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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

Why did you choose this particular picture to represent yourself on Flickr? If it's a self portrait, did you tke it, or someone else? If it's not you, why not? Do you change your avatars freqently? Why/why not? What do you hope your avatar says about yourself? Do you have full-sized versions of your avatars that we can see? Have you ever had any comments on your avatar?

Do tell :)
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tuxcomputers says:

1. It's Tux, the Linux mascot, I used to run a business that installed and maintained Linux servers in other businesses as the network workhorse, file & print sharing, e-mail, internet firewall, internet proxy etc etc.
2. I am not a penguin, no it's not a self portrait.
3. I am ugly.
4. No change since.... ever.
5. Because I never change it people expect it to be my avatar.
6. I do all the talking the avatar says nothing, it's just pixels.
7. No but a simple search of Google will turn up hundreds of the original version and thousands of variations.
8. No comments on my avatar.
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gigantic rock [deleted] says:

1. It's better than a mirror portrait :D
2. Yep, I took it. A composite of two shots from a recent night outing.
3. It's definitely me.
4. Hmm. Generally when a better self portrait crops up (yes pun intended).
5. Because sometimes it's nice to have variety I guess :)
6. That I'm experimental. And that yes, I do shoot digital sometimes.
7. Find it here.
8. I've had comments on the photo, but nothing directly on the avatar just yet.
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Chucknorris1975 says:

A picture of me at the Phuket shooting range holding 2 shotguns.
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Preachers Photography says:

I belong to a motorcycle club whose entire membership is made up of people who like chopping and modifying HD Sportsters (the only HD with a 4-cam engine). Since we 'bastard-ize' these bikes and they have 4 cams, we are the Quad Cam Bastards.
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vandyll.net says:

1. It's me and my camera. Huzzah!
2. Taken by me, processed by me.
3. It's me!!!
4. Don't really change it very often, but I am sure i eventually will.
5. because i think it represents me very well at the moment.
6. It says that I am a person with a camera, so sure!
7. Full size version
8. Just comments on the full size version.
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martybugs says:

My avatar is taken from one of the first photos my wife took with my first DSLR. I've noticed that some other photographers / artists choose not to show their face in its entirety, but just show half of it, and I quite liked the idea, and did something similar, but cropped it even tighter, showing less than half ;-)
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ljphoto22 says:

1. I chose mine because there are very few photos I like of myself...hence why I'm the one behind the camera most of the time :)
2. It is a self portrait which came about while testing my lighting for a photo shoot. My husband hit the trigger though.
3. I promise, it's me.
4. I tend to not change my avatar, even on Facebook, I've had the same one since I signed up.
5. Why? because an image is more recognizable than text (at least for me). If the avatar is always changing, people might think you're someone else.
6. I think my avatar demonstrates my comfort behind the camera, rather than in front of it.
7. Here is a full size version (link).
8. I don't recall getting any comments on it.
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Tim Solley says:

I took my avatar photo on my son's first birthday. I set up the studio for high key and wanted to do some great cute "1st year shots". As a new crawler, he didn't want to sit still for the portraits, and quickly lost his cool. I jumped in to cheer him up and my wife picked up the camera and snapped off this shot.

I've never changed my avatar, people like it and know me by it. I get comments about it frequently. I think it shows who I am. I'm a dad first, and love my family more than anything in the world.

Of course his second birthday is next week. Maybe I'll make a new avatar :-)

Here's the original
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will nickelson (or "General Zod" if you'd rather) says:

1. It's me.
2. I was straight out of the camera.
3. I don't believe in heavy post processing.
4. I change it often, so don't get too used to it.
5. I'm a mean, moody, and cynical.
6. When my daughter starts dating, this is getting mounted on her dash on the passenger side.
7. The beauty dish I made used in this shot cost a whole $5.
8. Full size.
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strong trade [deleted] says:

1. It's Elphaba, also known as the wicked witch of the west

2. I love the book, the play and the music from "wicked" it captures the life of a woman who fights for what she thinks is right, not playing by the rules of someone else's game.
3. I don't change it or it would not match my user name, it's a great drawing, and i don't play by other's rules either.
4. I get a few Wizard of Oz jokes here and there, I love it!
I hate portraits of myself, I am not comfortable with the way the camera captures me.
I guess that's it!
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delirious bird [deleted] says:

