that and think it is an improvement. When viewing someone else's photo, seeing that someone has favorited it makes me more inclined to view that person's photos as well, whereas before I might never have bothered to click through to the old-style list of people 'who call this a favorite'.

The title appearing under the photo is also an improvement in my opinion. I never liked the title being above, and in fact discontinued using titles for that reason.

There are one or two things I still don't like. One is that when clicking one of the groups or sets at the right hand side of the photo, the first click only opens the thumbnails. To reach the actual set or group requires a second click, which is annoying.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
Technically, this is my *third* impression.

I bitched and moaned in the first one, more than a month ago, but acknowledged that I liked the larger photos and map on the photopage.

By the time this public beta opened, I was accustomed to the Actions menu and a few other gripes.

Since then, several of my addons and scripts have been updated so the non-standard features I use are all in place.

If I had one single complaint *today*, it would be that I prefer tags to be in a list form rather than in a cloud.

(I do have a few other minor complaints, but they've all been fixed with scripts/extensions:
1. EXIF *on* the photopage
2. name/icon/both reply links
3. alphabetized tags)
Ed Gaillard 8 years ago
I have used the new page for the majority of the time over the last few weeks, and I... dislike it intensely.

Most of the things I'm going to mention here are things that affect people viewing my photos more then they affect me. (While I dislike a number of features from the standpoint of usability, I expect many of those to be fixable by greasemonkey scripts.)

1) The page is very very slow to load in Firefox.

2) The larger photo size will be bad for people viewing on netbooks, laptops, and even on larger screens if they normally zoom their browser windows and/or don't maximize their windows. I want people viewing my photos to be able to see the whole photo without scrolling, and yes, I DO regard netbooks as an acceptable platform for viewing a photo site, and I expect more people to be using such smaller screens in the future.

I believe you should either detect the browser window size and serve the proper rendition of the image fore that size, or allow viewers (not just Flickr account holders but any viewer) to tell the system they want to view a smaller size by default.

3) The tag fog is not legible. Bring back the list.

4) Truncating the list of sets and groups the photo is in, and truncating the list of tags, is bad. Truncating the names of groups and sets is very bad. If you are concerned that showing all the data will push down license and privacy settings, then move license and privacy up above the list of sets and groups

5) The attribution in the top right still says
"By Ed Gaillard
no real name given"
which is false and pretty close to defamatory. Note that putting my name in the profile will result in it saying
"By Ed Gaillard
Ed Gaillard"
which looks stupid. I wish my photos to be attributed solely to my actual name. The old page, and the Profile page, both handle this correctly by showing nothing but
the screen name if nothing else is available. It would also be acceptable to show only one name if the screen name and profile name are the same. Note that the profile name is in no way a "real name"; you could put any nonsense you want into it. This one really pisses me off.

6) Putting the title below the photo would have been a decent design choice if you had done it from the start. But now there are many photos where people have worked with your long-standing design by being mindful of how titles and descriptions have always been displayed on Flickr when choosing them. It is disrespectful to ignore that effort, just as it is disrespectful to truncate set names.

Right now, the new page is not something I want to show my photos to other people on. I hope these concerns will be addressed.
San Diego Shooter PRO 8 years ago
My 2nd impression

1. Take favorites away from comments
2. Put title back on top
3. Don't like the extra click to get to a person's photostream
4. Change buddy icon size to old format
5. Put exif on the photopage
6. Map should not be so prominent (maybe below groups or tags)
7. Would like to be able to remove a photo from a group by clicking an X - not having to go to actions page
beachwalker2007 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by beachwalker2007 (member) 8 years ago
Probably my fourth or fifth impression - but so be it. All in all, my latest impression hasn't changed all that much from the initial. Some changes for the better, some for the worse, and some just to make some changes. Many cooks got together with the goal to create a new tasty meal which then turned out to be just a different kind of stew. Some nice morsels in an otherwise less appealing overall presentation, garnished with some ingredients that don't quite belong and others that require too much effort to get to the goodies. The old stew has become stale, the new one tastes different and is a bit heavy on the stomach overall.

Liked the large size and the lightbox form the get go. Got used to the "Share this" menu. Welcomed the change to not have to see the map on my own stream for images not geo-tagged.

First and foremost what bothers me is that the owners settings are usually pushed below the fold - just like they were in the old design - to me their correct position would be were the map is now.

Still no idea why the lightbox and "All sizes" window cannot be combined into one functionality - with a user selectable option for the background color in a continuous fashion from white through all shades of gray to black.

What also bothers me is that the comment box is still on the bottom of the page - but I realize that for reasons I don't understand, it will remain there. Why not provide an option to move it to the top - it only affects the person making that choice and not any other user.

I wish very strongly for an option to collapse the map into a location name only when viewing photo pages of other users. In many cases, I don't need a map to recognize the location, and in many cases, the location information is irrelevant to the story of the image anyway. And there certainly needs to be an option to edit the location name and type in one, as well as being able to enter GPS coordinates directly.

The "add to group" window is still too small and lacks functionality.

I will never use the option "people in this photo" and would welcome the option to select to not see it at all.

In the "Share this" menu, the "grab the link" and "grab the HTML" could be expanded by default - saving one click.

I would welcome the choice to display and see a EXIF window on the same page as the photo with the most relevant EXIF data - most EXIF data is irrelevant and IMHO doesn't warrant display on a separate page in its entirety - in particular not once post processing software has altered and replaced the original entries anyway.

Prefer title above the image - but I guess that boat has sailed.

Use of too small avatars in the comment section as well as too small a font results in a very broken up look - downright unpleasant to look at.

Please return the [x] behind set and group so an image can be more easily removed.

Lastly, bring back the old way of inviting images to group on is admin of.

And for the future - provide a means to automatically add a link to the group one has seen an image in as well as a means to automatically add those awards in the comments.

I realize that some of the points I am bringing up will only affect how I will view flickr - and I am sure, in due time GM scripts will be available to give me customization options. Nonetheless, it would be better if flickr could provide those options - if only to not be limited to a few browsers that allow GM.
Megharah [deleted] 8 years ago
Why do you ask what do we think if the first time you asked you still decided to do whatever you want and didn't meet people's requests?. You say is "impossible to do", I say you just don't want to and this group was just to make us get used to the idea for when this hell goes live next week.

The navigation is terrible. If you click from the home page in one of your contact's pictures, you go to the photo page and get a tiny strip to the pictures of all of your contacts. Now... if the design intended to have some funcionality, the UGLY arrows on top of each photo should browse through THAT contact's photos and not to the next picture from your contacts. If I want to see the next one I would use the little strip, right? Well not in your minds. If I want to see that contact's photos I have to click on other drop down to be able to see those photos and LOSING the all contact strip... guess we can't have both?

Lightbox (?) needs to be BLACK. Not gray. Here's the code #000000 copy paste it on top of that ugly gray.

Im not going to even start about the excuses to not make private the large version since you can perfectly hide the original file. It is a bad excuse saying that "people have larger screens" because I have 24" HD screen and I had no issues looking at the previous design and with this size, specially the squared ones I have to scroll to see them. So yes, it is an excuse and it is a bad one.

