sarahpudlo 6:29pm, 6 February 2010
Hi guys! I have so much enjoyed looking at all of your AMAZING photos and have learned soooooo much! As I am preparing to do my first newborn session at a friends house (who has all carpet) I am dying to find a wood floor prop! I love the rich look of your babies in baskets on hardwoods! Where do you all find them?? Is there some magical website I am missing?

Thanks!! :)
Jacksprat Photography 6 years ago
you can use roll up vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood; some decorator stores and web sites set wood floor mats (feels like a mousepad). Some photos even use rolls of paper (available at Michaels, I believe) that look like barnwood floors ...
denam21 6 years ago
I got a box of 6 pieces of Cherry wood "snap together" at Lowes for $5 bucks! Look in their returns or clearance.

Best of luck!
amandagrue 6 years ago
Sapphire8Photography 6 years ago
I bought a roll of wood paper from Micheals, and it's worked great! it was a whole $10, and measures about 4'x12'.
take a peek!

or I also have used a bamboo mat. I bought for about $100 at the local hardware store and its 10'x10'.

good luck with your searches!
Becky Naffine Photography [deleted] 6 years ago
I love that barnwood floor rug from the savvy photographer. Unfortunately it's not available here in Australia. I plan to go to the local hardware store and get a box of the snap together wood planks. I floored my house with these and they are perfect.
denam21 6 years ago
Wow Sap, I love it!!! I am going to have to check out Micheals and see if they carry it...what department was it in?
sarahpudlo 6 years ago
Sapphire, that is amazing quality for paper floor!! I am excited now! Thanks a ton!! The barnwood floors are great too! I'ld love to get them! I don't know if I can justify an expense that big yet though... I'm thinnking i'll stick to the paper and the snap together idea for now. Thanks guys!! So helpful!!!
sarahpudlo 6 years ago
couldn't find it at Michaels online, but you can google Weathered Wood Corrugated Paper and find the same paper that is in Sapphires awesome picture!
Sapphire8Photography 6 years ago
So glad I could help!

I found the paper in the teachers supply area at Micheal's. Near the kids toys and crafts.... we had to stop and play for a bit ;)

Best of luck in your searches!
denam21 6 years ago
Thanks ladies, YOU ROCK! I am just way to new to all of it...Still learning a lot and very grateful to the ones that don't mind helping. Now if I can learn the editing part. Got the program just got to learn the easiest way :o)