I like a lot of different avatars, but would much rather have my own face as an avatar then anything else, so that's why I went that route. I don't know what it says about itself, it's just me. I usually let my photos other then my avatar speak for me. :)
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-ytf- says:

Mine was originally created for a Stereographic forum of which I am a member. Although it is not a self portrait, I feel that it reflects much of what I am: intensely curious. The eye-color represents anaglyph stereographic glasses. I personally don't do anaglyph; my photos are all crossview. I toyed with crossing the eyes, but it destroyed what I felt was the essence of the portrait, so I opted for the red/cyan eyes.
The original photo is here

The full sized avatar is here

I have no intention of changing it. I still use the original screen background on my computer that I created when I got my first Pentium in 1994.

I have gotten several comments on my avatar. As of this writing, it has over 850 views.

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Jeffery Love says:

My avatar is a picture of me taken by my brother Jeremy at my sisters house the night our Mom died. I have several pictures of my own that I use for avatars on other sites, but I like this one because of the memories of that night that it brings back to me.
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Chrissy Downunder says:

I'm similar to Chica .. in that I like to see someone's face in an avatar and not an icon and I also change my avatar regularly .. it depends on what mood I'm in that week. If I'm feeling a little cheeky and daring I will show my current avatar EARS n ALL! LOL ..

The current one has had the ears cropped off. I didn't think anyone would take me seriously if I left them on until they got to know me. I love fun things and I feel my avatars always depict that.

The photo of my current avatar brings back fun memories and I was happy with how I looked. It was taken at an Easter Dress up party (for adults obviously) and I went as a bunny.

We took some great shots that night after we dressed in our costumes and I have made a few graphics out of them which are fun.

I think I even submitted the larger version to the pool recently .. just for fun flickr.com/photos/mystic-venus/2384228082/in/pool-neilcreek

I have had numerous comments on lots of different sites about my avatar and all good too :) I like to have fun while learning.
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Sierra Koch says:

I had to see which picture was my avatar...I change mine A LOT. I don't like being bored so I change my avatar or profile pictures lol. Mine....took with Photobooth on the Mac. I was playing around and ended up liking that one for some reason or another and decided to make it the avatar to a couple of things lol. It is about time for a change though >_<
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Izzi says:

Mountains of Banff... where I'd rather be... :)

Oh.. larger version available HERE
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John Brainard says:

I was out on some state land with a friend from Church taking pictures. There was a small water fall that I wanted to shoot. He didn't bring a tripod, so he borrowed mine for a while. While he was using my tripod to shoot the waterfall I just finished shooting, I walked around looking for something else to shoot. I opted to shoot the stop sign blocking off motor vehicles while he was in the background shooting the water fall. I made it my avatar because it seems fun.

I doubt I'll change it frequently, if ever, as avatars become a piece of one's identity over time. If I change it, it will be a carefully considered decision. Of course, the frequent changing of an avatar could be part of one's identity as well.

You can see the full sized version here.
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Scott Coulter says:

Mine is a tight crop from a picture that was actually of me and my wife, taken on our back deck in natural cloudy daylight with a tripod and self-timer. And in case anybody asks, there's no "message" in the cropping out of my wife, either: my facebook avatar includes both of us from another pic from that same session, and hers does too (different picture).

Kinda hoping to do a good series of nicely lit headshots of my whole family soon, after all the photo blog reading I've done recently about lighting (I just need to get out there and buy a bit of equipment).
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bruincub says:

My avatar is a photograph from my travels in Suzhou, China with my first SLR camera - a Canon Rebel 2000. I had so many rolls of film with me for the two weeks that I was traveling in China that I felt like a National Geographic photographer on assignment...I really wish I were one. =)

Anyway, this one photo is something that I imagine would be in one of their magazines. It reminds me to strive to be the best photographer I can be even if the dream of being a pro photographer for Geo seems only like a dream sometimes.
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e.celesti says:

My avatar represents the Orion constellation. I've studied astronomy in the past for many years, and it used to be my passion and my job for some time. Orion is my favourite constellation from an astronomical point of view, and so I decided to put it in front of my profile.
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Bogdanz says:

My is a crop from a picture made by my wife in the last vacation we had in Crete - the hat is soo big because we were in a very sunny region, not in Mexico :)
Anyway, I have in plan to change it but I need to make an self portrait for this and I haven't decided on it yet
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