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badskirt 10:07pm, 23 June 2010
Why are favorites in the comments?. With popular photos, it makes it hard to wade through them to see what people actually have to say. Every other line is about favourites and it just ends up making more pages of comments and more pages to click through. Since I can still see everyone's name by clicking on the star button on the left, why do I need to see the names in the actual comments. I'd had to see what happens with something truly popular.

Here's an example with the problem. This photo has 156 favourites.
Pillow Swap - A little bird by badskirt

Even though they are greyed out, the favorite comments make text based comments difficult to read.

June 24 2010 12:53pm PDT Update from Staff: Why comments in faves

June 24 2010 11:21am PDT Update from Staff: There are quite a few threads about this issue so we're redirecting the other topics here to centralize the discussion.
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Relapsing_ 7 years ago
remove favs from comments! i like how the comments are neat and i like to read other peoples views on photos and often can discover new people, but since the favs have come in it looks all messy i just dont bother looking at them as much now...

and really who cares who has faved something apart from the one whos photo it is ??
blueyescapt 7 years ago
i agree totally with Relapsing....more, i cant find the way for adding a fave to a friend or a contact, over the pic i can just see "actions" and "share this" but no one gives me the way for adding a fave, why? what's wrong? who can help me?
-RobW- PRO 7 years ago
over the pic i can just see "actions" and "share this" but no one gives me the way for adding a fave, why? what's wrong? who can help me?

No idea, I get a nice obvious "Favorite" button as the left-most button in that little toolbar, right next to "Actions".
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
blueyescapt said:
why? what's wrong? who can help me?

Before anyone can help you, you'll have to provide your browser type, operating system, and a list of (if any) add-ons that you're running.

(For what it's worth, I see the favorite button in five browsers on two operating systems.)
blueyescapt Posted 7 years ago. Edited by blueyescapt (member) 7 years ago
i dont have any "favorite" button, maybe flickr doesnt allow me to do it cause before i did it too many times :(
.....anyway thanks to both of you
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago

I'll say it again:

Before anyone can help you, you'll have to provide your browser type, operating system, and a list of (if any) add-ons that you're running.
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
as Wil says above *but* also you won't see the Dave option on your own assets. Perhaps upload a screenshot to Flickr ad link as well as browser/os?
Peter van Rens 7 years ago
Who is Dave and what does the Dave option do?

Sorry, couldn't resist, I know what you mean.
feizte1 7 years ago
I'd strongly prefer to remove the favorites from the comment view. I don't care *who* favorites a photo, though I like to see *how many times* it has happened. I *LOVE* being able to read comments about the photo. Sometimes it's really wonderful to hear deeper stories about the photo or the moment, and it's really hard to find those particular comments if you're wading through favorite notifications in addition to everything else.

In fact I'd love to see *only* real comments and not flashy graphics but that's a topic for another post ;)
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: ahhh crap, I blame the iPhone I was using at the time to comment >< Apparently "fave" isn't a word in its dictionary!

as Wil says above *but* also you won't see the fave option on your own assets. Perhaps upload a screenshot to Flickr ad link as well as browser/os?
Personally, I think it's different a comment than a fave, so I don't like faves are mixed with text comments.

Group invitation text can be changed as the current version?
On the set 7 years ago
Favorites in comments has got to go. The way I have built my flickr page, one must scroll down within each picture to see other views of my dioramas. Now they are seeing favorite stars mixed with my pictures and it's really no good. Not to mention the page takes forever to download.
_Eric.R_ Posted 7 years ago. Edited by _Eric.R_ (member) 7 years ago
The replies with pictures included like "seen in some group" or "awarded in this group" or "you've received the gold medal of this group" are far more annoying than this new feature !!!!

I'd like to be able to prevent any included pic if it's more than an avatar max size or small pic size ....
raysto PRO 7 years ago
yes, i don;t like the intermingling of faves with comments. I suspect this has something to do with the getty connection. am i wrong??
Kayfar Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kayfar (member) 7 years ago
How do I mark a Fave on the new page ???
I don't see any button for this ?!?
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: Could you please provide the following:
- Operating System (eg: Windows, OSX, Linux (flavor too) etc) + the version
- Browser being used + the version
- Page that it is occurring on (link)
- Screenshot (if possible)

This will allow the flickr team to attempt to recreate the issue, verify the bug, and attempt a fix.