The thing is that I still don't like it and I've been using it since day one. Seriously, just make it live, since it really doesn't matter what we think anyway.
Shadow Viking 8 years ago
Oh yeah- having the title under the photo bothers me too; I knew there was something I was forgetting.
Dunstan PRO 8 years ago
gracie's ephemera: "I'm also fine with the new design; just getting annoyed at the banners that keep showing up keying me in to new page features..."

So you see those banners and then you click the X to remove them, and then they come back?

The only way I can think that would happen is if you clear your cookies, or use a variety of browsers/different machines.

Could it be that's happening to you? Or does it seem more like a bug?

dubonnet [deleted] 8 years ago
Ok, now that it works better with Firefox and I can use some add-ons and extensions, I like it much better.

The main thing I dislike like is comments now up take several pages instead of one or two (for many users)..it's all the scrolling and clicking which isn't good for anyone in the long run, especially those with repetitive strain injuries, arthritis etc.
Many people spend hours on the sight!

Lot of wasted space on the page especially when a separate line is used to show someone faved the photo when a star could be easily placed next to their name.

please put the comment box at the top, or give us the option of top or bottom. This again saves scrolling, and is what many other sites do.

Yersinia Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Yersinia (member) 8 years ago
I still hate the tag cloud.

I still don't like faves in comments, probably because I much prefer to interact via comments. Faves aren't anywhere near as important to me.

I've gone back to the old page for the moment, so that I can geotag using Google maps if I want to. I don't always require the greater accuracy, but sometimes I do.

Oh, and breaking the comments up more often is very irritating if there's a long conversation going on.
SusieWyshak 8 years ago
Would LOVE for the light grey text to go the way of web 2.0.
It took me a long time to realize I could click to writd a photo description...because it didn't catch my eye.

I would love for my whole family to use flickr but honestly I know I'd have to train them because much of the text wouldn't be visible to their eyes.

Set a new "back to the future" trend - dark text!


A dark text on white advocate
SunCat 8 years ago
Overall, I still like the new interface. I love the larger images, and the lightbox feature is really nice.

Things that still bug me:

1. The buddy icon size in comments. Considering that every comment is at least two lines long (the user information followed by at least one line of comment), using a small icon doesn't really save you any space and just looks bad. Please re-think this new "feature"

2. The Safety level information needs to be unburied for the photo owner. I'm the one ultimately responsible for making sure that this setting is properly set, but I have to click to an additional level to see it, while others see it on the main photo page. This just doesn't make sense. The repercussions from someone else catching a mistake before I do are just too severe to be hiding this information from the photo owner on the main page.
Bééé Aaaa [deleted] 8 years ago
They wont change, even if we write this topic full....

They decide how they want it, while using the PRO account ownert to seek the bugs. It's funny, isn't it?

Megharah is completly right. The new flickr sucks. The only thing I like is the bigger photo. Thats all.
Now we cant upload any more large size images, cuz flickr is getting to be the Paradise of the photo thiefs.

Michele*mp PRO 8 years ago
• Many things are better with the new page (I appreciate menu Action and Share this , Exif data and map on the top right)

• I nevertheless have a real problem with geotagging: I can find quite easily locations for my pictures on the map (I live in France) but the suggested names are aberrant: please, look at the two illustrated examples (screen capture) in the French thread, www.flickr.com/groups/newphotopagepreview/discuss/7215762...
andyscamera 8 years ago
I generally like it, but it's slow. It takes 15 seconds for the Actions menu to drop down after clicking it, which is a real disincentive to perform any actions. The map is similarly slow. I never thought I'd say it, but the scripts on the new photo page make the organizer look pretty snappy. (OS X 10.4.11, Safari 4.1, in case it matters.)

And although I generally like the faves in comments, I don't tend to get all that many of either. Having had a photo in Explore the other day, I can see how it would get annoying for people who get lots of each. Instead of combining only the faves added between two comments, perhaps all the faves posted in a day could be combined. Or maybe they could be combined more, the older they are (the way posting dates for these comments get less specific the older they are: 75 seconds ago, 2 minutes ago, 2 hours ago...)

But I like the bigger photos, the view on not-quite-black, and even the map.
The Searcher PRO 8 years ago
What safety info are you looking for? When I go to your page I have to click the "flag this photo" link to see the safety level of your image. On my page I have to click the "Owner Settings" link to show me all of my image settings. Not only is it one click for yours or mine, but it seems that now much more info is available for my own photos in one spot than there was before.

Where are you seeing the info more prominently displayed for visitors?
Giusal 8 years ago
After these past few weeks, I still appreciate the new design on the whole. The 640px size and the lightbox are welcome additions. The navigation seems coherent, and I personally find the new layout faster than the old one (using Firefox 3.6.6 on OS X 10.6.4 on a recent iMac).

What I like less:
- the older-to-newer comments on photos with multiple pages. I'd like the option to reverse the system,
- the counters. Counting "the page" is outdated and illogical, considering that photos can be seen in a number of ways (Fluidr, Flickriver, the lightbox...). I'd llike the counters to count every time a photo is being loaded, regardless of the size or the tool to view it,
- the EXIF page (where available) would be more logical if it had a standalone link,
- photos in portrait ratio should be centered in the photostream and the photo page.

A few other things, which could be more "unrealistic" for this design version:
- the faving system is in shambles and should be redone,
- Galleries should show photos in 1024px where available (think of The Big Picture). Enhanced Galleries should be added to groups,
- the preview pane isn't very helpful as it is now. There should be an option to show many more pictures,
- Hovering on a photo in the preview pane or in a forum should automatically enlarge it a bit more,
- Adding a rating system, besides the faves,
- Flickr should create a set of themes or genres, which should be multilingual
Arty Lee Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Arty Lee (member) 8 years ago
I've been using the new design constantly (with my other account) for 3 weeks and I'm disappointed but not surprised that staff have largely ignored the users' complaints and requests.
As others have already pointed out, what does it matter what we think? You asked us for feedback. We gave tons of it. You ignored it.

Not a lot has changed since my initial gut reaction. Obviously I've got used to clicking in new places for certain functions, but I still think several areas of the design are counter-intuitive, more confusing and time-consuming than the classic view, and ill-thought out.

Several problems remain that staff don't appear to have addressed at all:
* Favourites mixed in with comments. In my experience, I no longer bother reading any of the comments, when I used to read up to 200 of them before adding my thoughts. Now it's such a mess that I scroll down to the bottom of the first page and type "Nice" or something vacuous. Clicking on to additional pages just takes too long. Reading a "conversation" on flickr is now rather unpleasant, to be honest.
* Inviting images to a group is a complete pain in the arse. Not just extra clicks, but the button is in completely the wrong place for someone that likes to leave a comment as well as drop an invite. Do staff not admin any groupsthat encourage the inviting of photos? They really should experience the hassle of scrolling up and down to see how annoying it is to do so. Also if I accidentally invite an image to the wrong group, there is no way I can cancel the invite, like I could by deleting the old invite comment. The new design has made it more likely that I either leave a simple comment or do the invite, but rarely both.
* Tiny buddy icons. No one likes them. They make communication harder not easier. Do yourself and your customers a favour and change them back to 48x48.
* "Larger on black" actually means "Smaller on grey". This is false advertising and wasn't what anyone actually asked for.
* Tags. I've stopped reading and clicking on them. Was that the aim of the redesign?
* Hundreds of other quirks and bugs that have been brought to staff's notice not just here in the past three weeks, but in numerous other groups and threads, only to be ignored, dismissed, or to have fixes promised "soon", meaning "never".

