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sillymunky-Chris 12:15am, 22 July 2008
I realize that I have a lot of dust on my camera sensor. Does any body have any good tips for a newbie to sensor cleaning. Any good products to try or to stay away from?

Thanks for any help
neilcreek Posted 9 years ago. Edited by neilcreek (admin) 9 years ago
Here's what I wrote on the matter in my blog:

This is still the only method I use to clean my sensor, and it's so quick and easy (and cheap!), and I don't even have to touch the seonsor. I always thought that sooner or later I'd need to swab it to get rid of stubborn dust, but there hasn't been any of that yet.
Sierra Koch 9 years ago
I had the same question and was seriously considering taking the camera in to get "professionally" cleaned at a place we have here--but I don't exactly have $45 to throw around :( the post totally helped :) 9 years ago
Last summer, I was shooting at a Jeep show and swapped my lenses a few times through the course of the day. It was very dry out and there was a lot of dust and dirt being thrown about from the traffic on the show grounds.

A few days later, as I was taking some shots, I noticed some specs in the photos where there was a lot of sky. Big specs. This was my first run in with dust and it freaked me out.

I stopped by a local shop and I was quoted $75 US for them to clean the sensor or around $65 to buy a kit to do it myself. The thought of doing it myself lent way to visions of me mutilating my sensor and turning my beloved DSLR into a pretty paperweight.

Then the manager there suggested that I start out with a Giotto Rocket Blower which was around $9. After a few round of using it, I was much happier.

Definitely the best thing (and cheapest) to try first.
Chrissy Downunder 9 years ago
Great tips .. I'll be sure to check them all out ☺
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