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Photography games!

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neilcreek is a group administrator neilcreek says:

In another thread, Sierra suggested we try playing photographic MadLibs. I'm not very familiar with the concept, but I look forward to seeing her describe how we should do it.

That got me thinking about the idea of playing photography related games. They'll be good practice, give us a reason to shoot, and build some community spirit.

So I'd like to use this thread to collect ideas for photo games! If you have any ideas, please post them here with instructions as to how the game would work. If we get something going, I'll promote it on the blog, and hopefully get a few people involved!

One off the top of my head, though I don't know what you'd call it. In Japan, children play a word game where they start with a word, and the next person has to say a word that starts with the same sylable that the last word ended with, then the next person does the same with that word and so on. Eg: photograph - feather - earth - thousand etc

Well how about doing something like that with photographic subjects? So each person has to take a photo with something in it that was also in the previous photo.

Lets say I start with this photo:

Sunset on Lakes Entrance

The next person might follow with a photo of a boat, or a sunset, or a lake, or a predominantly orange photo etc. It donesn't matter when or where the photo was taken, as long as it's one of yours. Of course, it would be better if you could taken one specifically for the game, but that could be a challenge :)

It's best to post photos with lots of elements too, a macro of a flower limits what the following player can use in their photo.

Do you like the idea? If so, I'll start a new thread for it.

Does anyone else have any ideas?
7:14AM, 2 July 2008 PDT (permalink)

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bruincub says:

That sounds interesting. It could lead to some interesting or creative photos being submitted.
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Sierra Koch says:

sounds like a fun game :)

scavenger hunts are always fun too :)
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gigantic rock [deleted] says:

I'm interested. Though taking one specifically for the game might be hard on film :D Might be time to find some batteries for that digital.

I like scavenger hunts too.
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grandmarocks7 says:

sounds like fun! There is also the alphabet game. The first person posts an "A" picture say ants,the next poster does "B" say blue.etc.
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Sierra Koch says:

:O alphabet game sounds like fun too :O
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Chrissy Downunder says:

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laanba says:

I've done the photo association games before and they are a lot of fun. I would say though it is hard for people to take photos for the game because sometimes it moves very fast. Most people pull from their archives.

One thing that a group did which was a lot of fun was take a picture at a set time. Not so much a game, but the admin set a day and specific time (12:00 noon for example) and everyone was supposed to take a picture of what they were doing at that time no matter what they were doing. It was a neat way to see a glimpse into everybody's part of the world and their life.
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Akos Kiss says:

This game is from a friend of mine and we played this on a photo session. Everybody loved it. :)

The name of the game is: „Only 5 shots”.
Before the game each player must have free memory cards. (The game master checks this for each player.)
The players have 2 hours to take the 5 shots. But only 5 shots. Not more, not less.

Maybe one of the shots can be a specific one. For example a shot have to be about cubes or houses or etc. But the remaining 4 is the player’s free choice.

When the time is over the game master collects the memory cards and checks the EXIF data and the file names. The file names have to have continuous numbering and the time of the shots must be between the start time and end time of the game.

The game master loads the pictures to a laptop and each player can see all of the photographs as a slide show, but nobody knows who took which shot. The photos are showed in random order.

After this the game master starts the slide show again and he pauses each photo and asks the players to vote. The players can give marks from 1 to 5, but everybody must give 3 for their own photos.

When they reach the end of the slide show the game master creates a summary.

The player with the most points will be the winner.

You’ll see that it is not easy to take only 5 shots. 5 perfect ones, of course. :)
And remember, you are not allowed to delete a bad one and you are not allowed to edit the pictures!

Sorry about my bad English. ;)

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