I was considering renewing my pro account if staff listened to the users for once and actually implemented our suggestions democratically. You've had three weeks to do so. You failed. I shan't be paying any money to Yahoo/Flickr ever again.

I helped pay your wages. I'll never do it again. You don't deliver the level of service I expect for a price I am willing to pay. I won't be the last person to allow their pro account to lapse. Flickr has lost my trust and now it's lost my money.
I joined Facebook and Twitter during the last three weeks. I have had no niggling issues with those sites. I'd pay for both of those services.

This is Flickr's EPIC FAIL.
daboogieman 8 years ago
It still sucks. All of it.
Chrisser PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Chrisser (member) 8 years ago
I like that you can just search for a set or group by typing in part of the name of a set or group, and also select many groups (if any are allowing posting to the pool and if they are allowing just photos, just videos, or both) and sets to add your uploads to. And also like it that we now just see a link to add to a map if we wanted to (Most of my uploads do not go onto a map; only what I've photographed or recorded in video clips when travelling go on a map).

Also, if I was still on a slow dial-up connection that keeps bopping in and out, the new Flickr photo page would take hours to load. Not so with a fast connection thanks to switching to wireless this past spring.
teh resa PRO 8 years ago
One thing I've come to really like is the the fact you can edit the date taken/date uploaded from more than one place. I like having multiple options.

I would also like the option of keeping the old page. I like moving back and forth. I don't think it would confuse anyone, These changes weren't as necessary as some others we are still waiting for - improve search, stop deleting accounts, vague community standards, would like to be able to search for my comments in groups...etc etc, many things mentioned in the help forum and the ideas group.

We have Preview while the old page is the default. Is there any way to have something like a "review" for when the new page is the default? Please?
teh resa PRO 8 years ago
And I totally agree that it is better to be transparent about what sizes can be downloaded. The old way was very misleading. The new way is better.
~carie~ PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ~carie~ (member) 8 years ago
Love the new layout. Still love the adding to groups menu, and the Actions/Share This buttons.

But do want to add in with the others stating the same - that I really really wish you'd make the icons bigger in the comments. They are teeny tiny.

And also, I agree with Arty Lee...seems like large on black really is small on dark grey. Would like a real large on black viewing experience.
'ju:femaiz PRO 8 years ago
@[https://www.flickr.com/photos/megharah/]: if you click on a photo from your contacts recent photos (either on the home page or from flickr.com/photos/ ) then the context from which you got to that page is from the recent photos from your contacts. The context is one of the important components of browsing flickr - it's being more rigidly enforced due to dependencies on it.

@: re: star next to icon. The methodology flickr is using for faves in streams is that when more than one person faves an asset in between comments then they are grouped (see www.flickr.com/photos/jufemaiz/3318587408/ for an example of collation of people favouritising an asset).

@: the old page uses GMaps? I thought that was limited to the mobile view. Or are you running a third party script (ensuring that you declare that is useful as it reduces potential misunderstandings about flickr's previous system).

@: hover is actually a yellow colour indicating editability (unless you're referring to an asset without description?)

@: obviously no changes have occurred from the start of the private beta preview... oh... wait...

@: strange - its near instantaneous for me. Have you cleared your cache after they redeployed recently to fix the text zoom issue?

@: providing stats on image loads would dramatically slow down flickr's serving of images (if possible). Something indicating API calls to a particular asset, however, would be something I'd love to see. EXIF standalone link is in actions (internal actions on the photo). Can you expand on "shambles" regarding faves? Re:Galleries: 990px is what boston uses, potential for 640px given the new size for the photo page.

@: you joined a service as a new user - everything will be "normal". I'll wait and hear back when you've had some time. There have been changes at both FB and Twitter that had far bigger issues. I look forward to seeing your startup provide an alternative to Flickr - competition is great after all - and will gladly assist with testing if you so choose. Re: lightbox - it depends on monitor size. The aim is to ensure that the image is visible. Tags: i'm reading + clicking more (love to see click stats published too).

@: constructive criticism assists with reviews. Comments like that provide no context of how to improve your experience.
marykpics 8 years ago
I am trying to get used to this new format, but a few things just don't work. Every movement is slower, and scrolling is just tedious. I participate far less lately, because of the length of time I have to spend to get simple things done. You even have to scroll to see the main photo., and when I do, it jumps and sputters for a long time before responding and moving down.

When I go to a page I want to see the whole photo without having to scroll down. I had my computer serviced this week, and it is not my machine that makes the experience slow.

There's too much wasted space, and comments are laborious to get to. I liked it much better when they were more compacted, not strung out in a great long string. This layout seems much less friendly to me, less personal, somehow.
I agree, the icons are too small.
When I go to the actions, and try to load my groups, it often just stalls completely, and stops.

I understand your wish to grow and improve, but I am having much less fun, and a lot more frustration. It feels like too much work now.
OK, I've been using this for a while and have only one complaint...but it's a BIG one!!!! I get lots of comments that take up several pages. I go through the comments and respond to the commenter's stream to leave my own. Problem is, when done and I hit the back button, I'm taken to the first page for my image, rather than where I left off before. It's nice that comments post so quickly but all that saved time is lost by searching for where I left off. Aaaargh!!!!!!!
Tatters ✾ PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Tatters ✾ (member) 8 years ago
My 2nd impression

1. I like having favourites and group invites kept in comments
2. I like to see the map without needs to click on geotag - it's wonderful, thanks!
3 I like to see bigger size, oh yes!
4. I like to see the person name next to icon (top right)
5. I do not mind centralized Actions menu - it makes the page "tidier"
6. Add to many groups/sets at one go (LESS CLICKS)

1. Would like to be able to remove a photo from a group by clicking [x]
2. Most of all - Would like to have tags in column. Bring back the list. !!!

@ mimbrava Being the group admin and inviting a lots of photos - I cannot see a big problem with the new page. Actually I like it. As before there are only 2 clicks to invite the photo, but you do not need to scroll down to the bottom of the page anymore, and I do not bother to edit the text. Also most of GM scripts are fixed now.

thank you
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago

You're getting a lot of constructive NEGATIVE criticism, and frankly, you're IGNORING it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you are going to do whatever the hell you want and you're NOT going to make any large concessions. This redesign was set in stone before we ever saw it. You just make excuses as to why "it has to be this way". Well, I'm sorry, that's baloney.

You say "we heard you loud and clear" yet you do NOTHING. Oh sure, you made a few small changes. Big deal.

