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LPNC Challenge Week 12 - Movement

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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

Discussion for the Learning Photography with Neil Creek weeky challenge - Movement - goes here. Please limit yourself to up to ten photos submitted to this challenge.

Please tag the photos you add to the pool for the challenge with the following tags:

You can see the photos submitted to the challenge so far here.
(It might take some time for Flickr to make your tagged photos visible to the search)

If you would like to be eligible to have your challenge photo selected as one of my weekly picks, then please make sure the photo is added to our Flickr group. I generate the thumbnails on the highlights pages by adding a special tag to those photos, but I can only do this if your photo is in the group (or if we are on each others’ contact lists). So please make sure your photo is in the group, or you may not be selected to show, even though I may love your photo.

Also, if you are able to, it would be nice if you could mention in your photo description that you have submitted your photo to the challenge, with a link to this thread. This will provide a little publicity for the blog and our Flickr group, and it will also let people know about the challenge which they may wish to participate in themselves. This is completely optional.

Good luck everyone!
6:23AM, 1 September 2008 PST (permalink)

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Chrissy Downunder says:

Looking forward to submitting my photos for this weeks challenge.

Don't know where or when I will capture this moment of movement with my camera, but am endeavouring to do my best. ☺
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melbaczuk says:

So what is happening to the weekly challange?? The week seems to be a bit long? lol.

Just wondering as I really enjoy the challange and I miss the updates!!
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skeevy42 says:

Yeah, me too, I was wondering, when the week is finished ;)
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stringy says:

Suggestion: when the challenges are back on, could the titles of the threads have something like "week starting" or "week ending" and the date? Just to help out those of us who get easily confused :)
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anks_g says:

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Anne Keckler says:

I was all excited to see this topic, because this is exactly what I've been working on this week. But alas, I then saw the date and realized that this was over a while ago. :-(

I hope you'll start doing challenges again! I learn a lot from feedback from other photographers.
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Seven_Seas_Photography says:

Hope I'm not too late to post here. I was after a kind of 'abstract' feel with plant movement. Here I actually got someone to shake the plant while using the longest handheld shutter speed I could to get the 'movement'. I'm quite happy with the effect
Botanical Bossa Nova
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