Myron Watkins PRO 9:34am, 28 February 2008
alot of people tell me that the darks in my photos are a bad thing...and are always telling me that i shouldnt have so much negative space...

im always fighting my glad to have a litle support here :-)

post your best negative space pics with black as your negative space! ...and if youre up to it...tell a little about yourself
j neuberger 10 years ago
i love black negative space

stephiedee [deleted] 10 years ago
it's on the fritz
SutraTwo PRO 10 years ago
Zach Hollandsworth 10 years ago
Night Vortex
Zach Hollandsworth 10 years ago
The Space
::reflecting truth:: 10 years ago
positive space is *boring*. :)

day ninety two. it's official.
derequito 10 years ago
Sometimes it just makes more sense.

the end
hrw worcester 10 years ago
"Day 152 of 365: In which I hope my bubble doesn't burst" by hrwworcester [?]
Day 152 of 365: In which I hope my bubble doesn't burst
Zach Hollandsworth 10 years ago
Jason Lupi PRO 10 years ago
This is me amidst the negative space.
Me with red flashing glasses
The Artist Previously Known as Daniel. G [deleted] 10 years ago
In The Light
Phill Thespian 9 years ago
Illuminated Tree

i dont think this would of been as interesting if it was white negative space. it probably wouldnt even of been possible
kediwah PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by kediwah (member) 9 years ago
I think the valid occasions of too much black are when it destroys important or interesting shadow details. But if that isn't the case, get on with it. Turn the contrast up to 11.
selenis 9 years ago
I do think that black negative space can bring the subject to attention better than white...

Marcia Salama 9 years ago
rochpaul5 9 years ago
Backlit Sumac
Calvin Digital 8 years ago
As my wife puts it, "once you go black you never go back." ; )

Darkness Falls by Calvin Digital
Jesse Pafundi [deleted] 8 years ago
sheisshell 7 years ago
Black negative space make this pic seductive and mysterious instead of tacky and cheap... My opinion anyway :-)
Johnny Martyr 7 years ago
the problem with many of these photos isn't that they contain a lof of shadowy negative space but rather that there really is very little, if any shadow detail in many of them. the human eye has very wide dynamic range and can see minute details in darkness. most of the images above simple "clip" into "hard black," making them look cartoonic and unreal. almost as if the paint bucket tool in photoshop was used to fill in the negative space. some of the images work as this look makes sense with the subject matter and scene. however, most of them just look like the weatherman does when they take the cg out from behind him and he's standing in front of a perfectly evenly lit green screen (but black in this case.)

this is one of the problems i have with using digital cameras for artistic, rather than practical purposes. even when shooting in raw, the highlights and shadows clip off and there simply is no information in them passed a stop or two if in raw.

print film or hdr more closely approximate the dynamic range of the human eye and details can be see in the shadows of these images, more like how we see them in real life.

perhaps this is what your teacher and all these people are complaining about? not the negative space but the quality of the negative space.
sheisshell 7 years ago
Johnny you have a good point there, but I do believe it's still a matter of subject and personal opinion. Some images lend themselves to blackness, as the detail in the shadows may distract from the main subject. I personally rarely expose an image in a way to intentionally leave black areas of little or no detail, however in post-production I will increase the blacks to remove detail if I think it detracts from the quality of the final work and the look I am trying to achieve. Below is an example of leaving detail in the shadows to create a scene and I think the image would lose meaning if I had deepended the blacks in the background
However, I think this image below doesn't need the details that show up in the shadows and I much prefer the image I posted above a few days ago.
Anyway, that's my opinion and as i said before, that's what it all comes down to.
Johnny Martyr 7 years ago
thanks for the reply sheisshell, i totally agree that it's a case-by-case basis but i see so many examples above where i don't think the clipped blacks work, as is perhaps the problem with the op's image and the start of this topic that i wanted to explain that aspect in detail.

just last week i took the photo below of a theatrical production where the lights are extremely contrasty and you have to work with the hard blacks and even frame for them.


but then in the next case, if the shadows clipped off fast, i think much of the story and context of the subject would be lost

sheisshell 7 years ago
Hi Johnny,
Thanks for more of your thoughts. I do think the meaning of the second image would certainly be diminished if the background was lost in blackness, however the first image has me in two minds. Firstly, If you hadn't told me it was a theatrical production i would have no idea what it's about because of the lack of detail in the background, so in that case some detail would really have helped tell the story. But because I know what is going on I really feel like the blackness surrounding the actor gives me a bit of an idea about what he is feeling up on stage speaking out to a group of dark, nameless faces. I imagine it must feel like you are walking out into the unknown, not knowing what the audience is thinking and feeling, not being able to see the reactions on their faces, maybe trying to forget that anyone is there at all so that you can concentrate on your work, possibly feeling alone in the dark, silent theatre....
That's my overly active imagination working there, but like I said before, it's all about personal opinion and preference.
One more question, are these images shot in film? If not, I must say the graininess is very authentic. I like it :-)
Probably wouldn't enjoy my steam if you're not a clipped blacks fan. :) Merry Christmas (a day late).

Lost For You ~ I
Imag(in)e Mind PRO 7 years ago
Sometimes the black is essential to make the rest of the photo what it is:
Fire and Ice
Wrap around
B-RadPhotos [deleted] 6 years ago
casually, krystina PRO 6 years ago
You clearly haven't read the discussions above, I doubt you would post this one if you had.
Shen_Rob Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Shen_Rob (member) 5 years ago
Sometimes, it is poignant
Photo walk 2012
amjamjazz 5 years ago
Fever Jam 3. September 7th by BIGINABOX
amjamjazz 5 years ago
Focussing by flamenco express
JodBart PRO 5 years ago
sometimes you just can't help the black, but it's important in the context.......

Jim Lovell Moon 4/52
bev. davies PRO 5 years ago

this photo of yours is wonderful example of negative space, I added it to my favourites a while back, wonderful photo. :)
Pig In Space
ninja pixie [deleted] 5 years ago
Love your image it's my favourite on this thread.

At midnight the park sleeps under a frosty blanket
amjamjazz 5 years ago
Awaiting the Cue. Clan MacDuff
from our view PRO 5 years ago
Fire in the Sky
Groups Beta