You say you won't ("can't") support the old format as an option. I also say Baloney. On my Mobile device I have an option to get the "old m.flickr.com" from you, so why can't you give users that same COURTESY here on the desktop instead of MAKING EXCUSES? Give us the old format unsupported, but don't take it away. You have no idea how this is going to blow up in your face once you take this live to everyone. I don't care what your "numbers" tell you. I can see the stories on ZDnet, Cnet, and other tech blogs now...

You want my second opinion? it's the same as the first. I HATE THE NEW DESIGN.

To wit-
It's slow to load.
Too many extra clicks.
I want the title above the photo.
I want tags as a list
Too many extra clicks.
I don't want the sets and groups concatenated.
Too many extra clicks.
The avatars on comments are too small.
Don't mix comments and favorites
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.
It doesn't work on netbooks, or even my 15" widescreen laptop.
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.
Too many extra clicks.

Do you hear me loud and clear?

Too many extra clicks.
Tatters ✾ PRO 8 years ago
Therrr - disagree.
on contrary - 'transparency' about what sizes can be downloaded was better in the old way. The new way is misleading - till you click on "All sizes"
beachwalker2007 PRO 8 years ago
50 million flickr users, 800,000 opted in - less than 2%. A little over 4000 members in this group - 0.5% of those who opted in and not even 1/100 of a percent of all users. We are making exactly what we are: noise. The vast majority doesn't seem to care one way or another.
Ed Gaillard 8 years ago
jeffs4653 I don't know whether Yahoo will listen to you, but I think you won the poetry slam.
SunCat 8 years ago
"Where are you seeing the info more prominently displayed for visitors?"

On non-safe photos. Take a look at the following photo (assuming you have your safe search settings set to allow moderate photos):


You should clearly see that it has been marked as Moderate on the main photo page (at least that's what I see for other people's Moderate and Restricted photos). I would like the same behavior when viewing my own photos so that I can validate their settings without having to drill down an extra level.
LizLikesTheVu PRO 8 years ago
Still hate the title under the photo and not crazy about the buddy icons sizes in comments. I use the Title to introduce a photo & a script will only correct that positioning for me, not for those viewing my photo. The buddy icons -- if you don't care, I don't care if you see them small on my comments -- I'd like to see them big, so a script would be good & I'm sure someone will make on.

Getting used to everything else by simply using the new model exclusively. Like the cleaner look of the photo area, despite the extra click needed to get to things, so think that was a good move. However, like I said, I still think the Title should be what a Title is -- a heading and on the Head, not the feet. I don't use the map for much, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Wish it weren't up on top -- prefer the small strip of other photos be on top and map lower - but again, will get used to it. Tags - I like the idea of saving space. I mean some people have 50 tiny tags on a photo and having those listed is a space waster. But some people like to "describe" things in words other than a simple tag -- just keep it long and it'll make its own new line.. or use ellipses.

Overall, I don't miss the old design.

OH! sometimes it is still difficult to get a portrait view photo to fit on my screen without sliding the scroll bar down & I REALLY wish that were corrected.
The Searcher PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by The Searcher (member) 8 years ago
Hey look at that, you're correct. And I don't see any design reason why that can't be included on our own pages. It's already at the bottom so it's not like it would add to the clutter. How about it staff? Can we get little yellow and red icons on our own photos, just like we can see on the photos of people we visit?
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago
beachwalker2008 eBay didn't listen to the "noise" it's sellers made when "brilliant" John Donahoe came in to make his brand of changes 3 years ago. Result? eBay is worthless now. Stock went from $50 to under $20. Sales are in the toilet. Site views are down. Amazon is eating their lunch. It could happen here too.

Ed Gaillard Thank you Ed. Nobody is listening. They take a "token" of noise and make small changes and say "see? We're listening".

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of disruptive innovation. Just leave things alone.
StylePixi Posted 8 years ago. Edited by StylePixi (member) 8 years ago
So, let me ask...of the 800,00 who opted in...how many opted back OUT because they HATE it?

* Bring back Set Browsers with the Thumbnail Filmstrips. We are here for the photos, right? Not little blue hyperlinks.

* The Map is ok if we can collapse it. How does one even geotag a macro or abstract anyway? Why is the map up top at the expense of Set Thumbnails?
JanneM PRO 8 years ago
I'm happy with the changes overall. Again, I'm very pleased with the lightbox view.

There's really only two issues I really would like to see addressed. One is the amount of stuff above the image in the regular view; and the amount above and below the image in the lightbox view.

We're generally constrained with space vertically more than anything else, and to have things placed above and below an image limits the size of image we can see. This is especially pronounced in the lightbox, where the title and our name at the bottom takes up a lot of vertical space and really limits the size of the image.

The second is that I would like the option to have the thumbnails on our front page link to the lightbox view rather than the image view by default. Yes, I really like that view, and I think it presents the image in a much cleaner way than the rather cluttered image view.
Eric Hunt. PRO 8 years ago
I have to agree with a previous commenter regarding browsing. I *never* browse the most recently uploaded photos of my contacts, I see an interesting photo from a contact and then I *always* have to click click click to start browsing that contact's photos.
JustaBrat [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm still not liking the changes .....

My main complaint is that you don't seem to really be listening to those of us who write your pay cheques every week. Your boss may sign them, but we provide him/her with the cash to do that.

Now for the page, itself .....

1. Create a filter for the map, similar to the one for moderate and pornographic images. That way, those who hate them can turn off their own view of them from their account preferences. If a photo is geo-tagged, then reduce the map to a link for the viewer, only, from their own personal preferences.

2. Put the tags back in a list. They're such a jumbled mess now that I barely give them a glance, never mind a read.

3. Bring back the X to remove images from groups and sets ... especially for the admins and mods on Flickr. You've created a lot of extra work for us with this new design. We each have lives besides this online community, and we'd like to get our moderating duties done as quickly as before.

4. The new icon size is way too small. It's impossible to "see" who has commented without more mouse action.

5. The favs mixed in the comment section is ugly and cluttered-looking. I couldn't care less who faved my photo, if they won't be bothered to at least write a couple of words.

6. Far too much scrolling and clicking now for photos with a lot of comments on them. It's really difficult to follow long conversations this way.

7. I don't approve of you giving away the right to view the large size of my images without my permission ... especially since I had that size restricted to friends and family, only. I DO realise that they were accessible by other means, but there are millions of people who didn't know how to access them that way. Now anyone and everyone has the ability to see the large size. As a direct result of your decision, I have made my entire stream private ... for friends and family, only.

8. I also didn't like the title mixed into the description. Luckily the GM gurus have already written a script to move it back to the top for those of us who prefer it.

9. The new, large medium size was also a problem for me because of an ocular disorder that I have. Again I had to beg the GM gurus to help me out. One of them was generous enough to write a script that reduces the images back to the original 500px so I can view them without hurting my eyes.