Also you might want to formally file it as a bug in: [Official Topic] Zap! Report bugs here (known bugs, too)
Inside_man PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Inside_man (member) 7 years ago
Agree to the title here.
toyjunkie1967 7 years ago
I Agree I Want To Read COMMENTS If Any Were Left In The COMMENTS Section.If I Want To See Who Else Added A Particular Picture To Their FAVORITES then I Can Go Look In The FAVORITES Section Of The Photo I'm Looking At.
Ali@flickr 7 years ago
yes , it is annoying and unnecessary
[andreea] 7 years ago
Annoying! Please remove the faves from the comments!
dr_loplop PRO 7 years ago
faves in comments are worse than sparkly reward gifs -- at least the latter can be deleted
ya.tender 7 years ago
Just agree!!!!
PhotosByJE 7 years ago
Agree, annoying, and this makes the comments way too long. If someone wants to see who fav'd it, they can click on the list in the old version and that's plenty adequate. This design is overkill.
user2.1 [deleted] 7 years ago
Faves in comments is very annoying.
Mr. Speedlight 7 years ago
Oh please remove the Favorites from the comments. I agree, very annoying. I could care less about the favorites and don't need the mess they create in the thread of comments.

Dave Hartman
tv writer PRO 7 years ago
This is ridiculous.. I'm an admin of a monitored group, which means we need to make sure an image has an invite in order to add to the group. Sometimes I find myself going through 7 or 8 pages before I can determine whether or not it has a proper invite. This never happened before.

What an annoying "improvement" indeed.
www.toddklassy.com PRO 7 years ago
...and a privacy concern, too.
andyscamera 7 years ago
A privacy concern? If you want to keep something private, don't do it publicly on the net.
frogmuseum2 7 years ago
After using this new design for a week, then switching back to pre-Beta, I've just switched back again to this Beta.

I'm liking it more and more -- but my only real complaint is the issue of faves in comments. I don't really mind that as much as I mind the buddy icons being smaller. If they could be brought back to the previous size, I'd be happy.

Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Todd Klassy said:
and a privacy concern, too

What part of it is a privacy concern? Your favorites have always been publicly accessible from the photopage and from your profile...
Chaval Brasil 7 years ago
So far, that's the only change I don't like.
Also, favs are coming in the RSS feed too... I'm subscribed to my own recent activity RSS to make sure I don't miss any comments, I respond to all questions posted in ky comments... now it's harder to follow with all faves in it, and there's no way to filter out.
dubonnet [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by dubonnet (member) 7 years ago
I see you Flicker guys are tweaking some things to make the new page more user friendly. I've updated some Greasemonkey user scripts! Great!

I agree that the favs add to more space on a page to scroll thru! Why not just put a star beside the commentor's buddy icon? This would shorten the number of pages per photo !!

Also, I'd love for the comment box to be at the top right under the photo....like other sites have. Or give us the option!
I don't always read all the comments on someone's photo...sometimes I just want to comment myself without having to scroll down to the bottom of a page.! I spend hours on this site..so the less scrolling & clicking the better for injury prevention!

Also please get rid of the "this photo was taken on..." on the upper right and please put the photo title back on top! The actions could be underneath the title or over on the right!

thanks !
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: they actually aggregate the faves if there are a number of faves placed in between comments made. It's a timeline of activity (though excluding notes/people/tags added)
seeit_snapit PRO 7 years ago
Any comment from official Flickr admins on this topic lately?