Thanks again!!!
{Elisabeth} 6 years ago
I went to my local Lowes and they had a stack of junk flooring and said I could take what I wanted for free! I don't have any photos up but for free I couldn't pass it up!
Andie Lane 6 years ago
I got the roll of paper at Michaels today , $7!!! Huge roll too.
Oh and Home Depot has a set of laminate hardwood cherry floors for $20, not the best idea for taking to clients homes but set up in a studio they look awesome! :)
New Beginnings Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by New Beginnings Photography (member) 4 years ago
This is so funny! I was always jealous of the hardwood floors and was thinking if there was a way to get snap together or a big "slab" of it to just lug around for the hardwood look. Good to see that I'm not the only one wanting it!
Kamieo Photography 6 years ago
You can get the Barn wood floor for way cheaper that the savvy photographer offers here:
I went to a lumber discount store today and picked up a 5'x5' of really nice light wood laminate(i don't remember the exact color) for $18 after tax. Love it! Still looking for a mid to darker colored wood, but I love mine so far. But I like that one that Kamieo showed too!
Becky Naffine Photography [deleted] 6 years ago
Got this yesterday from my local bunnings. Laminate flooring, the panels slot togther. Cost about AU$35. Worked beautifully and so easy to put down and pack up.
~~Dani~~ 6 years ago
Thanks becnaffine! I'll be going to Bunngings tomorrow now that I've seen that lol, I've been wondering where to get something along those lines.
Awww! I went to Michaels and all the craft stores around me and couldn't find any of that Sapphire :( That's really sad! I wanted to try some!
TracyVDM 6 years ago
I called our Michael's and they didn't know what I was talking about, either. :(
Vicki @ Pennycress 6 years ago
wish i lived in the states... you guys have everything!!! Cant find anything except expensive vinyl or wood laminate flooring here... that paper is fab.
Andie Lane 6 years ago
DT Images & TracyCDM - ask where the teachers supplies are. The one I found was with other rolls of papers used for backgrounds for teacher's board. They had clouds, bricks, wood, grass, etc. I almost gave up when I went looking and they didn't know what I was talking about, then I went to look for yarn and kept an eye on all the aisles as I walked past and found them!
For those of you who can't find the paper at Michael's, ShinDigz online carries both the corrugated and the flat versions. :)
Candids by Crystal 6 years ago
Got some paper at my Michaels today!!!! YAY!! You HAVE to ask about the teacher background supplies like Andie mentioned.
Can't wait to use it!!
mimi7473 6 years ago
And if you use your coupon you are saving even more, mine will come up to roughly $7 after coupon! Yay!
New Beginnings Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by New Beginnings Photography (member) 6 years ago
I found it! ONE out of 4 in my area had it! After 2 associates told me they had nothing like it.
It's "Fadeless Paper Designs. "The Premier, Ultra Fade-Resistant Bulletin Board Paper"- Weathered Wood color. There was a TON of colors which would be great as different backgrounds for infants and toddlers! They're 4'x12'
The others, besides plain looked a little funky, but love this wood one(last one they had) and the plain colors!
jgescuadro 6 years ago
Canadian peeps, can anyone tell me where I can buy this in canada...

Sapphire8Photography 6 years ago
I live in Canada, and found my paper at the local Micheals.
sarahneiman [deleted] 6 years ago
Has anyone seen this in the stores recently? (especially in Canada). I stopped by my local michaels in Ottawa and they said that they haven't stocked this (or many other teachers supplies) since August. In fact they don't even have a teacher's supply section anymore.
New Beginnings Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by New Beginnings Photography (member) 6 years ago
I just bought this. Just look where the Child Sand art and stuff is. It should be in a up and down position, not laying down.
You can also go here, although I don't see the weathered wood... I see ther good ones too. I just dont have time to look for the wood otherwise. paper bulletin|1722038599&gclid=CNXWs_eRi6ACFZZg2godI3gWeg
Well nm to the canadians, they only ship to the US- sry just saw that
I just posted 2 photos that were the Michaels wood floor paper. I think it's FANTASTIC, especially for 8 dollars!!!!
..Evelyn B Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ..Evelyn B (member) 6 years ago
For Canadians - just found this on Scholars Choice - but out of stock. We don't have a Scholars Choice store where I live but I'm sure some of you do. board paper&
edit: this link should have been highlighted including the "board paper"
Just put "bulletin board paper" in the serch box after clicking the link and you'll find it.
For people in the UK, found this site, does not look as good quality as the us stuff but I am gona order a few rolls and stick it to MDF and give it a go.
Just a PSA...I bought a bamboo rug from Cost Plus / World Market today. it's regularly 99, but on sale for $69. If you register to be on their email list, you'll get an additional 10% off . [deleted] 6 years ago
I found some "wood" paper yesterday at Wal-mart for $4.50 it is for cabinet lining!
Perry L. Photography 6 years ago
morgan..I saw that but wasnt sure how it would work (the length of the one I saw seemed too short...what are your ideas with it? [deleted] 6 years ago
I cut it into 3 strips and I am going to get a piece of cheap MDF or plywood and adhere it to that. It will make a "floor" about 4x6 which is perfect for newborns/babies/toddlers.

I am going to give it a shot later today and see how it photographs. I will post the result.
setfreestacy 6 years ago
I tried and my store didn't know what I was talking about but I am going to keep trying other locations! thank you, all of you for the awesome help!! [deleted] 6 years ago
This is mine that I got. I haven't adhered it to a piece of plywood yet, but you get the idea.