I guess that's enough griping for now because you don't really hear us, anyway. The same things have been said many times, by the same users, for the past three weeks. All you've really done so far is give us the option to turn off the map for any photo that is NOT geo-tagged. If a user has geo-tagged their photo, we are still being forced to view your crappy map! Having that horrible map thrust in my face every time I look at pictures on here had the opposite effect on me than you one you were after. I removed over 4,500 of my own images from the map because I don't want it taking up that huge corner of my page.

Oh well ... another wasted 10 minutes of my life. *sigh*
beachwalker2007 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by beachwalker2007 (member) 8 years ago
My main complaint is that you don't seem to really be listening to those of us who write your pay cheques every week. Your boss may sign them, but we provide him/her with the cash to do that.

That has got to be the quote of the day - you almost made me spit my ice tea all over the monitors and keyboard.

Even if I assume that about half the members of this group are against the new design, and that they are all paying members, their dues sum up to $50,000/year. I doubted that covers a lot of ground in paying flickr staff - even if they were paid minimum wages.

The rest of the 800,000 who opted to view the new beta apparently don't care enough to voice their opinion - though there is a chance that they learned that it doesn't count much anyway.
Tea Patrol PRO 8 years ago
~ Please bring back the the 'X' to delete a photo from a group pool.

~ Please put the tags in a list again.

~ Please make it so there's 100 comments per page again, not 30. I don't want to load the same page 3 times just to leave my comment.

~ I agree with a previous commenter on set thumnails of the sets the image is in. I like seeing what other sets the image may be in. Not little blue hyperlinks. Yes, we are here to show our photos.

It's just too many clicks and not enough stuff now.
JustaBrat [deleted] 8 years ago
beachwalker2008 don't spit on your electronics ... they don't like it! LOL

"they learned that it doesn't count much anyway."

That just about sums it up ... I learned the same thing with the last change, but thought I'd give it another go ... just to exercise the grey matter. :-)
kitby PRO 8 years ago
On the whole, I'm liking the new page design.

- The current set of keyboard shortcuts is great.

- The film strips are wonderful compared to the old ones, though part of me does wish that multiple ones could be open at a time.

- I've gotten used the "Actions" and "Share this" menus, though part of me still thinks that "add to / remove from groups" should (also) be under "Share this." I'm not sure about the name "Actions", but I like consolidating a lot of functionality and options into a single place, especially given the potential for non-English users (yikes I didn't know they had it so bad…).

- The "story" at the top of the right hand column is great, though I keep waffling on what I think of having the graphical map there. I'm not sure I'll care either way, in the end, other than to wish that more people geotagged their photos.

- Assuming that the official topics are being read, I'll let my recent comments in the tags and maps threads stand and not repeat them here.

To the extent that I'd like to breath fire, I'd like to point the developers at my comments in the official bugs thread. :-p I know there are bigger fish to fry than most of the issues I pointed out, but since the staff don't acknowledge every single post, it's hard to learn which sorts of things are worth pointing out as bugs and which aren't. Really, I want an actual bug tracking system. (-:
Davydutchy PRO 8 years ago
Extra clicks to place photos in groups - especially if they need to be in small size, as is the case in many threads (the 'views: 25' groups etc) are a real pain. Takes about a gazillion clicks to get to, say, small size HTML. Annoying, cumbersome, not good enough! Inviting pics to groups, ditto.

The map - although many of my photos are geotagged, and I do like the feature in itself - is far too prominent and obtrusive. I'm seriously considering removing my pictures from the map if that will make the ugly thing disappear. Make it an option - and at the bottom of the page. And it's a crappy map - but you knew that already - yet flickr manages to make things worse. One example: the map correctly shows St.Nicolaasga - and flickr adds... taken in St.Nikolaasga. Minor, I admit, but still... there is no such place.

I still think the title should be above the pics, not underneath. I have to scroll down to see the titles - quite a few of my pics show cars, which will not be immediately recognisable to many. Titles ARE important, one wants to know what one is looking at without having to scroll down.

My biggest problem and what is really terrible, is that flickr has gotten S-L-O-W. Especially those time stream pics at the side take ages to load. We don't all have glass fibre optic connections you know, ADSL is the best I can get here in the sticks.

Tags in a cluster are downright dreadful. Bring back the list!

I still toy around with the new version - I realise part of the problem is "getting used" to it - but really prefer the old one and I find myself going back there most of the time. Administering groups, adding pics to threads, it's all (much!!) easier in the old version. What happened to the old adage 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it'?

But I do like the larger pics.
MzChristine 8 years ago
Everything that was a problem for me, sadly but not surprisingly is still the same. (plus I really am not liking how the comments do that weird scrolling thing when you click through the pages of them...it made me queasy)

At 2nd glance, I doubt I'm even going to bother resizing photos and putting them public after today, and since my family & friends prefer facebook, I guess I'll be sharing my private photos there. Only frustrating thing is that silly me let my husband renew my account and I have two years left. Yay for the waste of money!
Dunstan PRO 8 years ago
kitby, oh, we read and file all the bugs you guys report, even if we don't always respond to say thank you.

Thank you, in advance of your next bug report :)
JustaBrat [deleted] 8 years ago
MzChristine "Only frustrating thing is that silly me let my husband renew my account and I have two years left. Yay for the waste of money! "

Yeah ... me too. :-/
JanneM PRO 8 years ago
"other than to wish that more people geotagged their photos."

Not really an option for a lot of users since the map coverage is very bad for large (most?) parts of the world. The map is, for this reason, something I really wish I could just toss away completely.

That, or let us use Google Maps instead. Or OpenStreetMap - even that has far better coverage.
JustaBrat [deleted] 8 years ago
Dunstan "we read and file all the bugs you guys report, even if we don't always respond to say thank you."

Only the bug reports matter to you? You don't bother reading all the complaints and suggested fixes or compromises?

I knew I wasted that 10 minutes! Damn!
scoodog / Tom Myler PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by scoodog / Tom Myler (member) 8 years ago
I have not been posting photos to Flickr in recent weeks. I don't like the direction Flickr is heading in. I feel THAT strongly about the new design.

The ACTIONS drop down is bad. Such a drop down makes sense for technical folks only. No one thinks "I want to perform some ACTION on my photo."

The title needs to be returned to ABOVE the photo. This is an absolute MUST. We titled our photos with this understanding. You should not change this.

The buddy icons next to the comments MUST be made normal size again. I cannot tell who is commenting now, at a glance, because they are too small.

I expect that you will make these changes back. I am very serious about wanting these things put back. VERY serious.
The tags have grown on me a bit but the list is still better.

a HUGE issues is not seeing all the groups and sets it's in. Really bad design idea.

Another really bad design idea is decreasing the number of comments it takes to create a new page of comments. Clicking through all those pages is a pain in the ass. Better to have them on one page. A hundred comments was a good standard to keep a page from getting too long and unweildy. The new system is too few comments to a page and thus is also makes it unweildy.

