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Calling for volunteers!

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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

For any community to survive and thrive, there has to be involvement. As the number of members of the group grows, and the vision for what we can achieve here gets grander, I think it will be essential to spread the load a bit, and get community members involved in the running of the group.

I am calling for enthusiastic members of LPNC to volunteer to help me to run various parts of the group. For example, with the ideas that we've discussed about running photgraphy games through the group, I would very much like someone to volunteer to be a games coordinator.

As we incorporate more activities and features into the group, I would like to see other community members become responsible for them. This will help to spread my workload a little, ensure that all the various features of the group get the attention they need, and probably most importantly, allow some of you to become mroe actively involved in the community's success.

At the moment, "games coordinator" is the only role that I want to get started right away, but I would be keen to hear from you what other roles you think would be helpful with running the group. Here's some of my thougts off the top of my head:

- Selecting the weekly picks is obviously my job.
- Running the challenges doesn't take much work, so I'm happy to do it for now, unless someone has an idea how to expand the concept and is willing to take that on.
- It might be good to have a "community coordinator" who could perhaps be responsible for welcoming new members, answering questions or maintaining a FAQ, and perhaps helping organise real-world meet-ups wherever they may happen across the globe.
- It would be a great help if we had someone skilled in social networks and marketing that could help me come up with ideas for promoting the group responsibly and getting the word out about all the great things we are doing here.

That's the kind of thing I have in mind. Does anyone have any suggestions for other possible roles?

I would be solely responsible for selecting people for any roles that we create, and I'd work closely with them to define what they will be asked to do, and help them do it. Of course, I'd reserve the right to ask someone to step down from the role if it's not working out, or perhaps to suggest an alternative role. If someone else wants to be responsible for a role that's already filled, they could apply and make their case. Then I would decice if they would be accepted.

This is pretty much just thinking out aloud at the moment, but I think this kind of initiative is important for keeping our growing community vibrant and exciting, and to keep it useful and valuable to members.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
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Chrissy Downunder says:

Neil: You know I can't help myself .. lol

I have been waiting .. waiting .. waiting ... 24 hours now for others to reply to this post with their hands up, but alas no one else has as yet, so here I am with my hand waving in the air.

Feels just like when I go dancing .. there has to be someone who gets it happening. I'm always the first one up on the dance floor, but I notice many join in after someone takes the initiative and then we all have a good time together.

I would be happy to help you in any way I can. I do have a lot of hidden talents and am sure I could be of help to you in some way. Not sure about "games coordinator' for myself but I know someone else here that would be perfect .. Hey Sierra .. watcha reckon? I have been waiting for your games to begin too. ☺

Looking at the other roles you have mentioned .. I would be interested in and experienced in things like PR, coordinating and do very well organising social functions etc.... only if you would like to try me out and over a trial period of course ..

.... if not ..... I'm very good at picking up on spelling mistakes ;) .. if that helps .. lol

Although this group hasn't been going for very long, I have gotten so much out it already and can see that it could be a potentially thriving group within Flickr and if that means helping you get there I'd love to.

.. It feels like home here to me already. You have some wonderful members and I'm getting a lot out of your blog and tutorials too.

I'm happy to help and hope I'm not the only one. ..

C'mon guys .. love to see more hands up .. get your dancing shoes on and lets rock!

I reckon we could all make this one hell of a group to be a part of.

OK .. all the balls are in your courts now :)
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Sierra Koch says:

:O I came on to answer the post b/c lik Chrissy I was waiting to see if someone else responded first, lol she beat me to it!
Actually wanted to apologize for not putting up an example yet for the game I suggested >_< just been too busy with school work :( but this week is the last week and I will post an example very soon.
But yeah like Chrissy I'm putting my hand in the air to volunteer if ya need me or want me :)
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BWardy says:

Hi Neil... I'm keen to help out. In any way I can. Even though I may not have been particularly active in posting photos - I share Chrissy Downunder's sentiments in that I was not feeling photogenic! I'll keep an eye out for tasks that I'm up for.
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tuxcomputers says:

I am already an admin of several groups but they are groups where the admin duties are not time critical. Any groups that I used to be an admin and have time critical functions I have demoted myself.

Several reasons but I just don't any more.
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vandyll.net says:

I will help however I can. I might not be the best with games, but some of the other duties I could manage. =D
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grandmarocks7 says:

I can help too!
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Photocheek says:

I'd be happy to help in some way - admin-like things and follow-up being my stronger suit over game-creation. I'm new to the group, and don't qualify as "enthusiastic" yet, but I'm in for helping.
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