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LPNC Challenge Week 7 - Primary Colours

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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

Discussion for the Learning Photography with Neil Creek weeky challenge - Reflections - goes here.

Please tag the photos you add to the pool for the challenge with the following tags:
primarycolours (Note: this is the UK spelling with a "u")

You can see the photos submitted to the challenge so far here.
(It might take some time for Flickr to make your tagged photos visible to the search)

Regarding this challenge, I would prefer the image to contain only primary colours. These can be any of the three groups of primary colours:

Reflective: Red, Blue, Yellow
Emmision: Red, Green, Blue
Print: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

I will be impressed if you manage to take photos which are only primary the primary colour, more impressed with two of the primary colours only together, and most impressed if you manage to get a shot with all three of a particular primary colour combination together in a non-staged photo. If you want to have your picture chosen as my weekly pick, then you know what to look for ;)

Good luck everyone!
7:17AM, 31 July 2008 PST (permalink)

delirious bird [deleted] says:

What a fantastic idea! I will try to enter before I forget. If I do forget, I'll still have fun looking at the end results. :)
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Chrissy Downunder says:

I took a photo last week I am thinking of submitting .. but not too sure if it's what you are looking for.


I do plan to take some more photos for this weeks theme where there are strictly primary colours, but just wondering if the black and white elements in the shot matter.

If you or any of the other members could put me back on track if I've fallen off it .... I'd be really grateful. ☺
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Guillaume Lemoine says:

I just submitted a photo that not only fits into this week's challenge (primary colors) but also last week one (reflections)!


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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

@Chrissy That's perfect! Wow, I didn't expect anyone to do CMY AND K in their shot :) Well done!

@Guillaume Not only that, it would have applied for the week before that as well!! Self-portraits :) I think that's a hat-trick :)
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brocksphoto says:

Just submitted to pool...

-- from brocksphoto - (?)
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