I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to see faves removed from comments! It is just too ridiculous to have to scroll through 8 to 15 or more pages to see if there is a particular invite on an image (for some group admin stuff), or to try to follow a conversation.
Preston Digital Archive PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Preston Digital Archive (member) 7 years ago
I really HATE having 'Faves' blended in with comments. that said, this whole issue could easily be fixed by giving us an option to turn on or off the 'faves in comments' function. Or at very least an option to Delete this Fave in the same way that we can Delete this comment
i agree completely and without change with the OP.

listing faves inline with comments destroys the dialog that can occur beneath a pic and is a tremendous and ugly waste of space.

it's redundant, too, as it's already shown in "Around You"
Mr Neil Smith 7 years ago
Personally I love having Faves in the comments section. I'd be sad if it got changed back. I agree that it would be nice for those who find it annoying to turn it off though.
ChocolateFrogs 7 years ago
I've been able to ignore them but it is annoying to see them interspersed in the comments.
I don't know about anyone else, but I do not really care if someone else favorited it, and when. I would rather see the discussion.
Mute* PRO 7 years ago
People may not have been interacting with the favs section in the previous design but the dialogue that happens in the comments section is far more important to most people than interacting with people faving images.

I love to explore other people's favourites but I do it by browsing through a friends favourites then through the favourites of someone they had favourited, and so on. There's no need to muddy the comments with favourites.

I imagine the reason click through was low on favourites was because people wanted to be focused on what they were doing, viewing contact's uploads, viewing an image, entering into a dialogue about the image, etc. I think most people would rather not be distracted and have a million ways of discovering new people and images through the site already.

I would be interested to learn what the click through from the "recent activity" page was on favourites. I suspect it was still pretty low even though it is laid out there in much the same way it's laid out in the new design comments section (with addition of being able to ignore them).
BebopDesigner PRO 7 years ago
About grabbing photo's URL: the new interface looks cool and all, but when I grab URL to insert on a Wordpress blog it just doesn't work. I had to go back to the old thing.

So if anyone has any idea to work around this bit, I'd really appreciate it.

Flickr please remove this feature as it now makes the page look really really messy! WE should have a cleaner interface.
Mr. Speedlight 7 years ago
Perhaps I'm blind but I don't see a single, no not one, administrator's or moderator's comment in this thread.

Dave Hartman
Mr. Speedlight 7 years ago
Damn! I found (1) one.
JustaBrat [deleted] 7 years ago
I've lost all my favourites stars by taking my entire stream private, but I still hate trying to sort through them to on my contacts' images get to the actual comments.

I have never clicked through the favourites of other users, and plastering throughout the comments section won't change that. What it does for me, instead, is make me click off the photo without reading anything other than what the photographer has written in the title and description.

If I wanted Facebook look-alike, I'd be posting my photos there instead of paying for Flickr.
Brenda Anderson PRO 7 years ago
Doesn't FB put gather all the "likes" in one group and then list all the comments in chronological order? Like the old Flickr page did with the faves all grouped into one link and the comments separate?
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: funny, I'm quite the opposite. Seeing other people liking a photo I'm finding it easier to look through their faves to see if we share a common theme in what we like, and hence discover more photographers to watch.

@: Yep. FB is:
Blah, blah, blah and X others liked this
Comment n-2
Comment n-1
Comment n

Something like that.
decembre 7 years ago

I think separated tabs for :
Comments, Favs and Awards must be more clear and practical...
And an option to chose our principal tab (this one or this one) when we open a photo page....
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: tabs? *shudders*
JustaBrat [deleted] 7 years ago
Brenda Anderson you could be right. As I said, I don't post photos there because I don't like how they're presented.

'ju:femaiz I guess it's all in how much time one has to spend online. With my very limited rural connection, my time is very limited. Now, with all the excessive prefetching, I have even less time than I did before. :-(
Mr. Speedlight Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mr. Speedlight (member) 7 years ago
Is there a way of globally tuning off Favorites so I don't see them at all? I do not care who has tagged my photos as a Favorite and I don't care to see them on others photos either. It's cute idea, I just don't care.

I read comments and often respond.

Dave Hartman
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Mr. Speedlight said:
Is there a way of globally tuning off Favorites so I don't see them at all?

No, there isn't...
Mr. Speedlight Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mr. Speedlight (member) 7 years ago
Obviously Flickr is ignoring this thread. There is only one comment by an administrator or moderator so it looks like they just do not care. I just used the Flickr help system asking if there is a way to globally turn off Favorites. I don't think there is It might help if others go to help and ask the same question.

I don't care if others make some of my photos into Favorites. I just don't want to be bothered with the complete process. In the past I have just ignored Favorites.

I consider the whole new Photo Page Preview to be more attractive in appearance but less functional to use.