Another big problem continues to be the larger size in portrait mode. This makes the photos essentially unviewable on many screens. A terrible redesign

You mentioned that you're keeping the tag cloud (I like the effort to rebrand it as a paragraph which supposedly sounds nicer and more coherent than a cloud). You argue that this reduces scrolling but this doesn't make any sense since we're scrolling anyway. We're scrolling to see the comments, unless we're only in one or two groups we're scrolling to see the tags and all other info anyway. Hell if we've got a picture in portrait mode then we're scrolling to see the whole picture. So giving us the list that most people seem to like makes sense. It also makes a ton of sense to give us the whole list of groups and sets, none of this "and X more" crap.

I like the new add menu for groups and that you can do multiple actions without closing and reopening it. But the Xs which could let us easily remove a photo from a group would be a welcome addition.
foundimagination Posted 8 years ago. Edited by foundimagination (member) 8 years ago
I'm finding the keyboard shortcuts annoying because they keep using themselves when I'm not trying to use them (if that makes sense.... hey, it's late, forgive me!) I'd almost rather they were a "shift + key" or something because every time I accidentally go to the next photo or something it freaks me out all over again.


Er, and sometimes it feels like going through a contact's photostream is backwards. Which I think it is.... reversed from what it used to be. . .

Still wish the title was back up above too.

And maybe I'm just missing something obvious and this'll turn out to be a dumb question (yet another reason I should have gone to bed two hours ago) but why do some people's photos not have the "taken by a " info and just the date? Is there a way to opt out of this that I've missed or are some people just.... sneaky? (Wait, nevermind, it's only me that can see it isn't it. It DID turn out to be a dumb question. . . Damnit, I'm going to bed.)
Michael Jefferies PRO 8 years ago
It is still better than the old version for my use.
myjuditz ( on Hubble ) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by myjuditz ( on Hubble ) (member) 8 years ago
Why second impressions while you haven't changed anything
in fact ??

Showing Large Sizes
This is still not clear.
Large and original are still available if the photos are public?
Because, that's what I read in my account preferences :

If people are unable to access a photo or video of yours -- for example if you've marked it as private -- they won't be allowed to download the original either.

The original either...!!!
There is no option to avoid all sizes available ( and downloadable) , except making all photos private ( sic )

Favorites mixed with comments
Waste of space and time, useless ( we have two other options to
see who faved a photo) not to talk about the UGLY aspect.
A photo with comments on TWO pages now, on the new layout is
FIVE pages.

Actions menu

Extra clicks ( a lot if you take in consideration inviting,
commenting, sending to a group, removing from a group etc )
The drop-down menu at the bottom of the comment box
removed now, is a real pain for administrators.
(one of your greatest feature btw, can't see any decent reason to
remove it )

Removing photos from groups
A simple X is replaced with a whole list of groups
( imagine, some belongs to hundreds of groups for
personal reasons ) - I better no comment


I don't want my photos added to any Gallery

Good luck with your new page , there is nothing left for me
and others like me to determine another "pro" payment here.

Opinions left on my photo by those who didn't
come here to comment :

" p*p Pro User says:
Still wondering about this, but I think they opened the FAQ to get all undesired stuff fixed, Raluca.

I also dont want Exif data to be seen always.
And All Sizes only to my contacts.
They will have to fix that of course.

See, I have over 4.000 pictures here. Just imagine!
Anyone who cares about his work, cannot accept to be exposed and I am sure the flickr staff doesn´t want that either.
What would be the purpose? So many would leave. It would be a huge Exodus, just think.

" (: Andrzej :) says:

Hi Lucca

I just downloaded your photo for a try and it went soo easy..... you are right about the matter

" My Baby Mia [my computer (co)lapsed] Pro User says:

Dear friend let us stay in touch.
Me too, I am seriously thinking about leaving.
Or delete whole stream and leave one "bad" pic.

" Bill Strong Pro User says:
I hope Flickr will listen to concerns from members like you and correct this problem quickly.

" Roxanne (bobo3039) Pro User says:
I agree with much of what you're saying and have similar privacy concerns.

"Christiane Michaud ... Pro User says:

All my photos are uploaded in original size ... I am not very aware of the new consequences ... I thought it was impossible to enlarged them or the main thing to uploaded ... I don't really know anything about this new desighn of Flick .... but I think if you don't have alredy the original size it doesn.t change anything ... same for your exifs ... we can decide to show them or not, well, I think ...

But I would say the same as Petra ... I am sure FlickR is not working against us ...
beachc0mber PRO 8 years ago
I'm not sure the actions button works consistently enough; I can't make it work now, for example. Why is that? Does it take loads of memory to make it work?
decembre Posted 8 years ago. Edited by decembre (member) 8 years ago
"....GM scripts will be available to give me customization options. Nonetheless, it would be better if flickr could provide those options - if only to not be limited to a few browsers that allow GM. ..."

I agree with this comments!

The New Page is not the problem, like i said a lot of time.

And Bug is a just a Bug : i know you work to resolve it.
I can adapt my surf after this "New Massive Design Change" .

When i saw your new design, i wanted to see if you had add some news functions.
You know : functions asked since a long time ago and provided by "gentle volunteer" across applications in "Apps Garden" and Greasemonkey or Firefox (...Google Chrome,etc) extensions....

And i am disappointed on this point.....

It's like you don't care about all these ideas and reflexions very useful, clever, productive and solutions found by Free Developers..

Your Solution???:
Only a "Design Revolution".... it's a little bit short, no?

That is THE a problem! .

Flickr is not in the future and lost the history of its particular evolution bring by our community (you and us).

Why no news functions around Favorits, by example ?.

In my case, since 2006, i have collected a massive collection of favs (and its grow day by day...) and i actively search a way to manage, organize, show, manipulate, them... and if i found some precious tools to help me, it's alway a pain for me .
And i don't speak about a visitor who have to scroll down in it.

Why "The Newer - Post, shot, Fav - is the King in Flickr World?.
We needs some automated choices if we needs it.

But, for now , you give to us , "Favs in comments" ( why not, but...) and "Extra Clik to fav"".
What i must doing : stop to fav ?.

I know you can give some ameliorations around that particularly and other points.

I remember that you have build Flickr API....( Thanks!!!!).

It's just my opinion.
I try to find a way to work intelligently with this bunch of massive shots, try to find a sens in it, because in my mind Flickr needs to be better intelligent than an External Disk or a "Quick Comment or fav and Forgot Machine".

PS :
Can you resize these text area too small to edit a comment and add a function to follow our posts?
toyjunkie1967 8 years ago
I just love how they closed the "first" impressions thread just to open a "second" impressions thread but most of the complaints from the "other" thread still haven't been addressed satisfactorily for most of us commenting (the ugly cloud of tags instead of a much more readable list just to name the one bugging me most)
Christos The Greek [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Christos The Greek (member) 8 years ago
Share this: like it

Actions: like it. One place to go and find what I want to do. It was a bit messy in the old user interface.

Lightbox: excellent. Just one minor point: I think you should show the html “grab html” here as well as on the “all sizes” pages

Sidebar: overall I like what is going on. I would like to see licence and privacy settings above “This photo also appears in…”. I think it is an important bit of information.

Add to group / set dialog: I think you could make this a little bigger. On the one hand you make lightbox show 1024px image because so many people are using a higher res screens then you make the dialog for add to group / set a tiny little thing. Adding to a group or set is easy and quick.