It is the paper that you would use for lining inside cabinets and such. Purchased at Wal-mart for $4.50

Perry L. Photography 6 years ago
looks great morgan I will have to head out and buy some ..I needed an in between wood floor from darn to barn wood many rolls did it take ? and for what size? [deleted] 6 years ago
I just got one roll, because I will only use it for little ones. I cut it into 3 even strips it is about 5'x7' pieced together. [deleted] 6 years ago

I went to my local home improvement store (home depot) and asked if they had any they were throwing out. I got this for free! The guy said he threw out 18 boxes about an hour before I got there.
I bought a roll of vinyl flooring that is very realistic. You may find it in the reminants area of a flooring store. I went to Floor Traders. Here is how I used it:
Asian influence newborn by Nelms Photographic Artistry
photolottotootoo PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by photolottotootoo (member) 6 years ago
the ebay store at has good bamboo mats ( wood floor prop mats for photography)
i purchased all 5 of their stains. i like 'em all, especially Chocolate Walnut.

looks like this photgrapher is also using them:

for any of you that are in the uk ive finally found where to get the faded wood paper
MaddyZangles PRO 6 years ago
Oooh that's fab...we have it rubbish here, don't we?
lol its definatly not as easy to get the good stuff , im so pleased to have found that
I get my backdrops and faux barnwood floor props from here!!! the material is thick vinyl that is washable and very durable. hundreds of choices for floors and more than hundreds of choices for the backdrops! You can even have a custom backdrop or floor made! Just give her a pic and she can make it into a backdrop 5x7 and bigger I think! Great backdrops and flooring!!! I am so stoked!!!!!

also fanpage on facebook with tons of examples here:
^ +1
love photo prop floors and backdrops.
LokoTripper 6 years ago
Hi everybody . . . I did a photo session for one my nieces and I totally want to keep on shooting newborns , I am really really learning a lot from all of you , THank YOu

I also wanted to share what I found and bought , can hardly wait for it to arrive :


Sheqmama 6 years ago
Thanks for the posts on where to get that floor prop. I need to go and venture out and get me one.
Another wood floor prop idea is from
They have 4x6 bamboo wood "rugs" for $39. And if you look around to coupon code places like you can find codes for free shipping. I don't have a picture of it right now, but will put one up later tonight.

This is the one I have...

They are pretty light weight and travel well.
davidjones12 6 years ago

made of vinyl canvas and you wont be disappointed!!!/pages/Photo-Prop-Floors-and-B...!/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdropsIII
samantha.covert 5 years ago
I got this bamboo blind at Walmart for $20! It isn't near as nice as the bamboo rugs or the barnyard floors, but it was cheap and big-can be used as just a floor or as you can see in this pic, used as a backdrop, too. Sorry image isn't NB; just got it last week. Will post one after my next session:Mischievous
KristiBodey 5 years ago
No Michaels around me, so I googled it and found it for $20 a roll here...
**anny carolina** [deleted] 5 years ago
amazing backdrop and floor ideas!!! wow!
Samphire Photography 5 years ago
..where do you get these wood floor paper rolls in Australia, are they available in Perth for that matter?
azurelise101 5 years ago
For a beginner this would work great. I have already ordered mine and will let you know how it turns out. As you can see it is removable.
Kim B Photography 5 years ago
I bought a 4 x 6 bamboo area rug for $39 here:

It seems that they are out of the 4 x 6 size in many of the colors right now (I bought the Old World rug). Overall I have been very impressed with the quality and size for that price. And I love that it just rolls up when I'm done using it. Here is a photo where I used the rug.

