hksydney 4:31am, 25 February 2015
Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all for a very positive first meeting. Here’s what we decided (to the best of my memory).
1. We will all concentrate on Macro for the time being.

2. As other members join it is likely that we can pursue other genres according to preference.

3. We will meet again at Doug’s place in a fortnight. That will be 2:00pm 9th March.

4. I have attached an updated list of members. Please let me have your contact numbers when you can. Street addresses are not so important at this point.

5. Hemant will establish an NCP Macro group on flickr over the next few days. We’ll post our contributions there and add comments as required.

6. I will contact Jan Glover with a view to having a short article in the next In Focus.

7. We agreed to strive to achieve a high standard in our output. Not that we are necessarily trying to win competitions but we feel that the standard we know as Special Merit should be our baseline.

8. Therefore, in submitting finished work for the group to discuss, we should personally feel that we have achieved that standard. Whether we have or not is a separate issue to be discussed within the group.

9. The exception to the above is work-in-progress. That can be submitted at any time for advice and constructive criticism.

John Pettett
Groups Beta