Title position: I like it underneath the photo

Comments: having other bits of info in the comment stream is good. I like the timeline view but I’d like to see more comments per page if possible. Most of us are using broadband these days. If it’s a backend issue then get the old man in the server room to pedal faster :)

Tags: absolutely fine. I find reading through them much easier now – at least for “right reading” language like English

Speed: no problems with speed at my end. Lightbox view can be a little slow but not a major problem. in fact it is faster than what we had previously (“perceived speed”)!

Home page: if I show small + sets I can see 18 small pics. However the list of sets stops short at 10 groups but there is loads of space for more – another 10 I would say. why not use up this empty screen space.

Edit details: like this as well. I can change dates and so on much easier.

Owner settings: another little improvement

Overall all I am very pleased with the new design and I see you have taken some user feedback and implemented changes.

For $25 per year this is probably the best value photo sharing site on the planet.
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago
JustaBrat: Only the bug reports matter to you? You don't bother reading all the complaints and suggested fixes or compromises?

Sure seems that way doesn't it? Opening a "second Impression" thread when none of the major complaints form the "First Impression" thread were dealt with. I'd call that "listening". Listening, but ignoring. Pushed to the side with "excuses".
Christos The Greek [deleted] 8 years ago
I think Flickr implemented some of the feedback we gave them didn't they?
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago
Christos The Greek: Yes, but very minimal. This way they can say "they are listening. They are taking suggestions". But all of the changes are very minor in nature. More like non-changes. "Round Two" of the page is essentially the same as "Round One".

All of the bigger concerns remain unchanged. The official line is "we read, we're thinking about it. maybe". We don't even know what they're thinking.
Henk oochappan Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Henk oochappan (member) 8 years ago
[Official Topic] Initial/Gut Reaction [Closed]
read again, many were giving more then once a reaction already ...

● not clearly mentionned yet :
an action falling open over a photo is a serious photo-site unworthy
● why don't you put the new layout already now as default with an option to opt out to the classic view,
then you will get a lot more reactions from the silent majority,
then you will read how many more will opt-out prefering the classic layout.

Time to lay your cards on the table
please stop feeding your illusions
(my backup to a decent photo-site gets daily twice as much views)
mdworld@hotmail.com Posted 8 years ago. Edited by mdworld@hotmail.com (member) 8 years ago
Flickr has never been transparent/honest about API usage of people's images - if so it would respect people's copyrights and set as the default to NOT allow 3rd party developers to willingly reuse our images and let users decide whether to opt in or not. Its the other way round unfortunately and you also have to hide your profile from searches even if you've opted to be excluded.
kmacgray PRO 8 years ago
Sure seems that way doesn't it? Opening a "second Impression" thread when none of the major complaints form the "First Impression" thread were dealt with. I'd call that "listening". Listening, but ignoring. Pushed to the side with "excuses".

I suspect that the only thing that will make you happy then is if Flickr implements immediate fixes for everything that you feel is broken? That's not going to happen.
RubyMae PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by RubyMae (member) 8 years ago
I opted in 3 or so weeks ago and didn't opt back out. My initial gut reaction was, "ooh, pretty." After using it awhile, I found a few things that annoy me (title below, tag cloud v. list, prominently placed map). Overall, I've come to think that this is design for design sake. I can't think of anything, aside from the larger photo size and the light box that has actually improved. It' not worse; it's not better, it's just a different way of doing the exact same things.

I have been swayed by a lot of the discussion in the Map thread. As someone who geo-tags almost all my photos, initially I was thrilled with the map. But I now believe that having a link with the location (that would take you to a map) is sufficient and would provide for a cleaner photopage interface. As a viewer, I actually get more information from from seeing the location name (city, state, country, etc.) than just a pink dot zoomed all the way out. The map does compete with the photo, which should be the feature of the page.

I also think that the new design is going to be pretty confusing to new users. A lot of flickr's abilities now are hidden and require clicks, where in the old view tasks were easily found.

And please, for the love of God - give us the ability to disable keyboard shortcuts. I don't mind if it's opt out - just give us the ability to do so!
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago
kmacgray: No, not everything, but so far nothing. Not even concessions or compromises (eh, ok, maybe the map, but that's minor and could have been resolved by just placing it differently rather than making a "opt out" feature).

It's all been "it's this way, and here's why WE think it's better".
Andreas Helke Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Andreas Helke (member) 8 years ago
The 640 pixel size is indeed much better than the 500 pixel size. On my laptops its the optimal size. Om my 1600x1200 desktop monitor its at least an improvement. On the new 2560x1600 monitor that will eventually replace my current 1600x1200 one it will again be much too small.

flickr screen shot on Dell 30 inch monitor at 2560x1600 resolution
This is the look of the old photo page on a 2560x1600 monitor.

The lightbox fixes some of the problems with too small photos. But with a really big monitor it would be nice to have an extra large version in the lightbox.

And I´d like to have access to the actions menu directly in the lightbox view.

After getting used to them I am pretty happy with the improved functionality of the changed features in the photo page.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
Andreas Helke said:
And I´d like to have access to the actions menu directly in the lightbox view.

Excellent suggestion!
kmacgray PRO 8 years ago
Have you read the top of this thread? Certainly seems like they are doing a bit more than "nothing". They may be doing nothing about what concerns you personally, but they are tweaking.

In the end, it's their site. They can do what they want. If you disagree, you have the option to find something that better suits your needs.

It's really that simple, and not worth all the energy (in my opinion) that some people are expending.
Megharah [deleted] 8 years ago
it would be that simple if we didn't pay for a whole different (functional and smart) website.
TahoeSean 8 years ago
I really just love the larger default size! It makes third-party sites less necessary and fixes one of my basic frustrations with flickr...
Chrisser PRO 8 years ago
To Christos the Greek: I also like that is is much easier to make corrections on when a photo or video was actually taken. If I don't know when a photo was taken, as long as I see a month and year, I just use the (Not sure of the exact date?) option for those photos, such as photos taken with film and later scanned in.
jeffs4653 PRO 8 years ago
kmacgray: Have you read the top of this thread? Certainly seems like they are doing a bit more than "nothing". They may be doing nothing about what concerns you personally, but they are tweaking.

Yes, I've been reading and participating in many threads. Yes, I've read all of this one.

TWEAKING, is just that. It's doing very little. I admitted they are doing something but not as much as many feel should be done.
kmacgray PRO 8 years ago
Then I guess we agree to disagree. "Should be done" is subjective. I just don't see these changes as being earth-shattering.
EJP Photo PRO 8 years ago
First, kudos on the bug fixes. It's nice that it's (finally) working for me, so I can kick it around a bit more.

Overall my impression is still *mostly* positive, though there are a few things that still really bug me:

First, the map. It's fine in of itself, but does it really deserve top-right placement? Especially given how big it is? Geolocation is just another bit of metadata - it belongs down with the timestamp and tags, not top billing. My preffered order would be owner & navigation stuff, license info, then metadata last.