Dave Hartman
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Mr. Speedlight said:
There is only one comment by an administrator or moderator so it looks like they just do not care

But that one comment from staff did two important things. (1) It explained staff's reasoning for this change, and (2) said they would revisit the idea.

That can hardly be called "ignoring." Would you rather they just popped in every few hours and copied-and-pasted that comment? ("Here's why we did it, and we're reading your stuff.") Assuming their position is still the same, I don't see why they need to keep repeating it...
Mr. Speedlight 7 years ago
That can hardly be called "ignoring." --Wil

One comment in four pages. It can easily be called ignoring. I read the comment, it's PR.
It can also easily be called a unicorn.
Or Brian
larrymac 7 years ago
My first impression on seeing Faves mixed in Comments was "oh great, they're turning it into Facebook". I think any website that is hitching itself to FB's star is going to be sorely disappointed when FB becomes as relevant as AOL in a year or so.

As far as the officially posted reasoning - maybe if people weren't interacting with the Favorites in the old design, that's because people aren't all that interested. Forcing the feature into comments, using up a tremendous amount of screen real estate to do so is just saying "look at me look at me look at me" and makes the feature seem annoying.
gumanow PRO 7 years ago
get rid of the favs in the comment stream. make it an option to turn on. i've been here 4 years. dump it.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Mr. Speedlight said:
One comment in four pages. It can easily be called ignoring.

Still, if the answer today would be the same ("This is why we did it, and we're thinking about other options"), would you just want them to say that again?

That's all I'm asking.
kightp PRO 7 years ago
I like the compromise solution offered by several people: A link at the top (or bottom) of the comments section noting "X people call this a favorite," which those who are interested can click to see who did so. Among other things, it would give Flickr developers some statistics to either bolster or refute their argument that people follow "favorites" as a means of surfing Flickr.
hobbydave [deleted] 7 years ago
I liked the new view in general, but didn't like the faves in comments. Pending this being fixed, I wrote myself a quick greasemonkey script, and have uploaded it online. Feel free to use, message me if something doesn't work right :)

JustaBrat [deleted] 7 years ago
hobbydave nice idea, but why would you remove the group invitations?

Where are these things now shown on the pages? I still want to see the favs and invites ... just not mixed into the comments.
hobbydave [deleted] 7 years ago
Groups a photo belongs in are on the right side, under "This photo belongs to". The favs are shown in the right column. There are icons for Views, Comments, Favs, galleries with numbers next to them, and they're clickable. Clicking on views takes you to a stats page, clicking on comments takes you lower on the page, favs takes you to a page where you can view all the people who have faved the photo, and galleries takes you to the list of galleries it belongs in.
JustaBrat [deleted] 7 years ago
hobbydave OK, but that still doesn't tell us where the invites go. What happens to a group invitation? Will it still be viewable somewhere on the page?

Invitations are something that I really want to see.

I have installed the script, and so far I'm loving not seeing the favs all mixed up with the comments, but I do have concerns about the invitations disappearing completely.
RuthArt PRO 7 years ago
I hate having favorites in with comments. I have always looked at people who favorite my pics.....when it was over at the right and I could view it at my leisure. I love looking at others favorites too, because I find some interesting things. But having them mixed in with comments, I probably won't bother now...it looks messy and competes with comments, which are more important to me than favorites. Take it back to the way it was, PLEASE!!!
aluvendale PRO 7 years ago
Also. . do not like.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
For what it's worth, I asked in the Flickr Hacks group for a remedy to this, and someone wrote a script for me.

This removes all references to the faves in the comment section, and puts a row of buddy icons above the comments, showing who's faved my images.

I can confirm that it works in both Chrome and Firefox.


Better Faves Behavior
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
fwiw I do like the 'activity stream' approach (just wish it included added notes, tags and people too)
Sid Black 7 years ago
what the hell is wrong with it?
i mean, little grey pieces of text in the comments aren't exactly doing much to harm you!

anyway, i like it! it has certainly made me browse other peoples favourites more...

but yes, for the people who don't like it, i agree that a toggle on/off switch would be good.
toyjunkie1967 7 years ago
Sid Black what the hell is wrong with it?