Finley - 10 days old (11) by Kim B Photography
Jennifer Borget PRO 5 years ago
I just bought a "wood-looking" vinyl floor at Home Depot for $22. It's 6'x8' and the best deal I could find. I'm setting up my studio this week and I'll post pictures of my daughter once I set it all up. The nice thing is it's one solid roll, and not as flimsy as paper.
BellaPhotog777 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by BellaPhotog777 (member) 5 years ago
thanks for the tip mama
enviromom81 5 years ago
For the Canadians- I just bought a bamboo rug at JYSK and they're a really good price. They come in different sizes and colors. Mine has an edging around it that I don't want in photos so I place that behind my backdrop and baseboard. I'm still searching for a Canadian retailer for the faux barnboard mat though. i just don't want to pay the shipping and customs!
Bonnie@CB Portraits 5 years ago
I would look for flooring that isn't shiny - you don't really want a floor that is reflecting light.
For Canadians, I sell them lots of designs. tear resistant, water resistant and easily portable. None reflective too
BellaPhotog777 5 years ago
FREE SHIPPING for the next 2 days ONLY!


Ecosleek Wood Floor Props
These guys have some nice wood floor props. they hired me to take some photos for their product line last year. they ran out of stock quickly, and looks like they've restocked and are now taking orders again.
They have some new colors: Chocolate walnut, Natural Honey Oak, Antique Rust Mahogany, Birch, Barnwood White, Jungle Fern, Classic Dark Cherry stained, and Licorice (black?)
hope this helps out some of your prop addicts out there :D

Lett Photography 5 years ago

I didn't want to start a new discussion about faux floors, because you all have done a great job sharing. However, I would like to update the information for anyone that is new to faux floors/photography and new to this group! I hope it helps someone. I look forward to posting pics in this group and discussing photography.
klcmarie 5 years ago
just wanted to say that i almost spent the $70 to get a faux wood floor prop...but before I did I thought I would check Michaels and was super excited when I found the wood paper.

I was even more excited when I saw how good it looked during my newborn session this past week!

emmalyn by klcmarie

for anyone in a money pinch, i would definitely recommend checking Michaels or any other arts & crafts type store and seeing if they have the paper first!
With the faux floor from the craft store.... how are you all lighting it? One light on each side of you and a backlight? Does the paper roll give off a high shine with strobes??
I picked up the wood floor roll at Michaels and omg it was fantastic. It photographed really well. I didn't end up using strobes, thankfully I had enough natural light at 5pm.

A little more expensive but will last for years, machine washable, rubber-backing, won't slide or bunch up under busy feet :)
Lucky Lola Studios PRO 5 years ago
I wish the EcoSleekshop floors werent glossy, or i would order it in a heartbeat..
trisha878 5 years ago
You can get them on for 7.99 I believe.
Hey you guys I purchased the wood flooring from home depot that snaps together and I can't figure out how to not get glares on the wood while photographing from above. Help?
103antares 5 years ago
Maybe try a coat of dullcote (use it on a sample area to test first). Or a polarizer. Or change the position of the lights so they do not reflect. Or a combo of the above.
BellaPhotog777 4 years ago
They got some new colors....The blue one looks like a must-have
I own all colors (except the new ones)
They are all still holding up very well (its been over a year!) hope this helps you all! (I know everyone has been looking for a good woodfloor prop)

Wood Floor Prop is hand stained, with the mat corners rounded
njmommyof3boys PRO 4 years ago
the best floordrop/backdrops and all-in-ones (with molding) are the vinyl ones - they don't reflect light, they clean up well, they roll out flat after being stored.
my favorites are from Swanky Prints (and the customer service is great!)-
they are worth the investment
also, i hear that Serendipity is popular -
hope that helps!
photolottotootoo PRO 4 years ago
Any other recommendations?
Debtheveg 4 years ago
Hi there, just letting people know, especially AUSTRALIANS, that the weathered wood paper that people talk about from Michaels, I order online from 'A Touch of Class Teacher Supply'. Just did so again this morning costing $8.39 plus $19.95 for international postage totaling $28.34.

I've ordered it before and it arrives in perfect condition. Very pleased with it. Thanks ...
natdzign Posted 3 years ago. Edited by natdzign (member) 3 years ago
Someone know where I can buy this mat, they won't ship to canada :(

Post all of your floor background findings that you use as a floor or wall background :)
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