neilcreek 1:54pm, 23 July 2008
Discussion for the Learning Photography with Neil Creek weeky challenge - Reflections - goes here.

Please tag the photos you add to the pool for the challenge with the following tags:

You can see the photos submitted to the challenge so far here.
(It might take some time for Flickr to make your tagged photos visible to the search)

Good luck everyone!
brocksphoto 9 years ago
Wow - I was first? I've never been first before; this is kind of cool. And yes, feel free to critique my "entry".
Chrissy Downunder 9 years ago
Great subject Neil and I'm looking forward to doing something new with my new camera ☺
stringy PRO 9 years ago
I've added an older photo I took when I first got my dSLR and hadn't learned any post-processing yet. I quite like the composition, not sure if the exposure is right.
bruincub 9 years ago
It just so happens that I did a small photo series on reflections while traveling in Suzhou, China.

We'll see if I can get out and take a new photo for the theme this week.
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