It Disrupts The Conversation Flow For One Thing.Another Thing Since They Lowered The Number Of Comments Per Page In The "New Mess" Pages A Really Popular Photo Is Going To Have Many More Pages In The "Comments" So For Those That Actually "Read" The "Comments" It Will Take Longer
favs are overrated and destroy the flow of comments

Who are we kidding? THEY decided in their infinite wisdom that this is the best way. I started on picasa last week and will have to move again when google has its next brain fart. switching servers, hoster, accounts, and apps every few years is one of the things you can do with all the time you are saving because you are using computers. Hooray!
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Sid Black said:
what the hell is wrong with it?

Nothing's wrong with it. I just made it better for me by adding the userscript.

Just like nothing was really wrong with my camera, but I improved the way it works by adding better lenses.
'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: how's picassa working out for you? Curious how you're comparing its pros/cons.
sahlgoode PRO 7 years ago
@ : Hey thanks for that script. It works like a hot damn! Now I have an even flow in my conversation. Hurray!
Faire Un Voeu [deleted] 7 years ago
Two cents... I don't like them on my comment stream either.
jeffs4653 PRO 7 years ago
Wil C. Fry: "Nothing's wrong with it. I just made it better for me by adding the userscript."

And the script's been improved more. Now the script restores the buddy icons in the comment area to their original large size. Yes!
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
jeffs4653 said:
And the script's been improved more

I discovered that last night -- it also now changes "comments and faves" to only "Comments," since the faves are no longer listed down there.

Once again, userscript writers have rescued Flickr. :-)
phlewte 7 years ago
that script is brilliant. i wish i had firefox at work so i could use it.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
phlewte said:
i wish i had firefox at work

Doesn't everyone? :-)

I was fortunate in my last job; our bosses encouraged the use of Firefox and other free software (because it would save them money in the long run). It's sad that more workplaces won't make the switch...
phlewte Posted 7 years ago. Edited by phlewte (member) 7 years ago
if i was a VP i could have firefox (they all do). but no - us peons aren't special enough. we get IE6 and that's the end of it.

i really hate our IT person most of the time. every now and then she fixes something for me, though, so i kinda like her in those moments.

everything else she does makes absolutely no sense.
RuthArt PRO 7 years ago
why isn't Flickr giving us options rather than having to clean up after them by using outsider scripts!!!
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
RuthArt said:
why isn't Flickr giving us options rather than having to clean up after them by using outsider script

While I can't answer that (I'm not staff), I can guess...

In the almost five years I've been on Flickr, they've left much of the site open to alteration by scripts -- in other words, it's almost always been this way (nothing to do with the new photopage preview). For at least four years, I've been using one script or another to enhance Flickr for myself, make it easier to use, or make it prettier to look at.

Sometimes, when they "improve" the site, these improvements actually include some of the functionality of the scripts. This newest improvement did that also (show the map on the photopage, allow inline editing of comments, etc. were all scripts that I used before, so now I don't have to).

Other times, (I'm guessing) they calculate that the amount of people who want a certain functionality is small enough that the script will satisfy them. Or that the script is just as good as anything they could offer...
kitby PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kitby (member) 7 years ago
Someone else already noticed this (I can't seem to find their comment again), but on some photos, all the favorites are now being lumped together into a single line at the beginning of the "Comments and faves" section—that is, they're no longer interleaved with the comments. I'm not sure how many comments and/or favorites a photo needs to have before this happens, but my initial impression is that this is a good compromise between interleaving comments, invites, and faves on photos with relatively little activity (where it's nice and possible to appreciate all that's happened) while not interfering with the flow of comments on photos with a lot of activity.

EDIT: Ah, the aforementioned comment was in the bugs thread.
I really don't care who calls a photo I'm looking at a favorite. It doesn't have to be on the list of people making comments.
seeit_snapit PRO 7 years ago
Wil C. Fry wow, thanks for the link to the script to address the annoying faves in comments! :)
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago

You're welcome. :-)
jakerome PRO 7 years ago
So I thought Favorites were supposed to be grouped together? But on pics that don't allow comments, each fave is listed separately. Is that the intended behavior?

Brenda Anderson PRO 7 years ago
They are grouped between comments based on time (so, for example, if there are 3 faves and then 1 comment and then 2 faves and then 2 comments, etc... the faves will be grouped.