Favorites-in-comments is just kind of pointless and useless. Either drop them or at least be consistent and add *all* activity there - like adding to galleries.

The keyboard navigation is a nice idea but just kind of off. The arrow keys force a full page refresh, which just doesn't feel right. There's also no key for faving a picture and/or jumping to the comment box, without which real keyboard navigation is kind of impossible.

Portrait orientation photos still force me to scroll, which is damn annoying.
toyjunkie1967 8 years ago
IMHO this "new" layout is just change for the sake of change.The few things that they changed that I actually like (Well 1 thing and that's the slightly larger photo) could have been incorporated into the "old" design quite easily.What is the point of moving the Title to below the photo as the very word implies that it comes first they might as well start calling it a Sub-Title now as at least that would imply it comes after something else.Tags are another thig that really irks me about the "new" design as it's now 100x harder to see if there is a tag misspelled or missing on my photos (many others have said the same thing).The "list" view for tags wasn't broken so this IMHO was just another change for change sake.

enough rambling as it's quite obvious that with the new layout WWSIWWGG (what we see is what we're gonna get)
RubyMae PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by RubyMae (member) 8 years ago
I do agree that it's odd to ask for second impressions, when it's pretty clear that further changes really won't be forthcoming. At least staff now has a pretty decent sample of what they'll face response wise when they make the switch over to the photo page site-wide and ditch the old version. That's going to be a fun time in the Help Forum.
Starling Lee Brown Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Starling Lee Brown (member) 8 years ago
I connect through a dial-up ISP.

The new page is very slow to display and do any action.

If you could please make it a litle slower, I would be able to break away from my computer once and for all.

I'm very happy that I've not chosen to activate a "Pro" account. I'd hate to think I paid for this new feature.
foundimagination 8 years ago
I think I prefer the old way of looking at contact's photos
Ramos_Aviation_Photography Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ramos_Aviation_Photography (member) 8 years ago
I can't tell you how much this new version of Flickr has turned me off the site, both in terms of "upgrades" and the general attitude of some members toward other members when they disagree with their point of view and last but certainly not least, the staff. The fact that on several discussions its gone on for pages without any input from Flickr staff to the valid concerns of some of its members, especially paying members, has left me more than disappointed. Flickr staff has come through as aloof and uncaring letting others speak for them, others that more often than not, became condescending and even insulting.

I can honestly say that the only thing I do like is the larger image on the main page. Other than that, its a big waste of payroll and time. To ask for second opinions is laughable. Its pretty obvious Flickr is going to do what its going to do and pat itself on their collective backs and give themselves an "attaboy" for what they consider a good job regardless of what others think.

Well here's what I think. I think will not be renewing my pro membership in January. This has gone from a site I liked to share my photos on to one I am reluctant to be associated with.

How's that for a second thought and an "attaboy"?
Aunty Marion PRO 8 years ago
Well, I suppose that this appalling new version will be forced on us now, so when my pro account expires (actually, before it does), I'll be looking for another photo-hosting site that does what *I* want and shows my pictures how *I* want them.

Bye bye, Flickr. It was nice knowing you.
ChocolateFrogs 8 years ago
While I have gotten used to making extra mouse and key strokes to reach "all sizes" and the like, I think what I would most like to see change would be having the photo title above the photo. Too often recently have I had to scroll down to get a name for what I'm looking at and then go back to look at the photo again.
MattCohenPhoto.com 8 years ago
>Its pretty obvious Flickr is going to do what its going to do and pat itself on their collective backs and give themselves an "attaboy" for what they consider a good job regardless of what others think.

too true
Christos The Greek [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Christos The Greek (member) 8 years ago
I don’t expect much for $25 per year but the features and functions being offered by flickr in this new interface for this little amount are excellent value for money by any measure!
toyjunkie1967 8 years ago
Have fun sharing your photos when there's no one left to look at them
Christos The Greek [deleted] 8 years ago
 toyjunkie1967: What you mean like Google’s Picasa?

Giusal Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Giusal (member) 8 years ago
said: Can you expand on "shambles" regarding faves?

Basically, faves are like bookmarks in older browsers: once you have hundreds of them, you can't sort them anymore nor remember what's in there.

First of all, favorites should be manageable in the Organizr: you should be able to order them by drag-and-drop, either one by one or with multiple photo selections. Likewise, we should be able to erase them (one or many) with a simple click.

We should also be able to order favorites by theme in folders or virtual albums. There could also be a better synergy between faves and galleries: for instance, you could create a gallery by simply drag-and-dropping a number of faves in a virtual folder.

The Favorites pages should also become more visual: instead of a static mosaic of little squares, a mouseover on a particular picture should automatically enlarge it. There should also be other ways to see them in sequence other than in a Flash slideshow - Flickr could borrow the idea of a river of photos, instead of letting viewers migrate to Flickriver. You can now view Favorites as a lightbox sequence, but many people won't know that this feature exists, so there should be a "View in Lightbox" link in the Favorites pages. Also, on multitouch devices, the Lightbox view should enable you to move to the next/former page by sliding a finger on the screen.

Favorites could also have additional synergies with existing Flickr features (a cloud of tags, the map, etc.)
beachwalker2007 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by beachwalker2007 (member) 8 years ago
Giusal Flickr will get right on that and we can expect an ETA in about a decade or so - until then we can all train our right fingers by clicking, clicking, clicking, and clicking some more. BTW, I like those ideas very much.

I don't even want to begin to imagine how the entire interaction with groups could be improved - just too painful.

Thanks for the tip with viewing the faves in the lightbox - though the link to flickriver GM script still works on my favorites page too.
Vox Sciurorum 8 years ago
I like the camera name linking to EXIF.

I don't like the action menu in the way.

I don't like the offer to add things to my map. It wouldn't work for me anyway without javascript, I have to go through the API, but I wouldn't like it if I did have scripting on. Specifically, I don't like the standard blank map showing up. A short text link launching a map tool would be OK.

I would like a zoom option that works when javascript is off, the way the (+) icon on the old page is a real link instead of a script. (Subject to permissions as usual, of course.)

Flickr should have taken this opportunity to demote "people" below "tags" in the page view. There were requests for this when people tagging was first launched.

Unless this is a side effect of not using javascript, there is a behavior change when a photo is in sets and not viewed in any particular context. The old view showed you previous and next in each set; the new view only shows the name of the set. I think I prefer the old way.
Giusal Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Giusal (member) 8 years ago
beachwalker2008, don't get me started on groups interaction ;)

In fact, if I had to express the one thing which buggers me the most on Flickr, is that so many great photos disappear into nothingness as soon as they're chased away by new ones. Who ever views what's on page 5 and beyond in groups? How many good pictures are out there and will lay undiscovered forever?

To me, that would be the best feature that Flickr should develop: create a set of interactions that could let us discover the great many things we didn't know they existed -- be it a new search engine, brand new maps, the introduction of genres, galleries for groups, a rating for artistic quality, or all of the above.

That way, groups won't be dusty old warehouses anymore. They would become lively - both on new submissions and on their collections, and with added responsibilities to manage and display their wealth.
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