I guess if there are no comments, the faves won't be grouped.
orchidgalore PRO 7 years ago
Putting faves in the comment stream is really annoying, for all the reasons that many other folks have already mentioned.

Especially since the new views/comments/faves notification is up on the right side. If I feel like seeing who faved the photo I can click on it, it's right there. Sometimes I do, but usually not.

Expanding on the faves while forcing TAGS -- which are ACTUALLY useful to many many Flickr users -- into a tighter and truncated cloud -- is just plain clueless. Really.

Are the Powers That Be bewildered and disturbed by the way Flickrites actually use faves and tags and suchlike? So much so they cannot let it alone??

Flickr is partly social media, yes, but why can't the social media sites just sit back and LEARN FROM THE USERS instead of continually trying to impose order????!
jakerome PRO 7 years ago
FWIW, on photos with dozens of faves & comments, all the faves seem to be grouped now. But other times they're amongst the comments. Wonder if Flickr is running some A/B testing, tweakering things or have settled on a solution.
The Searcher PRO 7 years ago
I too don't like how the favorite info is separated (count way up at the top, favs down among the comments.) I wonder if Flickr could also add a counter next to each fav "star", so as we scroll through the comments, we can see right there at the point of favs, how many the image has so far.
// Denise \\ 7 years ago
I HATE how comments and faves are listed together now.

As has been said before, the actual comments risk being lost in the shuffle, it's more to scroll through and also? Why does everyone else need to know who favorited something? I don't think anyone besides the person that uploaded the photo (in a drop down option, maybe?) needs to know that, I think.
heartdelay. [deleted] 7 years ago
"and really who cares who has faved something apart from the one whos photo it is ?? "

'ju:femaiz PRO 7 years ago
@: as acts of discovery I've found a number of fantastic photographers to follow via looking at who else was facing the same shots as me.
phlewte 7 years ago
were you doing that before the new photopage preview as well, or is this something you've found yourself doing as a result of the new design?

i'm merely curious. i've checked who else has faved things that i have in the past, too, but only if i really wanted to know. the new photopage doesn't affect me in that regard at all - i'll still look if i want to, and won't if i don't.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
phlewte said:
the new photopage doesn't affect me in that regard at all

Same here. I always check who faves *my* images, but I do it from the Recent Activity page.

On other people's pages, I sometimes check. But even now, I don't do it from the faves in comments area. (In the past, I checked from the right column link; now I do it from the script I mentioned above).
jeffs4653 PRO 7 years ago
// Denise //: I HATE how comments and faves are listed together now.

I did too. So I bitched, and moaned, and nothing happened. Staff is going to do it their way whether you like it or not.

So I found a scripting solution that removes the FAVs from the comment stream, restores the buddy icons back to original size, and puts the FAVs under the photo as series of buddy icons. Looks great.

You can find it here:

jeffs4653 PRO 7 years ago
Wil C. Fry: My "new page" has been so heavily modified by scripts that I actually like the format of the "new" photo page. But this is MY photo page, not staff's vision of the new photo page. I just wonder why their idea wasn't more utilitarian and user friendly with more "choice". People are still calling for choice. Not everyone knows of scripts or uses a browser that's capable of running the scripts we discuss.

But anyway, all the info I need, I want, is there. No extra clicks, or one click (again) to the important, often used, things.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
jeffs4653 said:
But this is MY photo page, not staff's vision of the new photo page.

For what it's worth, the *old* photopage was the same for me. :-)

I had scripts for: showing the EXIF on the page, easy access to my html code, buddy reply icons, quoting functionality, links to format my comments easily, etc.

Most of those scripts have been updated for the new version, and others have been added.

This is one of the great things about Flickr and why I became a so-called "cheerleader." If a user really wants to, he/she can make the page better.

jeffs4653 said:
Not everyone knows of scripts or uses a browser that's capable of running the scripts we discuss.

Some people don't even know that a "browser" is what you use to connect to the internet... That shouldn't stop them from learning... My mother is 65 years old and is using Firefox with addons, etc. Once she realized you *can* control some things on your computer, she was all for it. :-)
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